Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kara Key Frags

So, Dax finally has the 2nd and 3rd key frags for Kara. Both of the runs were just for frags, but we did go after Dalliah for the Whitemend pattern (which didn't drop). And after killing her, her partner congratulated us on a job well done. LOL!!

So we killed him.

Nothing noteworthy dropped, but did I mention Dax got his last two frags? Now it's off to Black Morass to get the whole thing put together or whatever needs to happen.

Today, I got a guild group together for Deadmines.

Dwarfvader - Level 21 Warrior - Tank
Turion - Level 20 Pally - Healer
Feralguile - Level 25 Hunter - DPS

That's right we three manned it. We had some interesting pulls, but no one died. Until Van Cleef. We had cleared out everything on the ship, and we knew he'd have two adds. So we killed the adds first....and he called more!!! Crap. Turion went OOM, and my pot cooldown wasn't up yet. I also forgot about Last Stand. I would have leveled on the next kill (2 xp shy) and would have gained full health. /sigh. So close, yet so far.

The hunter survived, but he didn't have the quest. Oh well, Turion has a Pally quest there, so we'll be going back.

And Rysteranch cleared out a number of quests that he hadn't gotten to, as well as gained Honored with the Consortium. The new leatherworking pattern isn't anything to write home about, so I've decided to just grind out the clefhoof stuff and get my leatherworking up to 375. I'd really like to make the rest of the Felstalker stuff.

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