Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rysteranch, Fungal Giants, and you

I am not a big fan of grinding. In fact, I rarely grind and usually only do so to finish out a level if I'm really close.

Farming = grinding. I don't like farming either, but I get more satisfaction out of farming knowing I'm collecting the needed mats for some PHAT CRAFTED LEWTZ. As a leatherworker, I've farmed more than my share of mats for not only my own armor, but also to supply my tailor, engineer, blacksmither, you get the idea.

Well, Rysteranch is my farmer. He can kill stuff so much faster than Dax (even though he's 3-4 levels below Dax), and he gives me a chance to PEWPEWPEWLAZERBEAMROFLOCOPTER some mobs.

So, last night I had to farm 15 more motes of life for Dax to make his first Primal Mooncloth Belt (today, now, if I go home from work...cough....cough...sick....can't work....), and Rysteranch dinged 67!

I realized that I had just ground (grinded, uh...) 1/4th of the level by farming motes of life. Doh! And, I don't see things changing very much in the near future, cause now Dax needs netherweave, and motes of water, and motes of life, and whaaa, whaaa, whaaaa. (He's so needy!) At least I don't have to suffer through killing things with Dax. lol.


BigBearButt said...

Hey! Since you are a leatherworker, could you do me a big favor and go check out my latest post on leatherworking, so you can slap me about the head and shoulders over anything I might have gotten wrong?

I'm writing these 'what a profession will do for you BOP' kind of series, and leatherworking is the one i've never personally done... I data mined the info.

If you would, I would be very grateful.

And 'cause I'd love to have your insight into what other reasons besides BOP items you chose and like (or dislike) your leatherworking.

Ryster Anch said...


I just got asked to post on BBB's blog???? lol, sure!

OK, done. Hopefully that was what you were looking for.

/drool @ loot porn on BBB's post.