Saturday, January 30, 2010

iRaid Too

So, Thursday night, Daxie weaseled her way into a Hubris ICC10 with Teurion! Yay!

We killed everything up to Rotface, who we got down to 1%. Yes, a one percent wipe...soooo close. From what I've heard, though, he's still bugged for 10 mans, so we did pretty good getting him that far.

And, raiding wouldn't be as fun without phat lewtz! I picked up a pair of pants, a pair of shoes, and the Ashen Verdict is friendlier with much that they gave me a sweet ring!

So, by Friday, I had collected up enough badges to get three pieces of T9.5 (with my ToC trophies) and was working on collecting badges for my T9 healing set when the call went out over gchat for the third ICCC10 group to form up. Well, I said that DV could go and after completing my instance, I switched over.

We blew through everything with some wipes on trash, some on bosses, and one on the ICC chess event, I mean, the Gunship battle. Speaking of which...

Now, wouldn't you think that 3000 arrows would be enough for a night of raiding? I mean, I certainly did, so when I got the "quiver empty" message during the second attempt on the Gunship battle, I was both incredulous and incredibly embarrassed. /facepalm

"Mommy, lookit the stupid melee hunter!"

"Shush, dear! Don't make fun of the handicapped."

"But mom!! LOOKIT HIM!!!"

Yeah, won't go down in the highlights section of my movie. Anyways, other than that, I did an awesome job!

Led the damage meter for a bit? Check!

Misdirected to the tanks? Check!

Burned down Caster mobs on Lady Deathwhisper? Like they were on fire!

Dropped frost traps for Blood Beasts? Every stinkin' time although it cost me valuable DPS.

All and all, I was able to stay out of the fire, dps the boss, collect phat lewtz. And collect them, I did! One of the drops was a nice bow, and as the only hunter in the group, it was all mine! Also, like Daxie, the Ashen Verdict is friendly enough with DV that they gave HIM a ring. Yes! Finally replaced that tarnished old piece of trash from Naxx!

So, there you have it. Daxie has ICC10 continuation on Sunday, ICC25 on Mon, Tue, and Wed, ICC10 on Thu, and DV has ICC10 on Friday. Hmmm...raiding 6 nights a week? Uh, I think I'd better get some sort of schedule worked out. To be continued...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Going with the trendy new designation i(Whatever), I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon.

So, yeah, last night, my new guild, Hubris, was kind enough to throw Dwarfvader a raid invite. I was pretty excited about getting some more time in ICC on my hunter.

Got epic arrows? Check.

Got flasks? Check.

Got pet buff food? Check.

Got self buff food (no fish for me!)? Check.

Got scrolls? Check.

Ok, I am ready!! The group had already cleared the lower portion of ICC, so I tele'd up to the Upper Spire and waited for the raid to form. During the course of forming up, somebody lamented the lack of a Shadow Priest in the raid, to which I responded, "I have a Shadow Priest."

Well, one thing led to another and all of a sudden, Daxie is in high demand. So, I switch, /gquit the guild that I have all my alts in (it's just me, Teurion's alts, and VA), accept a guild invite, and show up for the raid.

No flasks, limited food buffs, only 11 reagents for my priest buffs. After the fact, I also found out I had wrong or not optimal enchants on my gear...just sad.

Anyways, the raid was on Rotface, which is the one ICC fight that I do know, thankfully. The only difference was that this was 25 man instead of 10 man; I didn't see any differences in the fight mechanics.

We wiped about....8 times or so. I lost count. But the last time...we did kill him! I was consistently in the bottom of the DPS chart, but I did top the HOT Uptime chart, for what it's worth. I was the lowest gear score person there, so whenever I beat someone on a particular attempt, I was pretty happy.

A side note, Teurion went as Ret DPS, had the second lowest gear score, and rocked the meter by usually placing in the top 10.

After killing Rotface, we ran over and roflstomped through ToC25. I got three trophies and a pair of bracers thrown my way. Now I need to run the crap out of Heroics to get my 245 upgrades.

So...I have a new main and am going to be raiding on a regular basis. What a difference a day makes.

And a poor hunter gets shelved again for a priest...


Last night, I made Panera's Broccoli Chedder soup from this recipe. It was soooooo good! I know, I know, "don't break your arm patting yourself on the back", but dang, it was good.

I'm really looking forward to lunch...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Epic night!

Last night was, indeed, full of wonder as Daxie and Dwarfvader both had great nights!

Both of my toons went to Eye of Eternity, which was the weekly and killed Malygos. This was the last piece for their "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title. Woot!

An aside, I actually like their current titles better atm, so Ambassador Daxie and Elder Dwarfvader will continue sporting their more favored monikers.

The night continued to be epic as both of my characters got badge upgrades. Dwarfvader finally collected up 50 Frost badges for his cloak, and Daxie amassed 30 Triumph badges for her second piece of T9 Healing gear - the gloves.

And finally, Daxie queued up for a random dungeon and got...Halls of Reflection. doh! Last time I healed this instance, I was totally fail, and Robin had to bail me out. Well, I've got some upgrades since then (+700 gear score), so I sucked it up and did my best.

And we did it! Things got a little hairy just before the second boss, but I was able to keep everyone up, move out of the fire, and get the job done.

We took an interesting strat on the last boss, the gaunlet. We ran behind the Lich King! The fight played out pretty much the same, but we had more time to down the adds. It worked out great!

So, epic titles, epic loot, and epic fights; wow, what a night!

Just a big loser

I weighed myself last night, and the scale reported 189.2 lbs. Now this was great news because I usually lose anywhere from a half a pound to a pound over night!

So what did the scale have to say this morning?

188.6 lbs.

...and there was much rejoicing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daxie heals

Last night, after doing the daily on Dwarfvader, I decided to work on Daxie's healing gear. So, I looked over what she had and the stats on her shadow gear, made some choices as to what was better or good enough, sold some gear that didn't quite measure up, and queued up in the LFG as a healer.

A side note here: I could have just collected badges as shadow, but I really wanted to heal and I wanted to see what the queue times were for healers.

So, I didn't get any of the ICC 5 mans, thankfully. In fact, I got the easier Heroics - Nexus, UK, Drak'tharon, VH, and OCC. None of the instances were terribly taxing, although the PuGs did make some of them interesting.

On one VH, after seeing the >5K gear score of the tank, I started DPSing from the first pull and was fourth the healer! I called it out over /party. I kept that spot until two pulls after the first boss! I mean, it's one thing to do less damage than the tank, but to do less damage than the healer?? That's just plain lazy! I should have screen shotted it and sent it to Greedy Goblin.

Then on a UK, the bear tank did the typical chain pull stuff, which I'm ok with, but he decided to pull the four pack and the first boss at the same time after chain pulling his way there. Oh, and he only had 42K health (as a bear, buffed, remember), so it wasn't like he was hugely overgeared. We somehow survived despite his inability to hold aggro, pick up adds, or tank in general. I credit 1337 healing...

His excuse was "I felt like a challenge, rawr." My response was, "Don't trust your feelings." He settled down after that, and the run went smoothly.

Teurion and I were talking this morning about the general quality of the LFG groups, and it seems to be spiraling downwards. DPS that can't keep up with the tank, tanks that can't tank, and healers that run OOM every pull.

Some of the issues are situational, ie the 5500 gear score pally tank dragging some 3300 gs dps through an AoE intensive instance. Yeah, those DPSers are going to be lagging behind Mr. Consecration.

But, when Teurion's PuG healer goes OOM after nearly every pull, something is definitely wrong. For one, Teurion is a very good tank that makes sure he has aggro on everthing and, with his gear, he can go an entire Heroic boss fight without heals. I mean, healing him in a Heroic is downright boring! I'm not sure what that healer was spending his mana on...

So, as the raiders get their Triumph badges, several bloggers predicted that the LFG groups will not be as successful as it is currently, and I am seeing just that. Already, Dwarfvader has almost badged himself out as far as Triumph badges are concerned, so I just do the daily on him. Once Daxie has her healing gear, I guess I'll either move on to Vanco or start that druid I mentioned a post or two ago.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Looky what I got!


For those keeping score at home, this is my 600th post. Big whoopee.

With some monetary help from Teurion, I moved Daxie back over to the evil Alliance side. Once again, I have a full server on Kael'thas with three 80's. I plan on deleting a lvl 26 mage to roll a Druid, but after that, I don't know who's gonna go to make room for a Worgen, but it will almost definitely be a hunter. And, no, I don't want to wait until Cataclysm to roll the Druid.

Now, I have a lot of things that I really want to get accomplished every single day:

1. Cooldowns, cooldowns, cooldowns. I make sure I do my Inscription Research and Gem Transmute every day. Titansteel and Alchemy Research cooldowns are done on an as needed basis.

2. Dailies, dailies, dailies. I make sure I do my two JC dailies every day. If I have time, I'll try to do the Cooking daily on DV, Daxe, or Daxie; it all depends on the LFG queue times. Daxe is also capable of doing the Fishing daily if he so desires.

3. LFG, LFG, LFG. At a bare minimum, I want to get DV's frost badges, but lately, I've tried to run the daily on DV, Vanco, Daxie, and Daxe (he's 73).

4. Weekly, weekly, weekly. For a reward of 5 frost and 5 triumph badges, the weekly is usually quick, pug-friendly, and doable. A bonus to doing these is that eventually it will be EoE, and I'll finally get my "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title on DV and Daxie.

It's surprising that I have time to do anything else with that list, but I have. DV has almost all the mats for Jeeves; he just needs to pick up the BRD repair bot schematic and collect up the mats for two of them.

DV also went to ToC10 last night with Teurion, some people from Hubris, and a number of PuGs. We one shot the beasts, two shot Lord Jaxx, and one shot the rest of the bosses.

I ended up number two on the damage meter only because (ONLY BECAUSE!!!!) I got put on ice shoot down patrol on the last boss. I maintained around 4K DPS throughout the raid, so I'm pretty happy with that. Also, I had purchased Dual Spec with my second spec as Marksman, which I used during the raid and feel fairly confident in my ability to put out a decent rotation.

I nabbed a pair of Rogue boots for my efforts that upon further reflection weren't an upgrade at all.../fail. I'm currently wearing leather boots that I thought would be inferior to anything in ToC10, but due to the new boots having Hit instead of Crit, they just weren't better. I'll keep them around just in case I need some Hit.

And, since I took the boots off the first boos, I felt the social thing to do when the polearm dropped off the last boss...was to let the other hunter have it. At first glance, it appeared to be a minor upgrade or even a side grade to my dual wield set up, but according to the Hunter Loot list, it's a pretty significant dps upgrade (>100 dps). /oh well.

I'm looking to get in on some ICC rep runs with DV; he still has a crappy ring that is really draggin' him down, man...But, last night, I got my last badges for the Crusader's chest. I'll just have to find someone to craft it tonight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I weighed myself this morning.

189.8 lbs.

The 190 lb barrier has been broken! We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

What a difference a week makes

Dwarfvader is up to 4787 gear score now.

My last emblem purchase was four Crusader's Orbs for the crafted bracers, and my next purchase will be 8(6?) Crusader's Orbs for the crafted chest. After I get the chest, I'll save up for the better shoulders over the T9 ones I have currently.

I'm saving up my Frost badges for the cloak; I have 27, so I'm looking at about two weeks until I can make that purchase assuming I do the daily Heroic, the weekly raid, and no ICC boss kills.

I went to ICC10 for the first time in my life. Teurion and the guild he's part of were having problems filling DPS slots, so he finagled a spot for me. The guild, Hubris, had already cleared a lot of the raid and was working on Rotface.

We took 7, 8, 9? attempts; to tell you the truth, I lost track after 3. I got better at the fight as I learned what was what and was able to execute the proper strategy (stay out of the sticky goo and slime...kite the little ooze so it gets absorbed by the big ooze...dps the boss).

After the 3rd pull into it, I topped the damage meter (I have a screenie), now, before you get all fanboi on me, let me just say it was pure luck - both good and bad.

The bad luck included pulling the entire room after the two abominations (I guess you can pull parts of it at a time) and having the top DPSers die as a result.

The good luck was at least one tank, at least one healer, and a couple DPSers (including me) staying alive, and me having the presence of mind to misdirect every time the cooldown was up and volleying my tush off! Oh, and the tanks and healers doing a heroic job!

Of course, after that pull, my rank dropped steadily until I placed just above the tanks and healers in sixth place. In my defense, I was anywhere from 500 to 1000 gear score below the other DPSers, so, I think I did a respectable job. We did not end up killing the boss, btw.

In other news, I acquired a new project: Jeeves! I found the schematic on a random mechanical in Halls of Lightning. Talk about mats intensive!! It requires 3-4 different repair bots (2-20 of each), 8 Titansteel bars, and two King's ambers. Holy robots, batman! I'll just say that I have something to do while I'm waiting on those LFG's to pop.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last night, I did a couple of Heroics and the weekly raid on DV. I got a neck and a ranged upgrade from Pit of Saron. I think I only have one more item in there that I need. Halls of Reflection and Forge of Souls still have some upgrades.

I hopped over on Vanco for an Undying attempt at Naxx with the remnants of my former guild Blood for Blood that had reformed as Apieron. Both Vanco and DV are members of this new guild, and if I hadn't already done the weekly on DV, I would have taken him. Oh well, Vanco could use some upgrades and badges as well.

I got a number of upgraded shoulders, including the tier 7 token and some various other armor pieces that I'm still not sure if they're upgrades. I was the lowest gear score person in the raid (by at least 1.5K), so it wasn't like anyone else was going to need the stuff.

I was able to sustain a whopping 1.6K dps...oh yeah, I rocked it; I mean, at one point early in the run, I was behind one of the healers in dps! Luckily for me, we had a lot of 4K dpsers. And I did pick it up to beat the two healers.

I stayed outside the room on Heigan only because I've never melee'd the fight and wasn't confident on my ability to do the dance for the whole time. You may recall that I AM an accomplished dancer, but being ranged for this fight is different than melee. I still got the Safety Dance achievement...go, me.

I was extremely happy that, while we didn't get the Undying title, I wasn't the weak link! We had two or three people bite the dust on KT due to frost tombs. Whoops.

So, I have a four day weekend starting tomorrow; don't expect any posts. I'm hoping to get in a fair amount of time badge farming on DV, but I'm not sure what we have planned. We'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The last two days, I've been playing DV over on Kael'thas. When I logged onto KT on Monday, DV's gearscore was around 4100 when I abandoned him about 3 months ago.

Last night, when I logged off, he was sitting at 4370. I've gotten five upgrades in two days - three the first day! 2X weapons, badge shoulders and chest, and a belt drop. Yay on me.

The down side is I needed 2X agi enchants, a shoulder enchant, a powerful stats enchant, and a belt buckle...oh, and a bunch of gems. All of this on a server that I had about 500 gold across all my toons. Ouch on me pocketbook.

Fortunately, I've been doing dailies while waiting for LFG to find me a group, so I had amassed about 475 gold on DV. I miss having thousands of gold...

The up side is that I have almost all of the profs covered, so I was able to get the mats for the enchants and have my enchanter put the enchants on a vellum. I also had several epic gems from transmutes, so I just had to find a JC (Vanco is a JC, but he's only up to 440 skill level).

Throughout the two days, regardless of my gear, I found that I still had it as a hunter - and a Beast Master hunter at that! I was able to hold my own on the DPS meter and even top it! With Teurion, I knew that I could open up from the get go to maximize my DPS (of course, I tried to cast Misdirect before each pull).

In short, I'm havin' a blast playing and gearing my end game hunter. I still have to look at Vanco and see where he's at as far as tanking gear goes; I might have to run some Heroics as DPS to buy some better tank gear.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There are a couple of things (mostly just one) that I do when I switch between main servers.

The first thing that I do is to empty all my mailboxes on all my toons. Mail only sticks around for 30 days and sometimes I use the mailbox as extra bank space, so emptying out the mailbox can be somewhat important if I don't want to lose the stuff.

Along with the mailbox, I make sure that I don't have any auctions left up. This is pretty much a no brainer along with the mailbox.

If I'm transferring a character, I might load them up with items and/or gold to assist with the other server. I did this when I transferred Daxie from Kael'thas to Andorhal; she took a bunch of Netherweave bolts and almost all of my gold from Kael'thas.

Now, restarting a server has certain things that go along with it as well.

The first thing that I do is to assess where all my toons are at profession wise, progression wise, and prophlession wise. Ok, I made up that last one because it sounded so nice for the alliteration!

Anyways, profession checks include using and managing cooldowns like transmutes and research, as well as includes which ones I need to level more or train since new patches have brought new recipes. With Daxie gone, Vanco needs to step up the Jewelcrafting so he can start cutting the epic gems.

Progression just means where am I at in the leveling/gearing game and where do I want to be for my toons. On Kael'thas, since I no longer have a healer, I might just give Daxe the nod for leveling to cap so I have a max level healer. I will say that I really enjoyed the druid healing, so after I badge out Dwarfvader, I may pound out the necessary badges to twink another druid for healing.

So, last night, Teurion convinced me to jump on DV after work and run some Heroics. I got two upgrades from Forge of Souls and grabbed a couple more badges for my T9 shoulders. Three upgrades in one night! Yes! From my research, it looks like I might be queuing up for Pit of Saron quite a number of times for the upgrades available in it.

Oh, and I hear that the tanks are playing a game called Dalaran roulette. It goes something like:
1. Tank jumps off the edge of Dalaran.
2. Tank ques for a Random Instance.
3. Tank bets he gets an instance before he dies from the fall.

Now, I'm not a betting man, but Vanco is a tank, so if I really want to farm badges...


(Jay, if you haven't read your email, read it!)

For those of you keeping score at home as to "What the heck is Dax up to?", you already know that I have three servers almost full of toons, one server with a lone Alliance toon, one server with the new server experience toons, and one server with my Alaska friends. The three main servers I see as:

Andorhal - the PVP Horde server with Robin and Jay - 8 toons
Suramar - the PvE Horde server - 10 toons
Kael'thas - the Alliance server with Teurion, VA (although she's quit for good), and the guild Blood for Blood. - 9 toons

As I know everyone out there reading this has the home version of the game (Christmas... 2007... remember??) I figured I'd move the pieces a bit.

For all intents and purposes, I play on one server at a time. The Alaska friends server is excepted from this, although I haven't teamed up with them as of yet. My server of choice has been Andorhal to hang with Robin and Jay and because of the level of my toons and the new LFG. In short, I'm seeing "new" content to me that's 5 years old in game.

I've known for some time that I might hop to another of my "mains" servers, namely Kael'thas, because Teurion has resumed playing and Robin and Jay have been losing interest due to guild issues (and maybe boredom, I'm not sure). Hey, I'm surely not calling anyone out or pointing blame, no no no; I recognize patterns that I've gone through and project them on others. I mean, come on, you all are JUST LIKE ME!!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Teurion.

Two things draw me back to Kael'thas, and both are related to Teurion.

1. I work with Teurion. I got him sucked into the whole Warcrack thing way back when he started in the shop in 2007; we've raided together, we've run a guild together, I've abandoned him a couple of times, and he chased me down on Kael'thas. So, not only are we coworkers; while we don't do very much at all outside of work/Warcraft, we are good friends.

So, to sum it up, I want to play with Teurion if he's playing, and as he is a no alts kind of person, that means playing my toons on Kael'thas.

2. Nothing against any other tank (specifically, you Jay!), I love running with Teurion. It's probably a product of all the time at work where we gab about WoW, talking about specific pulls or strats, and whining about(him) and defending (me) the game in general. In short, we are on the same page about almost everything in game, and the pages on which we differ, we know where the other is coming from. I just haven't spent that much time with anyone else talking about the game.

I've run with some great tanks, but I have a special affinity for Teurion due to his tanking style, knowledge, skill, but mostly, because I know him so well.

So, there you have it. I'll probably be playing a lot of Alliance in the future. I still like the Horde better, though...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A bit = 1 day

Yesterday, I said that Daxenos could wait a bit for his healing leather chest piece. It turns out that a bit equals a day in this case. I pounded out Heroics on Daxie for over 40 badges to buy the Heirloom item.

Unfortunately, I could only squeeze in one run on my druid due to all the badge farming. And, of course, it was SM: Graveyard, again. The upside was that I got a green pair of pants and the Satchel of Helpful Goodies was actually...helpful!

Tonight is going to be a mixed bag, I think. Of course, I'll do the requisite daily on Daxie, but then I might just switch between Daxenos and Daxen to get them their dailies. I'm also thinking about my little mage and how I've been neglecting her. Poor Daxea. And my little rogue hasn't seen action for so long that I can't remember the last time.

Also, today is the last day of the fiscal month for our household, so I need to reconcile what we've spent with what we budgeted. I think we'll also take a look at the budget, which we've had for two fiscal months now, and see what adjustments need to be made. By the way, for us, a fiscal month = 4 weeks.

So, I'm not sure how much play time I'll have today. /shrug.

Denali went to doggy daycare yesterday; she must have had a blast because when she got home, after greeting me and my son, she promptly laid down and slept for the rest of the evening. A tired doggy is a good doggy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trees are for heals

No, Daxenos isn't a tree yet, but he is a designated healer.

Last night, I ground out the last couple of badges for the Headmasters Charge to send to Daxenos the Druid. I still have to collect up 40 badges for the leather caster chest piece, but he can wait a bit on that.

So, after getting my new shiny Heirloom piece, I jumped into the level 30 LFG as healz. I ended up running SM: Graveyard about 4 a row. I guess there's not a lot of variety at this level.

Anyways, I'm really diggin' the druid healing; it actually fits better than priest healing for my style.

As a priest, I Prayer of Mending (frisbee) and Renew (Heal over Time - HoT). If those two spells aren't enough, I'll either Flash Heal or Greater Heal, depending on the amount of damage and the speed at which it is coming.

As a druid, and low level at that, I find myself throwing a Rejuv (HoT) on the tank and pretty much anyone else that needs a heal. Occasionally, with more damage, I'll cast a Regrowth or Healing Touch; I'm trying to always use Regrowth as my second spell (to Rejuv) as it leaves a HoT up on the tank, so I can have two HoTs on the tank. I like that.../giddy.

I just thought of something! Maybe I should throw a Regrowth on the tank before the pull, and then cast a Rejuv; that way I can have two HoTs on the tank at the beginning of the fight. /giddy.

I have yet to use Nature's Swiftness; to tell the truth, I tend to forget about it in the "oh crap" moments, which is exactly when I need to remember it! I'm thinking that I'll see if I can hot key it to Healbot so I don't have to search around my casting bar for it.

So, anyways, I'm having a blast healing on my little druid; I just wish that the Satchel of Helpful Goodies would drop some spell leather instead of the kitty stuff I've been getting...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today's weekly raid was Patchwerk. Here's how I did on the fatty:
not too shabby, eh?

An update of sorts

It's been a while since I updated the status of my characters, so I figured I'd mark this spot in history with what I've been doing and where I'm at.

I joined a guild over on Andorhal: Revelation. It appears to be a laid back social guild with some 10 man raids. I've enjoyed getting to know my new guildies, and they seem to be a good bunch of people. I added Daxie and Daxen to their ranks as those are the toons I'm playing the most; also, I want to keep some "hiding" toons available for being anti-social.

Daxie continues to melt faces, as evidenced by the last post. She just bought her first Frost badge reward - a cloak. I continue to do a daily random dungeon on her as well as try to do the daily Jewelcrafting quest. I'm thinking that I'll try to complete the weekly raid quest on a regular basis, time permitting.

Daxen is up to level 53 and is mostly working on Leatherworking, running random dungeons, and grinding out rep. Currently, she's working on Undercity rep in Tirisfal Glades while waiting for instances to pop. She also has been in Azshara taking down the elite dragons for their skins.

Pretty much all my other toons have been idle. I did do some Engineering and Enchanting on Daxxyn, as well as did her Resurrection quest. I've been saving up Triumph badges for a staff for Daxenos, so he'll be an overgeared healer.

So, what does 2010 have in store for me? Probably more of the same; to wit:

1. I am still enjoying being able to get a group for a level appropriate instance with level appropriate group members. I'm especially enjoying the upper level Oldworld instances and am looking forward to the instances that I haven't spent hardly any time in, including all of Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Stratholme.

2. I still want to max out all the professions on my various toons, so that means playing all of my alts some time in the future to level them in order to level their various profs.

3. Jay, Robin, and my little project hasn't gotten off the ground yet (the one where we take on instances as a threesome); I'm hoping that we can get back to it some time soon. Yes, I've been most of the problem on this issue.

Those are the top three things that I'd like to do this year. I'm sort of in the same mode as I was at the end of Burning Crusade in that I'm hoping the next expansion is farther off than people are predicting. I'm not done with this one yet!

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Raid Screenies

The image on the left was VoA25; the one on the right is from OS10, no drakes.

I think I've arrived as a Shadow Priest. Yay on me!