Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been workin' in a coal mine...

Well, dumped skinning on Dax and picked up mining. No, it won't be as useful as enchanting, but Daxie can use the extra ore for prospecting's fun! Well, fun when you mine what you find and aren't 2 skill points away from that ore! I made it up to 126 before teaming up with Neya in Blade's Edge Mts.

Quested with Neya a bit until he had to go to Kara on Trilogy. Then whispered a pally friend and asked what he was up to. He said he was going to Caverns of Time: Black Morass and asked if I would come. Long story/short, I'd never done any of the CoT instances, so we had to do Old Hillsbrad (Escape from Durnhold Keep). We had a very strong team: Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Pally and me. Everyone but me and the warrior was 70. We had no deaths and a little off healing from the pally. Thrall's escape was pretty intense, and the pally had to heal him cause I couldn't find him!

No phat lewt for me other than the quest reward - a pair of gloves. Now I need to socket them and see if they're better than the ones I have.

Oh, and Dax is at 75%......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Professions, they're not just a gold sink any more.

I'm thinking about changing Dax from skinning to enchanting. The extra skins were nice while Rysteranch was leveling up, but now they're less useful than, say, arcane dust. My friend Neya is an enchanter, and he DE'd a whole crapload of stuff for me. So, I do have good access to enchanting mats, which are used in high level tailoring.

Of course, mining is another option and would greatly help out Daxie. I don't know. If I'm not going to be playing Dax all that much, I'm not sure I want to change professions and go through the pain of leveling it up. hmmmmm.

42% and counting

Dax is at 42% toward 70. It will be really nice to finally get there and start farming with Rysteranch. By my count, my hunter can provide for:

Tailoring - netherweave cloth, Netherweb spider silk, green items for DE
First Aid - runecloth and netherweave cloth
Aldor Rep - Marks of whatever
Kurenai Rep - Ogre beads (after further review, these are Soulbound. Dang!)
Cash - uh, cash

Beyond that, Dax will start supporting Gerwintassle with heals to develop a good tank/priest team and running the occasional instance to help out and keep skills sharp.

But I really can't wait to start playing Rysteranch again, and it doesn't matter what I do with him!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guild news

The great news is that we added three new members to the guild over the weekend! One is a guildie's brother, another is a kid that Ken's been playing with, and the third is a guy I saw at ZF who was pugging. He asked if he could join us, but we already had a full group. He then made a comment about never being part of a guild (he's 49) and I interviewed him during the first couple of pulls. After I found out he was a responsible adult (And lived in the same state as me!) I invited him to join. He accepted! Since then, I've shared some leveling guides, BRK's website, and some netherweave bags with him. He is really happy that he's in the guild, and that makes me really happy!

So, the Outlands 5 man all guild group is coming together.
Gerwintassle - 57 Prot Warrior
Daxenos - 69 Holy Priest
Katynaster - 66 Rogue
Mykell - 67 ?? Mage
Jowgearsr - 63 Warlock
Rysteranch - 66 BM Hunter (if someone else heals. 8-P)

We also have a number of guildies that have reached the high forties/low fifties, so, all guild ZF and Sunken Temple runs are going to be here soon. In fact, if we didn't have a guildie's friend for Saturday night's ZF run, it would have been an all guild run. Now with the additions over the weekend, we should be able to field a ST or ZF team from the guild.

Baby steps.......


Wednesday and the first post this week. Yep, I'm lazy. Now that we have that out of the way, I can proceed to the good news!

Dax dinged 68 on Sunday morning and 69 last night. I'm three bubbles into 69 and hopefully will hit the big seven oh by Friday. I teamed up with a warrior last night in Shadowmoon. I arrived at the keep, looked around, targeted the first person I saw, cast PW: Fort on them, and asked if they wanted to team up. The warrior was 67, so I suppose he was struggling a bit and eating a lot, so I really lucked out. He agreed and off we went. He ended up dying once on an elite 69, but I was able to get away and come back & rez him. Tonight - Neya says he's available, so hopefully we'll be able to get some stuff done!

Did Underbog with my regular group (and a hunter I know). We did very well. Had a couple of deaths, but no wipes. AAAAAAND, I got to use my spiffy new frisbee! Unfortunately, after the tank, it's favorite target was ....... the mage! DOH! We had a rogue and a kitty that would have loved to play frisbee, but the mage hogged it and wouldn't pass it on.....dang! So, I told the mage to try to stay out of melee range (but he was sheeping, so it was difficult) and recast the PoM on the tank. I usually got 2 passes out of it and occasionally 3. I did get 5 one time and was just about beside myself with glee! And loot? I got the Cloak of Healing Rays off Hungerwhat's his name. Nice cape!

Friday, September 21, 2007

How'd that happen?

Friday already? Dang, I must have been busier or lazier than normal this week. Uh, well.....Played Dax some with Neya. Still haven't hit 68.

Rysteranch hit 65 last night and I totally enjoy playing a hunter. I took down Deathskitter the elite lvl 64 red spider near Allerian Stronghold all by my lonesome. It was close. So I decided to take on Terokkarantula. I died. I did get the spider down to half health, but got aggro and couldn't shake it in time. Even when I did, PuddyTat was almost dead and didn't last very long.

The new guy at work is a gamer; I had him over last night and showed him WoW. He says he wants to get going, but has to wait for some other stuff before buying the game. Cool! Another guildy. I think I'll be starting a new toon to level with him; I just don't know what class I want to play. Hmmmmmmm.

Monday, September 17, 2007


/sigh. Back at work. But good news for you faithful readers, I have plenty to write about.

First, let me get the suspense over with. Rysteranch is 64. Yes, you read it right. He is now within 3 levels of Dax.


Rysteranch was the rocketman. 7 levels in 5 days is not too shabby for 57-64. During that time, I ran Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, and Underbog. I did all the quests in Hellfire Penninsula (except Colossal Menace) and Zangarmarsh, and half the quests in Terokkar Forest. I got the Coilfang Needler from a boss in SP and immediately slapped a +10 scope on it! SCHWEET! I really need to work on my DPS, though. I was last on the DPS meter for the two instances that they were tracked, just ahead of the priest and Searing totem. In my defense, on the BF run, I was the only CC and was busy keeping a mob on ice.

Dax got pulled off the bench for an Underbog run, for quest help, and for a ZF guild training run. All in all, the UB run went well. We had a couple of deaths (mostly pet) and had no wipes. Got a marginal upgrade (have to find some nice gems to make it so) and quite a bit of xp for the level.

Daxie didn't play at all. I need to get back and play her now that her rest xp is g2g, but I think I'll be playing Rysteranch to 70, then working on her. Dax is going to sit for a while, and I'll just take him out for some instance runs and training sessions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One more level

The title says it all. Rysteranch hit 57 last night, and I took the rest of the week off starting with Wednesday. Hopefully tonight I can hit or nearly hit 58 and spend the next three days PWNing Outlands!

So, faithful readers, Home time = WoW time != blogging time. Go read BRK, Ego, or Fox News, cause I really doubt I'll be posting again this week. 8-P

Monday, September 10, 2007

Burn, baby, Burn

Three days. Four levels. Rysteranch. Is. On. FIRE!!!! I'm hoping to get him to Outlands by Thursday. We'll see how the xp rate is for the next two levels. Oh, and I took down two devilsaurs by myself. Not at the same time, mind you, but it was at level 55. I love my hunter!

All my other toons languished away in the inn. I don't care. Must. Get. To. Outlands!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Got da burn. Rysteranch dinged 52 last night, and I think I'm catchin' the burn to get him to Outlands. I only briefly logged on to my other toons, mostly to check mail, AH, yada yada yada. Then, decided I needed some Troll Temper and chain trapping practice. So, off to ZF I went with PuddyTat in tow.

ZF, at least the first parts, consists of three mob pulls. They range from 43-45 and include a random mix of casters and melee. At level 51, I knew my hunter would have no issue with one on one action and even one on two. But at one on three, I was a little hesitant. And, with no raid marking icons to keep my mobs distinct, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to be organized enough to take them down. Meh, the worst that could happen is I die.

First pull. Set freezing trap and wait for cooldown. Put hunter's mark on caster mob and send in PuddyTat. Pop Beastial Wrath and wait for kitty to get aggro and Arcane Shot a melee mob so it runs into the trap. Cool! that worked. Pet mend and start DPSing HM'd target. One mob down. Set second trap and start DPSing 2nd mob. Pet mend again, crap, trap resisted. Tank one mob while burning down the other. Trap cooldown up, set trap. 2nd mob down. Back up, bandage and sic PuddyTat on last mob. Pet mend and DPS like big dawg! 3rd mob cries like a little baby and goes down. PuddyTat saunters back to my side, and I have a drink.

The rest of the pulls went similar to that one; no deaths, but I did have to run out of the instance on the second pull due to a pat add. But, for the most part, I stayed alive and PuddyTat stayed alive. I made my way to the first branch, but didn't clear the mobs at the branch. Went back out the front, reset the instance and did it again. Got my 20 Troll Temper and some great xp, as well as valuable information/experience in chain trapping.\

Later on, Gerwintassle and I hit the Searing Gorge for some elite mob fun. The twilight mobs didn't know what hit 'em, and we easily found the two items we were looking for.

So, now, Gerwintassle has the burn for Outlands and lvl 70. I think Malissa does, but she's leveling both her mage and druid with their rest xp, so that's slowin' her down. I need to see where Rip is and how I can help her level faster, if she's interested. Mcleonis is slowly but surely finding his way and is just about to crack 20. And we have a new member, Harley, who has a lvl 11 'lock. The thing our guild is lacking is numbers. We also have 'toons ranging from 67 to 11 and all points in between. Unfortunately, we have few that are the same level.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some musings

During my time with the cannibals of northern Indiana (mostly a meat and potatoes kind of people), I never ceased to be amazed at their use of turmeric. I know, I know, this is northern Indiana, not India, but, to a family, their use of this yellow root far surpassed anything I had ever seen.

One such use involved the groom on his wedding day. Said groom was rubbed head to foot with the pungent spice before the vows were taken. While the unobserved eye might think the ceremony might end in some sort of Black Widowesk mating ritual, the sad reality was much more mundane: they already smelled like cumin.

The tragic story of these remarkable survivors came to an abrupt end after an uneasy truce that was maintained for 57 years with the neighboring Amish communities was broken by a rogue buggy driver who subsequently was punished by shunning for an hour. The tribes fought valiantly to build their casino, but in the end, lost both their spice and their lives.

Now, as the waves of Lake Michigan roll over the remains of America's only known cannibal settlement, one has to wonder what might have been, what could have been, and what WAS I eating?

Some lights come on slowly....

Like the sunrise in Anchorage, AK in the summer or winter, the light is slowly dawning on me that the trip to 70 is going to be painful for my Holy priest. I've found more partners, but the xp gain is...pathetic - even with rest xp.

And then I think about the coming expansion.....80.....ugh. Oh well, guess I'll keep on pluggin' away and get there some day.

My hunter, on the other hand, rocks! He gained 1/2 a level last night even when partnering with Gerwintassle. Both toons are paired with someone and on rest xp. Of course, I know the game scales in the higher levels, but it seems a little off. Also, I realize I have no problem taking on three mobs my level with my hunter and would really not like it on my priest. So, I know that I can rip through the mobs with Rysteranch but have to go much slower with Dax. As far as killing machines go, Rysteranch and PuddyTat are about the best thing goin'!

In other news, Rysteranch got his Sprite Darter Hatchling, and now PuddyTat has something to chase while we're running around. I really wish I could name him Tweety.

Also, the biggest news of the night: Gerwintassle is BACK IN THE GUILD!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!!11!!!!ELEVEN!!!!ONE!!!!11
I am sooooo very happy he's back from his walkabout. He's also excited about sprucing up the guild with ranks and helping our members level their toons. We've kinda been in a holding pattern for a while, and it feels good to be moving ahead.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

67 and ain't it Nagrand!

Dax finally hit 67 this morning in my 1/2 hour session before work. Picked up some nice upgrades to spells; don't remember which ones...heh....heh. I ended up working a little bit with Neya the Shammy, but he was on the bubble as to being called to Kara on his Tank. So we parted ways, and I hooked up with a lvl 65 druid to help him out on two elite quests in Terokkar. Now, after working with Neya, I'm not surprised at what a duo can do to elites, so I'm just healing away and adding a little DPS. The druid is impressed that I still have quite a bit of mana after the elite birdy. Meh...So we head off to Terokkarantula. I healed Neya through this monstrosity when he was 64, so I don't expect too much trouble. And I am not surprised. We easily down the arachnid, and that's when the druid starts falling over himself about my healing style. Safe to say, I have a little Moonkin fan out there now....heh....heh.

I also partnered with the pally that helped me out when I was just a pup. She is not so good at tanking, so I ended up tanking some mobs....yay PW:Shield! But, we cleared up some of her quests, and by the end of our time, she was doing better at the tanking bit. One thing I noticed is that at the end of one of our battles, she still had a full mana bar. Is this unusual? I don't know.

And last night, Rysteranch dinged 51! I do like Searing Gorge. Nice distribution of mobs in a medium size area. Tried to take down the Overseer...L....O.....L! Gerwintassle (51 warrior) and your's truly vs. 2 lvl 48 elites and 1 lvl 50 elite.

First try. Plan was to ice one of the 48's, PuddyTank the other and burn down the Overseer. Well, I was messing around with growl and accidentally sent the pet in. WHOOPS!! Gerwin charges and I get sheeped. SHEEPED! Crap. They're all over us like maggots on a five day old corpse laying in the hot sun. We die.

Second try. Same plan, except, we decide to let Gerwin tank the two mobs, while I keep one on ice. It went better that way, except I noticed PuddyTat's health was almost gone! Crap! Mend Pet! dead. Uh, oh....What the.??? I'm sheeped again! Gerwin dies....I feign death. Mobs reset. Dang!

Third try. Now we say screw the Overseer, we'll just loot the flux plans. And, while we're trying to decide how to best do it (PuddyTat doesn't like the way we're looking at him), some lvl whatever blows by us with his lackey in tow and smokes the Overseer and his stooges. Oh, ok. We saunter in and loot the plans. Sweet.

Daxie had the night off. She deserves it!

In other news, it looks like the whole BRK/DCoE thing has gotten way out of hand. Now DCoE's blog is only available by invite. DCoE, if you're reading this (yeah right) can I get an invite?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Didn't get a lot of WoW in this weekend. Spent two days in Shipshewana at the White Trash Expo....erm, flea market. Ok, actually spent one half day at the flea market as my wife and her mother decided to have mercy on me and the step-dad. Saw the Amish, ate some pie, bought some junk.

I just looked at my last two blog If those two don't scare off you regular readers, I don't know what will! Maybe if I start talking about priest tanking....hmmmmm.

Daxie did turn 37 this weekend. Dax is still two bubbles away from 67. Rysteranch is working on 51. (But I did work on some First Aid, Jewelcrafting - man that stinks, and uh....oh, yeah, helping guildies.)

Hopefully Neya will be on today after work so Dax can get closer to 67 (and maybe even ding), but I'm sure I'll be aggroing Cleaning, the House sometime today 'cause my wife's friend is going to be here tomorrow..../sigh.....