Thursday, October 4, 2007

I about dropped my teeth....

....when I looked at my Google Analytics today. 19 unique visitors. GAAAAAAAAH!


/soothing thoughts


/look again....GAAAAAAAAAAH!!



/aaaaaah, fugetaboudit.

Some other cool stuff:
Some of you returned after visiting.
The average visit was just under 2 minutes, or 1/720th of your day.
2/3rds of you were brand spankin' new.
Which means 1/3rd of you have been lurking around (where's that Track Stealth button?)
There are three solutions used in modern hemodialysis: purified water, acid concentrate, and bicarbonate solution.


TJ said...

There, there.
/consoling pat
You'll get used to the strangers peering at you.

BigBearButt said...

He he he... after seeing you on TJ's blog, I checked out yer posts, read and enjoyed quite a lot, very very fun.

So I added you to my blog list so I can check back every day...

Don't be surprised if more complete strangers come rolling by...

We're watching you!

Ryster Anch said...

Wow. I have this warm, fuzzy feeling. Probably the lint I ate, ..../sigh.

Thanks for the positive comments! You know you're just encouraging

Mana Battery Bitch said...

What is this google analytics of which you speak? We wantsss iiiiit!

Ryster Anch said...

erm. It was available through blogspot's dashboard page. I'll see if I can find a link.

Here ya go:


BigBearButt said...

Wow, thanks for the google analytics tip... I've been using sitemeter to track where people come from so i can follow em home and see if they are bloggers I'll like... and maybe link to em in return. But its wonderful to be able to add google analytics, a new toy to have fun with. I'm already set up with them thanks to your link!


Ryster Anch said...

And to think I stumbled on it by accident. I guess I thought everyone was using something like analytics. It is really useful, and now that I know people are reading, I find myself refreshing it all the time and checking out my site stats.

I will be getting little or no work done


PS: and it's really useful for stalking....

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Thank you! ♥