Saturday, February 28, 2009

And done

We got the last person for the Pox Redux group. Here's the line up:

Daxenos, Prot Pally
Healrender, Holy Priest
Unacha, Fritos Mage
Aliix, Boomkin Druid
Tayuya, DPS Warrior

We've decided to level up to 12 and then take on the Defias quest chain. This decision was after spending the better part of an hour corpse hopping through Orgrimmar only to find out we can't use the summoning stone...too low level....bah!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost full

We have a Boomkin for the group.

Only one more slot left; I'd prefer a hunter or shammy just so that the group is evened out as far as armor type goes, but any DPS will suffice.

Pox, Naxx, and Danx

Ok, well, Danx? Yeah, I just wanted another word that ended in "x", and I wasn't gonna use that word. Dance...Danx...I don't know...

Pox Redux is slowly but surely coming along. We have so far:

Daxenos, Pally Tank, Miner/Skinner
Healrender, Priest Healer, Tailor/Herbalist
Udacha, Mage Biscuit makerDPS, Enchanter/??

I've posted on my guild forums, so we'll see what comes back from that. If any of you billion readers want to get in on the action, you might want to speak now before the spots get filled.

To reiterate, I'm looking at Saturdays, 9 am (or possibly 8:30 am) starting time, commit 2-3 hours running instances. Minimum gaining xp outside of the group.

On to Naxx, last night, DV didn't have to swap out for Daxie! He finally completed the Military quarter as our two awesome Hybrids took care of the back two Horsemen while we burned the front two.

We cleared Arachnid, Military, and first two bosses in Construct. On Patchwerk, I topped 3100 DPS and led the raid as far as total damage done...again.

Tonight is Naxx25, but I'm not planning on going. Instead, I'm puttin' on my dancin' shoes!! I mentioned that my wife and I are re-upping for dance lessons. The package that we're getting includes 4 private lessons, 4 group lessons, and 4 dance parties.

The group lessons and dance parties are both on Friday nights, and our private lessons are on Saturdays. Our plan is to alternate Fridays with Saturdays so that we only have one a week. That stretches out the cost as well as helps us avoid getting burned out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pox Redux update

We have a DPS. Joe over at Ramblings of a Learner has decided that he'll roll a mage. It looks like he's really liking the idea of a limited playtime by design. So, yay, we have biscuits!!!!

Anyways, Daxenos is now level 10 and is benched until the group gets together. I'm busy crankin' around the lower level areas on Daxynn to collect up ore for his (and it turns out her) armor needs as well as leveling Daxynn's Herbalism.

One of my goals for this group is to get the Oldlands dungeon master achievement, which means the very first instance that I'd like to do as a group is....Ragefire Alliance toons....How do you say "Corpse Hopping?"

Of course, I could escort the team (sans Daxenos) through Darkshore/Ashenvale/The Barrens to the West entrance of Org, then be the rabbit that aggros the guards to give the group a headstart. Hopefully, after the group makes it to the instance, they would be able to drop aggro by entering the instance, then come out and use the summoning stone without aggroing anyone near by....

Or, we could just run in as a group and corpse hop our way through the city to the instance entrance. Of course, we'd probably corpse hop our way through Darkshore and Ashenvale as well...The good news is that we all should be able to get to Auberdine, Darkshore relatively easy...8~)

Back to the first things, though. I'm thinking that we'd start the Defias quests together to get a bit of group play in and get to know each other. Also, running around as a five man group, we should be able to pwn almost everything we come across up to level 18 or 20, if my Pox Arcanum memory serves correctly.

We actually might want to level to 11 or 12 before grouping up - Joe and Jason, let me know what you guys think. As for the rest of ya....LF2 more DPS....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pox Redux

I've created my new Pally for the Pox type group. Daxenos has enjoyed a rez and is now the guild leader of Pox Redux on Kael'Thas.

I got him up to nine last night and picked up skinning/mining as his professions.

In other news, Deathrender has rolled a healer - Healrender, a priest.

I'm fairly sure that I'd like the group to run on Saturdays around 8:30 or 9 am Eastern time. I know this will exclude some people (sorry Cackle - I totally understand it's a bad time for you), but I'm also pretty certain that I'll be able to commit to the time for the foreseeable future.

So, with that said, I am looking for three DPS to fill out the group. I'd prefer if we didn't have duplicates so as to maximize synergy and buffs. Also, while I mentioned that this group would not be as restrictive as Pox Arcanum, please read over their rules to get the spirit of the concept that I'm talkin' about.

Another thing, while professions are not a must, we might want to consider having a variety (especially an enchanter) so as to take advantage of the benefits to the group.

And lastly, the major restriction of no sugardaddies is lifted, so any support that you'd like to give your Pox Redux toon from a main is totally up to you. The group will be limited to leveling together and running instances together, so in your adventures, take care not to gather up any xp.

To reiterate the Pox idea, we all have mains that we play; please reserve your Pox toon for the group play that it's intended for - namely leveling together through instancing and shared adventure. If you want to level a toon solo.....roll an alt.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Altitis creeps in

Other than Friday night raiding on Daxie (yeah they needed healers), I played my alts this weekend.

Daxe the newly minted Shadow Priest dinged 71 and is about halfway through the quests in Borean Tundra.

Daxynn gained three levels, tanked Graveyard, Library, and Armory, dropped Engineering, and picked up Herbalism. Now she's busy trying to get her new skill up to her level and discovering some of the lower level areas at the same time.

Last night's dance at the Indiana Roof Ballroom was pretty fun. My wife and I have decided to get back into dance lessons starting next week! We're going with Dance Master Studio, and I believe we'll have Dawn as our instructor. I'm pretty excited to be getting back into the .....wait for it.....

Swing....of things!

In other news, I'm thinking of putting together another Pox group. This time it'll be on Kael'Thas and several of the restrictions would be lifted. The main restriction would continue to be only leveling with the group in instances after around level 10 or so, but funding or twinking the alt would be left up to the individual. So if someone wanted to spend a lot of money on their toon, more power to them.

The purpose of the group would be to level through instancing so we could take down (hopefully) all of the five man content available.

I'm thinking that we'd also set aside a specific time (9 am Eastern on Saturday might be good) to run the week's instance as many times as we have time.

So, I guess I mention this so that if you are interested in a static group, you can leave a comment or contact me through the email on the sidebar. I've talked with one other person about this, and he indicated that he'd like to try out a Boomkin. I also have decided to take the tank slot with a Pally.

LFM, need healer +2 DPS....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Not quite on time...

...but close. Our first pull, in last night's Naxx10, occurred around 7:15 or so. We downed our last boss at 10:20ish. We blew through the Arachnid, Plague, and Military quarters with Patchwerk for dessert.

I played DV for the night and subbed in Daxie for the 4 Horsemen. I forgot to take a screenie of my 1337ness, but Teurion assured me that even though I skipped a boss fight, I still topped the damage meter. Yay on me!

Our 10 man group is starting to gel. I believe that there were only two people that were new to the group this week, one of which was VA! She's feeling well enough to heal (and doin' a great job of it!), and it looks like her recovery is going well.

In our group, 5 dpsers were above the tank in total damage; the remaining dpser was late getting home and couldn't surpass Teurion's lead, even though he made it for the first boss and subsequent bosses. Everyone but this one dpser was 2K or above; fortunately, the underperformer clocked in around 1700. In his defense, I do believe that he is undergeared.

More positives from the run included setting records for every boss kill and one shotting all of the bosses except for a two shot of Maexxna.

We are planning on continuing the run on Monday, and I have high expectations that we'll be able to finish off the Construct quarter and the remainder of the instance.

Tonight is Naxx25, and I'm planning on going (my wife has a card class with her mom). In attending, I'm presenting a quandary to my poor raid leader. See, I'm offering either a top DPS or a healer. I'd rather DPS, but I think I'm probably going to end up healing due to a shortage.

Stated plainly, the raid leader has the choice between PuGging a healer and taking my overpowered Hunter or rolling the dice on a DPSer and taking my reliable Heals. I guess in my mind, it's a somewhat difficult choice, and I definitely won't fault him for choosing the Heals. We can drag a low dpser through, but boosting healers is a little different.

I'm also very fortunate in that my guild/raid leader is in exactly the same boat: He has a Ret pally (preferred) and a Holy Pally (played as necessary). He usually ends up bringing the he understands where I'm coming from.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working on it

I haven't been up to much lately. I do have a little story about Daxe that I'm working on, but I'm just not sure if it'll ever see the light of day. This writing thing is hard!

Speaking of Daxe, when he dropped Tailoring (and his Primal Mooncloth set), he also changed his spec to Shadow. I haven't had a chance to test it out as I've been busy pickin' flowers (270ish Herbalism!) and exploring for the title. I'll let you know how it goes when I do start questing.

Tonight is Naxx10, and I really hope that we can do the first pull right at 7 eastern. I'd like to see how much we can clear in three hours; once again, we'll both just have to wait and see.

And finally, some phrases that I really like:
...wizened old priest... stained fingers...
...insatiable desire for ammo...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to grit my teeth and steel myself...

....cause the next Federal Holiday is over three months away!

See, as a (U.S.) Federal employee, I've enjoyed having at least one holiday a month for the last 6 months (two in Nov and Jan!), and now comes the long haul between President's day and Memorial day.


In other news, I ran a fair number of Heroics, 10 man Naxx, and a 25 man Naxx over the weekend. Daxie got to Mind Control a DK for the Instructor, DV got to kite adds for the big Doggy, and Smoochie gained a level! Oh, and Daxe (remember him - my first 70) put down the grogg for long enough to drop Tailoring (and his smelly old PMC stuff) and pick up Herbalism.

All of that was ok, but the real fun was on Saturday night! My wife and I went to Dance Master's studio for a Valentine's dance! It was a blast! I realized that I really missed dancing with my honey and am excited about the 22nd when we go to The Indiana Roof for another dance.

Friday, February 13, 2009


First, a disclaimer. I realize that these are totally different raids with very different healing requirements, and that's probably the reason I'm interested in the two recount totals.

This first one is from OS25 on Wednesday, Feb 11; Renew, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Mending dominate my choices. 4 healers were in the raid; Daxie was assigned OT healing, with helps on the raid and MT. We cleared everything with no wipes.

This one is from last night's Naxx10 run. The same three spells top the list, albeit in a different order. There were two healers in the raid; Daxie was assigned OT and raid, with helps on MT. We cleared Arachnid, Plague, and first two bosses from the Military quarters.

A gear factor that was different between the two raids was getting the T7 bonus of an extra jump for my Prayer of Mending (6 max jumps instead of 5).

And now, the observations.
1. As evidenced by Devouring Plague healing, I had down time where I could DPS in both raids, even though we ran both raids (technically) short on healers.

2. I still run Healbot, so I can toss out heals to anyone in the raid with just a click. If I see DPSers taking splash damage, I toss them a Renew. If they are taking more damage than just AoE stuff, I'll shield them. In the event of a significant loss of health of a DPSer, I'll Greater Heal them. This is, of course, not counting fights where people get random DoTs; these I prioritize over everything but keeping the MT and OT alive.

3. Naxx required a lot more group heals. During the Loatheb fight, I almost exclusively used Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing. I was in the ranged group, so I'd time my PoH to hit just as the healing window opened, and I'd hit the melee group with a CoH. This strat worked out VERY well!

4. I didn't see either run as "competing" with the other healer(s), but I did adjust my healing style a bit in the Naxx run because the other healer was a Pally. Often, my Renews would get overwritten by his quick heal, so I started Flashing people (/giggle), instead of Renewing them.

5. I think I enjoyed the Naxx10 run more as it required more of me as a healer. In the OS run, one of our healers had connection issues, and we still made out fine (he didn't D/C during the last boss). Now, that said, our Naxx10 run only really required 1.5 healers for the vast majority of what we did, but the big difference was in what I needed to do, namely, more group heals as well as timing heals. This made it more interesting. There was still time to wand, though.

6. Running with Blood for Blood is a real treat! Nothing against my old guild, as they were still gearing up and organizing, but both of these runs went very smoothly with minimal wipes and no blame gaming. Once we get a bit more organized and get to where we are starting and ending on time, I'm sure that we'll be progressing through content at a fairly quick pace.

Sometimes, healing is a difficult activity to quantify. Sure, I could look at overheals, deaths, healing efficiency, and other aspects of healing, but in the end, if I'm happy with the way things went (and wasn't the cause of failing content), I'm not inclined to change anything significantly. I'm sure that I will get better with practice.

Oh, and I hear there's a big nerf coming soon to priests' mana regen. I'd hate to see that, but on the other hand, I don't think I dropped below half mana for the entire Naxx10 run. I suppose I can see why Blizzard might want to adjust that a bit.....but I like being overpowered....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In other news

Now that I've dissected The Culling of Rusty's Colon, let's move on to other items.

Namely, Daxie's first time into OS. It was the Heroic version, and we could only find 4 healers after about an hour of searching. Well, let's see how it goes.

It turned out pretty good for us! The MT only died once, and the OT picked up the mob (it was one of the blue dragons) right away. We had a couple of people die on the way to the last boss, but nothing catastrophic. I died twice on the last boss (Battle Rez FTW!!...uh...dead again..ftl), but I did not die due to the flame wall (got the achievement when the boss died).

Ok, so I took a look at Recount Healing Done for the night, and Daxie placed 2nd over all. I was on OT healing. Now, the OT didn't take that much damage, so I took it upon myself to put Renews on people taking splash damage, throwing my frisbee at the MT, and occasionally helping out on the MT with a Greater Heal.

Just before the last boss pull, I was at number one on the meter for total Healing. I wasn't shooting for this, but I was rather pleased that I had healed that much without ever even getting close to OOM. I think I only had to grab a biscuit one time before the last boss. Blizz, please don't nerf my mana regen!!!

As far as my spell choices go, I mainly used Renew, Prayer of Mending, and Greater Heal. In fact, these three spells made up the vast majority of my casting, so much that my spell distribution pie chart looked like a Mercedes Benz symbol. I'm not saying this is good or bad, but I was surprised that the amount healed by each of the spells was almost the same. BTW, Renew came out on top; I'll have to see if I can take a pic of Recount when I get home.

And, it turned out really good lootwise for Daxie as she got 4 Emblems of Valor and her T7.5 glove token! Woot!

I would have lost a bunch of Spirit if I didn't gem it with a +27 Spirit, JC only gem, and I still have to get an enchant on them. But now I have the 2 piece set bonus, so my Prayer of Mending will have one more jump! I'll have to see if that bonus will move the frisbee up to the top healing done spot.

And I'm back!

For those of you who haven't had the joy of Bowel Prep day and Colonoscopy day, remember this:

BP day is much much MUCH worse than C day.

BP day includes:
1. Drinking nasty tasting stuff. (I had to drink 1/2 gallon of the stuff.)
2. Not eating solid food.
3. Multiple trips to the toilet that may or may not include explosive movements, loose movements, and down right peeing out your hind end.
4. No eating solid food.
5. Being unable to run instances/raids due to #3.
6. Not being able to eat solid food.
7. Subsisting on clear liquids only; most of which (see #1) tastes like crap.
8. Putting Vaseline on a certain exit opening to minimize, uh, burning.
9. Peeing out your butt.
10. More peeing out your butt.

C day includes:
1. Not eating solid food before your procedure.
2. Not drinking anything before your procedure.
3. Getting an IV started and some gooooooooood drugs....
4. Eating like a pig after your procedure just because you can.

Bottom line (pun intended), BP'<<<<'C.

And, just so you know, it turns out that the most probable reason for my condition that precipitated these two days is a medication that I've been taking for about 15 years - a form of Ibuprofen. My wife threw out my stash....I haven't started Jonesin'....yet....

Monday, February 9, 2009

If I don't make it back...

So, most of you know that I'm full of crap. Well, that crap has to be purged tomorrow in Bowel Prep day; I expect that I'll be losing fully 25% of my 200 pounds. (Wednesday is Scope day! Yay on me!)

And while being a svelte 150 pounds would be nice for my wife, I'm worried that my quality blog posts will go down the toilet in the purge.

I know this is all TMI, and you can be thankful that I won't blog through my experience...well, unless WoW is down.

Oh, yeah, tomorrow's Tuesday...Maintenance day. You might want to start calling Blizzard now to lobby for rolling restarts instead of any significant down have until 12 noon Eastern time before I start the cleansing.

Some people change guilds like they change their underwear

I'm not in that category, but I did switch guilds again. For the record, I've changed my underwear every day for at least the last week, so I'm safely outside of the title group.

I went back to one of my old guilds: Blood for Blood.

I had two reasons for leaving B4B: Teurion left and the guild leader's girlfriend was a real piece of work. Now, Teurion left because of the gf, so maybe there was just one reason.

Well, the guild leader dumped the girl friend, so that cleared the way for our glorious return!! That might be a bit overstated...

Anyways, after getting nothing but silence on Friday when asking about who was up for a Heroic, Daxie got fed up and /gquit. I don't think anyone noticed as I didn't get any whispers.

A little bit later, when DV /gquit, I got one whisper. /shrug. I explained why I left and added the reason that B4B was in 25 man content now, rather than soon, and left it at that. Teurion left after being in our Friday Naxx25 raid for an hour.

And speaking of raiding, I got in more than my fair share this past weekend - so much that I need to cut back a bit to balance out my home life.

Daxie got the call to heal the 25 man Naxx on Friday night (my wife was scrapbooking, FTW!) and ended up with some emblems of valor. Unfortunately, the Saturday Naxx10 and Friday's Naxx25 are kind of running together in my head, so I can't really remember who or what we did. I think it was Arachnid quarter and Plague quarter. I do remember dancing with Heigan...and surviving. I also remember the healing windows on Loethab, so we must have done him as well. I suppose I need to take some notes or something. nah....

What I do remember better is the Naxx10 we did on Saturday. We cleared out the Construct quarter and the Four Horsemen, which finished up all the wings. So we took a shot at Sapphiron...and one shotted the dragon! So we took a look at Kel'Thuzad....and got our butts beat.

For the evening, Daxie got a set of gloves that turned out to be worse than the Moonshroud ones and her first piece of T7 gear - her pants.

The priest T7 gear doesn't seem to suffer the same issues as the hunters' set. I did have to gem it correctly, but the item was a solid upgrade to the best Heroic drop. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Friday, February 6, 2009

T7....I don't know.....

Last night, we went to the Military quarter after wiping twice on Loethan (our druid healer was OOM in the first 10% of the fight despite being told he could only heal at certain times....).

Now, I expected this to be the toughest quarter yet, and the trash pulls tended to bear that out in that we couldn't grab two groups and kill them without wiping. But, it turns out that the first two bosses are a cake walk if you know what to do!

The Instructor is tanked by his adds via the mind control orbs (sorry 25 man people....Naxx10 For the Easy!) and is a check to see if your tanks can swap aggro, put up a spell before tanking (bone shield), and release and resnag their Death Knight. It took one wipe for Teurion and the other tanking dude (not the OT, in this case) to figure it out, and we easily killed him.

The next boss is even easier if you know to split up into two groups with the better DPSers on the dead side. We put three dpsers on the Live side and the Warlock (that out dpses me) and I on the Dead side.

Wave after wave was killed on the Live side and popped up on the Dead side. They were a joke! It was almost like they got the level 80 elite name without changing anything else from being a level 60 elite. Now, I'm not complainin'; I'm just sayin'.

Soon enough, the boss came down on the Live side, was pewpew'd at for a bit, then came over to the Dead side for a visit. We obligidingly pewpew'd him and sent him back to the Live side. I think he only made it back to the Dead side one more time before the gates opened, and we smoked him. A pretty easy fight, IMO.

I passed on the hunter belt (had a shammy that wanted it) cause the emblem belt that I had was sorta...kinda....better. I'm also thinking about leaving the guild to return to Blood for Blood and didn't want to be accused of ninjaing anything.

So, now to the subject of the post: DV has 60 emblems, which is enough for his T7 glove token. And yet, I hesitate. The gloves that I have are pretty nice, and I lose +crit by swapping them out for the T7 gloves. What's the deal?? Shouldn't T7 stuff be, like, at the very least a pure upgrade to what it's replacing??? /sigh. I might just have to wait to get the T7.5 stuff....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A full night!

After work yesterday, I hopped on Daxie to see if I could snag a Heroic or two before dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to get an invite to H. Violet Hold within a couple of minutes.

I was in the channel for HVH, so it shouldn't have been a I specifically chose that instance to gauge where I was at in terms of managing my mana for chain pulls. I did just fine, although I really missed having mana biscuits. I was chuggin' tea all night long.

Short story, no wipes, one death (mine), and got a nice pair of caster bracers off the last boss. Oh, and I managed my mana just fine.

So, the DK tank then asked if the group wanted to go do Halls of Lightning, and the DPSers declined. Now, I've had some difficulty with that instance on DV and didn't think that I could do a good job of healing. But, the tank took a "let's just see" attitude and gathered up three DPS to fill our our depleted group.

In short, we did do just fine. I had a death here and there from AoE or having to chose between DPS or tank (tank always wins those) or people's inability to dance with Loken. We also had a couple of wipes. But all in all, we were able to complete the instance and get the phat lewtz....a leather item for three casters, a hunter, and a DK. /roll for vendor.

So, I have high confidence now that I can heal just about any Heroic. Yay on Daxie.

After dinner was our guild's Naxx10 run. Allow me to dispense with what you all want to see:
So, guess who was able to dance the Heigan fight 5 times....I know, you guys are tired of hearing that.

On the plus side, the Warlock was able to stay alive for the last dance to speed up our kill.

We were able to take out Noth, Heigan, and Patchwerk. The Patchwerk decision was made after our 4th wipe on Heigan, and Teurion wanted to get the raid's confidence back. We knew we had the DPS to kill Patchy, so it was a good bet to take a couple of tries at him.

We ended up one shotting the big guy!

So, with that boost, we went back and killed Mr. Safety dance (although we didn't get that achievement due to over half the raid still dying...).

On my performance, the damage done pretty much speaks for itself, but what I really like is I had no misses with a 149 hit rating and a draenai alive at all times. I would have liked it better if I had no misses with all the draenai dead on a long fight like Heigan so I could gauge whether or not 149 +hit is good enough. That just sounds morbid doesn't it....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Head Arcanum!

Yay, Daxie is Revered with the Sha'tar, so she can pick up the Arcanum of Power! Yeah, I don't need the +hit, but the 22 spell power will definitely help me get that new hat that I need!!

First Heroic healings

Yesterday, Daxie got to heal the last boss in H. Utgarde Pinnacle for the daily quest (three emblems for one kill!) and healed H. Halls of Lightning.

For the HUP run, she was around 1400 spell power (unbuffed). She had a well geared tank, so it really wasn't an issue keeping him alive, and the fight wasn't that bad.

For the HHoL run, she had climbed to 1576 spell power (unbuffed) due to the Titansteel Guardian, a ring, a nice trinket, and some enchants. She had a well geared tank for this run as well, but we had a bit of trouble in the instance.

Of course, HoL has quite a bit of AoE damage as well as a painful dance on the last boss. I had a couple of player deaths due to having to choose the tank over them, but over all, we had an acceptable number of deaths, imo.

Loken is a pain! We tried to just heal through the fight in one place, but that resulted in a wipe. The next try, we decided to run, but I didn't run fast enough and died. But the NEXT try, I was able to run with the group and survived long enough. Yeah, I died with 50K health left on Loken, and the Warrior and two DPS were able to take him down.

I "needed" on the caster belt that dropped as the Warlock didn't need it. It was a pretty good upgrade for me with an Eternal Belt Buckle attached to it.

And that brings me to my next point: If you want an upgrade to a slot, make sure you gem/enchant/enhance it with what ever you can. This will ensure that you get that drop that will force you to do it all over again!

Last night, I did exactly that with my waist item - attached a belt buckle, threw in a nice +16 spirit gem, and BAM! get a replacement on my very next run. /shrug. If that's all it takes, I'll make sure to keep everything up to snuff!!

(Oh, and, sadly, I never did grind the proper BC rep for the head arcanum, so I'm stuck grinding out Wyrmrest rep. But, now that I've said that, I've just realized that since the change to Spell Power from +Healing, I might be able to get another BC faction's arcanum...must research....)

Monday, February 2, 2009

WotLK Priest Heroic Drops





Elder Headpiece

Old Kingdom


Necromancer’s Amulet

Culling of Stratholme


Mantle of Deceit

Culling of Stratholme


Subterranean Waterfall Shroud

Old Kingdom


No good Heroic drops


Cuffs of the Trussed Hall

Utgarde Pinnacle


Overlook Handguards

Drak’Tharon Keep


Gloves of Glistening Runes



Sash of Phantasmal Images



Cyanigosa’s Leggings

Violet Hold


Footwraps of Teleportation

Violet Hold


Spectral Seal of the Prophet

Drak’Tharon Keep


Ring of the Frenzied Wolvar

Utgarde Pinnacle

And then there were two...

Last night Daxie joined Dwarfvader in end game.

So, yay on her!

I have several crafting items to make as well as rep to grind. It turns out Wyrmrest rep is the first one I need to grind. I should have checked that out BEFORE I started wearing the Kirin Tor tabard. Oh well, I have time....