Thursday, October 4, 2007's not just for propaganda any more

Now that I know people are spending an average of 1/720 of their day on my site, I figure I should try to separate out the guild stuff from the leveling stuff from the, uh, you get the idea.

Anyways, some guild news: We have another 70 in the guild! Mykell's main left a large guild on our server to join our little group. Of course he has many alts in the guild, so this isn't about adding another toon. The big deal is that he left a well established join us! I guess he really feels at home! Schweet!

Mykell also got one of his coworkers addicted to Warcrack, and he joined the guild last night as well! We had friends of members added as well; all in all, a banner night for The Iron Ring.

We now have 51 toons and around 15 members. It's time to start organizing some sort of regular instance run, if only ZF or ST, in order to learn our role in a 5 man group. We have quite a number of toons that are in that range, so it shouldn't be hard to field a team.

At Ken's suggestion, I edited the guild notes to indicate main/alt and professions. So far, it's been good to sort out who's who and to let everyone know everybody's alts.

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