Friday, October 12, 2007

Banner Day

OK. So, the title says it all. Where to start...hmmmm.

Rysteranch turned 70. Yeah, that's a good place to start. He had picked up some quests in SMV and had juuuuuuuust turned in some spleens (yummy) and poof, no xp bar!. Have enough money for a flying mount? Nope! I'm about 100 gold short, and I still need to train. I'll get the training done this morning and start questing soon thereafter. The reason I didn't train last night is......

....because Dax went to Shadow Labs last night! First group was a druid tank, mage, hunter, rogue dps, and your's truly on da heals. We wiped once on a bad trash pull in the church room (with Blackheart) and then wiped on Blackheart. Tank said this was taking longer than he expected and bowed out.

No problem, one thing I know a number of are tanks.. Take two, pick up Cyrus the pally as tank and proceed to take on Blackheart. Wipe. This fight really does depend a lot on luck. One good thing I noticed is that if Lightwell is on cooldown, he always creates one, which helps after "fun time" is over.

So, the mage bails with an poor excuse of the pally not being able to keep aggro and the fact that I'm shadow specced trying to heal. As far as the pally and aggro, Blackheart resets his aggro table after "fun time", and the tank ALWAYS seems to lose it. And as far as my spec, my exact response was, "Shadow specced, huh? Hie thee to the armory! I'm Holy specced." He assumed that because he saw a shadow fiend that I was shadow. I gently corrected him.

Take 3. Got a hunter to replace the mage and ROCKED BLACKHEART'S SOCKS OFF!!!!1! He didn't drop anything I was interested in, but we got to finally move on!

Next guy (forgot his name), we got the strategy down. Kite him south, then north, then south again. Well, I totally screwed it up and headed south after the second teleport and died, and the group wiped soon after. The pally said he screwed up something also, so we all accepted the blame and ran back.

Take two. This time we all followed the strat and worked! Sure, I died after the 2nd teleport, and the rogue died then as well, but I was able to keep healing as the big bluish whitish angel, and the rest of the team took....him.....DOWN! (now there's a heck of a compound sentence). The pally rezzed me; I rezzed the rogue; a hunter rezzed a pet. And we were all good.

Murmur. This guy hurts. But thankfully, he warns you with his casting bar when he's going to explode, and Stormlynn the hunter made a macro she spammed when he was going to do so.

First arcane explosion, Stormy spams the macro, and we ignore it. And we pay! Oh....THAT'S what you mean! OK, got it. We survive and continue fighting. We go on learning just how to run backwards or faster to avoid the explosions, and how to fight this guy that holds BRK's coveted Sonic Spear. In short, we ended up one shotting him. Yeah, first try! Woot! He didn't drop the spear (so rest easy BRK) and did drop a mace that the pally drooled over.

Went over looted the first fragment of the Karazhan key, and poof, we're done! It was a great run, and everyone was happy about it. Gratz all around!!!

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