Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's RysterAnch, not RysteRanch!

Yes, my hunter hit 69 over the weekend. I did three instances with him (Seth Halls, Shattered Halls, and the aforementioned Blood Furnace). I got the l33t bow from Shattered halls! Woot, we loves us some PHAT LEWTZ!!!1!

So, how did I do? I did ok. That's it. Just OK. Sure, I trapped some (and broke said traps myself - DOH!).

I DPS'd, steady shotted, and broke a sheep with multishot....whoops.

I was at the top of the damage meter for Blood Furnace, but I was also the highest level DPSer. I was second on the Seth Halls when PuddyTat was added in, but the published report had me 4th.

I survived a wipe by feigning death...big deal, I can't rez anyone, well, PuddyTat doesn't count 'cause HE can't rez anyone.

I found out that Bosses are immune to Concussive Shot, but I used it anyways - DOH, waste that mana!

After a wipe, I helped everyone get back to the wipe spot by activating Aspect of the Pack, and then forgot to turn it off during the next fight (which happened to be a boss).

/sigh. Looking back at that list, I'll be surprised if BRK doesn't place me on probation with threats of sitting me down in the corner with the Huntard hat on. Thankfully, nobody got upset and started yelling, even when I took responsibility for my miscues. And hopefully I haven't made it onto anyone's Naughty (Huntard) List.

On the plus side, I did get to learn more about some instances, got a really nice bow, and picked up a quest reward - Terokk's Quill. My crit dropped with the bow, but I regained it once I got the quill. The jury's still out on which bow is better, my Coilfang Crossbow, or the new one (Sorry, forgot the name). I'll have to do some testing.

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