Monday, February 27, 2017

Spinning Hills

The chart on the right explains the time on the left. I forgot to take my phone in with me, so there's no proof that I actually did this workout.

Although I stopped at 70 minutes, I wasn't out of breath or tired. I could have gone longer, but I also want to make sure to add mileage carefully so I won't hurt myself. I was intending to do just 6 hills, but I felt great after 4 and decided to add two more.

I spent about 20 minutes on the spin bike on Saturday before we did legs, but once again, no photo proof.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1100 Calories!!

I felt great after this ride! Once again, it was in the mid 60's and mostly sunny. There was about a 10 mph S wind, so that wasn't very fun. But I have no complaints!

Tomorrow is lifting again, and the forecast for Friday is still looking promising for another ride.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stickin' with the schedule

Chest, tri's, delts, and abs were all dealt with severely today. I also put cardio/ab exercises between sets. I included leg pull-ins, twists, crunches, knee lifts (straight), knee lifts (cross body), jump squats, and jumping jacks.

Then immediately after getting home, I headed out on a 1 mile walk with Denali and Meesha. Whew, time for a shower and bed!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Even better!!

Not only was it sunny; it was 1°F warmer!

I did the first 15 miles in 58:15 and then did a cooldown lap (1.5 miles). I was pushing myself at the end of the 15 miles to maintain my 15 mph average, but I made it with room to spare!

Tomorrow, I'm planning on lifting (chest, tri's, abs, and maybe some shoulders). Wed. should be another ride and Thu should be lifting (back, bi's, delts, abs). Fri is off, but Sat is supposed to be icky, so I might ride Friday and take Saturday off.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yesterday's complaint fixed

It was sunny! Almost the same temp with a slight breeze from the north. Overall it was absolutely gorgeous!

I did 4.5 miles with Charles and 4.5 miles without him.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Riding with Charles again

Charles rode with me for the first 10.5 miles (7 laps); our average was 14.22 mph. I did the last two laps by myself and averaged 15.8 mph.

In Charles' defense, he hasn't been riding or spinning since our last ride, so I knew he would be my boat anchor. I'm fine with that.

Overall, I was pleased with getting over an hour in the saddle as well as having the endurance to ride that long. I will try to increase my spinning time to push up my stamina and strength.

It was nearly perfect with 63°F temp and overcast. The only change I would have made would for it to be partly sunny, otherwise, it was very nice in shorts and t-shirt!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Spinning sprint spractice

Today was sprints. I didn't stand up. I established my pattern according to the trip mileage:

Miles 1-3 - Gear 12, maintain >80 rpm
Mile 4 - Gear 13, maintain >100 rpm
Mile 5-6 - Gear 12, maintain >80
Mile 7 - Gear 13, maintain >100 rpm
Miles 8-9 - Gear 12, maintain >80 rpm
Mile 10 - Gear 13, maintain >100 rpm
Mile 11-12 - Gear 12, maintain >80
Mile 13 - Gear 13, maintain >100 rpm
Mile 13.5 - Gear 14,  maintain >100 rpm
Mile 14-15 - Gear 12, maintain >80
Mile 16 - Gear 14, maintain >100 rpm
Miles 17-18 - Gear 12, maintain >80 rpm
Mile 19 - Gear 14, maintain >100 rpm
Mile 20-22 - Gear 12, maintain >80 rpm

I felt this was a good workout. I had sweat dripping off me, measured breathing but not ragged, and a nice elevated heart rate. It was also very good to see 400+ calories burned for my efforts.