Friday, February 29, 2008

And the loot gods smiled

I've been playing my poor neglected hunter more as of late. So, after work yesterday, Turion and Rysteranch made plans for Botanica. Turion has run it about a billion times in hopes of a shoulder drop (which had yet to drop). Rysteranch has never been in there, but has heard that Warp Splinter had two things he wanted: 1/2 of the Arcatraz key and the Beast Lord Chestpiece.

So, he rounds up a party (which turned out to be the same people from the other day in Bot that I didn't blog about) and off we go. I'm on a bit of a time limit after work, so we killed the first boss, skipped the 2nd and 3rd bosses and got to the 4th boss. I got put on adds, which turned out to be laughably easy. shoulder drop. Turion weeps quietly in the corner where he thinks I don't see him....

Off to Warp Splinter! We did the two AoE pulls, readied ourselves for the fight, and engaged! The first appearance of adds didn't go that well as they got off a heal on WS, but after that, I was oriented better and was able to DPS both the boss and catch the adds as they spawned. WS didn't get healed again, and we easily downed him.

And he dropped two blue items; neither of them looked like a chest piece and I was busy trying to kill the last set of adds. Then Turion spoke up..."Hey, there's your chest piece." (not even a HINT of envy in his voice, either). Wha?? Wooo Hoooo!!! "May I need?", I asked. I know, I know: Yes, I'm the only mail wearer in the group. And, Yes, it's hunter gear. And Yes, everyone knew that's why I was in here.

But, I asked anyways. Why? Out of respect and gratitude to the party. Sure, they wouldn't have thought twice if I had simply YOINKED it on a need roll, but I know how I feel when someone rolls need without notice. I didn't want others feeling that way about me. And, if someone had objections, I'm sure we could have talked about it. Even if I was denied the piece, for bad reasons, I would (hopefully) go along with the group's decision because I can get that item after a couple of hundred runs, but it takes a lot longer to get back the reputation loss of being a ninja.

Fast forward to Kara that evening. Daxenos is merrily healing away and adding some pathetic DPS, when suddenly (out of nowhere!) Attunmen goes down. And coughs up the healing gloves - the cloth ones even! I'm not sure if I let out a squeal or not...but I indicated that I would like to have them to replace the green "of the physician/prophet" gloves that I currently had. And I got them.

Now, looking back, I should have inspected the other priest before accepting them. See, the other priest is both the Raid Leader and Guild Master, and a darn fine one! He often will pass gear along to others rather than taking it for himself. When the healing cloak dropped off Prince, he actually tried to get us to roll on it rather than taking to replace his crappy blue. Thankfully, I had the insight to inspect him first so I could absolutely refuse to comply! I'm going to have to look him up on the armory to see if I messed up. I'm pretty sure my gloves were crappier than his, but I'd rather be sure sure.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Purple (PWNING) Poxers

I wrote up the whole night over at Pox Arcanum. So, I get to be lazy on this post! Go on over there and read it. shoo.../giggle.....SHOO! GET OUTTA HERE! BEGONE!!! You always have to make me yell, don't you.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Searching and finding

"why are there nuts in bowel movements"

The above search brought some poor soul to this website. I know you didn't find your answer here, but maybe you learned how you can heal through the "chunky peanutbutter" phase of your excrements.

Here's hoping....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS. The phrase is a BRK Worldwide Amalgamated copyrighted entity, but it's practice is encouraged and cheered by hunters WoW wide.

Last night in non-Heroic Steam Vaults, Rysteranch got a chance to show he can hang with the medium sized dogs and not noob it up. We had Turion, the Pally, on tanking duties, a pally healer, a warlock, a shadow priest, and yours truly. Oh, and PuddyTat, of course.

Let me say right now that I love me some Pally tankin' least Turion's version! "CC? No thanks, I'd rather take on all these mobs myself!" Which meant no chain trapping for the hunter! Woot on me! As an aside, I don't mind chain trapping - it's kinda fun, but it tends to detract from MQoSRDPS. I do believe that this is the first instance where my sole job was to burn down the current target. And that I did.

Turion promised me we'd be done in 45 minutes, and while I had my doubts, they were quickly dispelled. Pull, kill, pull, kill, pull, kill. There was just enough time between pull for Turion to mana up; it was very exciting. I was able to keep Aspect of the Viper up all the time AND had Might and Kings Blessings as well. Mana was not an issue; I always had plenty, even after a fight where I TRIED to empty my mana pool.

I was able to average in the high 400's to low 500's for DPS and spiked on a boss fight for over 700 DPS. I tried to do preemptive Feign Deaths when I passed 120% of Turion's threat, and at that, only drew aggro twice. Both times, I immediately Feigned Death, and Turion burned his taunt. They never touched me.

We did have one pull that didn't go as planned (adds from out of nowhere), but the team persevered through the fight, focused fire, and survived. In fact, we didn't have any deaths at all, so good job Pally healer!

In the end, I topped the Damage meter, got the Beast Lord leggings (not quite sure if it's an upgrade without the rest of the set), earned some rep, and got to witness an awesome display of tanking! Good job, Turion!

/sniff...sniff, It's so rewarding to see them all grown up and doing things on their own....Fly Turion!!! Fly!!! The student has become the master; all hail Tank Turion!

Monday, February 25, 2008

AH mogul

Over the weekend, Daxe made her presence known at the AH. As I've mentioned previously, I've never played the Auction House in order to flip items to make cash. That was a mistake.

It turns out, that my particular strategy is fairly lucrative! I focus on the very bottom of the market usually less than 20 silver. I made a fair amount of gold marking items up 30-40 silver, but I also had some creative ideas as well.

As most people know, the Deviate Scale Belt, and the pattern for it, are fairly scarce on the Alliance side. It's not because the quest isn't available, it's just that most Ally players forget about Wailing Caverns or don't know the quest for the pattern is for both factions. So, the item/pattern is priced pretty low on the Horde side and significantly higher on the Ally side. Enter the Neutral AH.

See, a level 10 Horde player has absolutely no problems getting to Booty Bay via Ratchet, and so, has access to the Neutral AH. I was able to buy 4 patterns on the Horde AH for 1 gold each and post them on the Neutral AH for 5 gold each. And all of them sold!

I also was able to buy the belt for 5 gold, and repost it on the Neutral for 15 gold. Easy money!

Another nice discovery I found is that people don't always check at what a vendor would give them before listing it on the AH. I've lost track of the things that I've bought out on the AH and turned right around and made gold (yes gold!) from selling it to a nearby vendor.

And, last, but not least, I admit that I gladly take advantage of people who miss post items. Case in point? I bought the [Ardent Defender] for 5 gold. BUYOUT! I'm sorry you missed the zero or put the number in the wrong box, buddy, but I'll be getting you your 5 gold and relisting it for 88 gold!

Friday, February 22, 2008

TJ gets Daxe uncensored

Alas, I fear I've scarred TJ for life now. See, one of my sicker senses of humor is to take something ordinary or common and blow it all out of proportion as awesome....and then exaggerate it from there, culminating in debasing myself and exalting the idea, thing, whatever far beyond any crazy, let alone sane, person would ever even think to go.

So, when TJ showed up on Anvilmar, after some validation (Hey! Thousands of people have some sort of motivation to impersonate TJ!), I invited her into the guild and proceeded to freak I mean, I made a big deal that TJ, Teh TJ, was not only part of our guild, but talking to me! I put a note on her name on the Guild roster that said, "TJ!!!" I went on and on about talking to a celebrity (like Jim Nabors!) and, it turns out, made her more and more uncomfortable....

So, once she had gotten her point through my thick head (namely, STOP DOING THAT!!), someone else logged on. And had a much milder, yet similar reaction. lol. So, poor TJ got virtually mobbed by us Pox People. Eventually, I think we all calmed down and had some sort of normal conversations.

Until part two of the scarring happened....We started talking about family and ages....I mentioned that I have two teenagers, and Wulfa (WULFA!!!) asked me how old I was! Well! /huff! After hemming and hawing, I told the guild I was 40, to which TJ (TJ!!!) replied that I was old enough to be her Dad!

Now, anyone who knows me, knows I can't let things like that go. I'm a very competitive person, and when someone zings me or one ups me, I'll just take it to the next level of silly. And so, I said, "Well, TJ, I've been meaning to tell you about the time I spent in [name of the state where she visited family recently]"

She said she didn't know what was more disturbing:

The fact that I was insinuating that I "boned" her mom. (her words)

or That I knew what state she grew up in. (it's right there in her blog...hee hee hee).

So, TJ, I just want you to know, I just said it all in fun (yeah I was a little excited that you're part of our little Guild), and I hope I didn't scare you off!


It begins.....

Turion's First Epic

Yes, that's right, Turion, the pally tank, got his first epic last night in Heroic Mech. Daxenos was brought in for the last boss and was hoping for Boots of the Pious. But, it was not to be...instead, there was a crappy tanking blade that dropped: [The Sun Eater]. Bah! stoopid swords!

Turion, on the other hand, was just about peeing his pants...../sigh, I guess I'll never understand the meat shields, but Gratz on him!

And, DA's main tank has yet to see this thing

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New macros

Playing a BE female...erm, priest, demands a whole new set of macros. And, so, while goofing around with my new Pox Arcanum guildies, I decided to write two of the many macros that I'll need in the future.

Macro name: Haha
Attempt 1:
Purpose: To /say the BE female laugh as well as trigger the sound.
The macro:
/s hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........ah ha ha ha.......ahhhhhhhhhh

So, I tried it out and was not pleased. Over half the time, the sound was cut out or short. This will not do!

Macro name: Haha
Attempt 2:
Purpose: To /say the BE female laugh as well as trigger the sound.
The macro:
/s hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........ah ha ha ha.......ahhhhhhhhhh

This worked much better! Every time I clicked it, if the sound was not playing, it played the sound as well as the /say. Good, I'll be using this a lot!

Macro name: Fort
Attempt 1
Purpose: To cast Power Word: Fortitude, show my castee how strong I am, and enourage Esprit de Corp.
The macro:
/cast Power Word: Fortitude

This macro worked just as I intended, so no tweaks were necessary. I can't wait until I can use my "We've got Spirit" macro when I hit 70; Dax and Daxie absolutely love it! And I'm sure they're going to try to steal my sweet macros for their EVIL purposes....I hate the Alliance! /huff

Hodge Podge

Last night was a bust for the Purple Poxers; unfortunately, one of our team's Internet connection decided to crap out on them, so they weren't able to log on. I'm still hoping that we can get together as a team some time this week.

We did, however, incorporate the guild: Pox Arcanum. It was pretty cool getting everyone together with tabards and taking a screen shot. There was a lot of /silly(ing) and /flirt(ing) going on, as well as /gasp(s) and /slap(s) thrown in for good measure. I got to help some (now) guildies out of their clothes....and into my Signature series. Many thanks to Madja (Ess) for coming up with my store name: Daxe Fifth Avenue.

I'll only be carrying the highest quality cloth items, of course, designer bags, and those special sparklies that make even the manliest Orc go "oooooooo, shiney".

On the plus side, I've started my AH flippin' career. I'm starting simple, buyouts around 10-15 silver that I can turn around for 50 silver, but I did find a SCREAMIN' deal! The [Face Smasher] (sorry no link at work) was listed for 81 silver!! Auctioneer said that it usually goes for 25 gold buy out! So, I snagged it and listed for 19 gold bid/25 gold buyout. Even if it doesn't sell, I'm sure I can get at least 5-10 gold out of it.

In other AH news, I found a pretty healing necklace for a lvl 62, for 2 gold. The VENDOR sale price was over 3 gold. So I bought it and vendored it for a quick gold, but after thinking about it, I figured I'd list it for 6 gold/8 gold and see who bit. Later on that evening, I checked, and I had a bidder! So, I'll get at least a 4 gold profit from it. Yay me!

My Oily Blackmouth continue to sell well. I plan on fishing up more of them this weekend on both of the servers I play on. It turns out that there is a bit of a shortage on Baelgun (alliance side) and Daxe, the NE druid, was able to sell a stack for 4 gold!

Speaking of fishing, Daxenos finally fished up the Weather Beaten Journal. He still had a whole lot of trunks that he'd fished up when he found it, so he sent them to Daxe the NE Druid. Then, she started opening them and found the Journal on the fifth box!! So, she sent the rest to Daxie! Daxie started opening them, and, bingo! there it is! So, SHE sent the remainder of the boxes to Rysteranch, who needs to work on his fishing first. All, in all, a good night on the fishing front!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Discovery

Too often in the world of MMORPG's, the first three letters get all the attention, while the last three are often forgotten. I mean, other than you RP server people out there, who actually acts (ingame) like their character would act? I sure don't. Well, haven't anyways, until this last weekend.

Please indulge me in my description of what a female Blood Elf might be like. My concept of the fBE is they are very much like the public image of Paris Hilton or a Brittney Spears.

Vain? Check!
Self-centered? Check!
Cruel? Oh yeah!
Attractive? Without a doubt!
Attention hogs? Yup!
Narcissistic? Their picture is in the Wikipedia definition, for cryin' out loud!

Ok, with that picture in mind, I decided to entertain myself while fishing in Orgrimmar. Now playing a female, especially a BE, usually garners a fair share of whistles, flirts, and sometimes even whispers. It was one of those whispers that brought out my inner

I can't even remember what the other player said, but my response was to....erm...lead him on. I think I referenced something adultish and told him he'd have to be older to understand. His reply was that he was 34....yeah, right! So, on that basis, I decided to see how hot and bothered I could get this guy; I mean, that's the normal response of a BE female!

I had gone out of his sight (I was fishing in the Valley of Honor) when he asked where I was. So, I proceeded to toy with him about how sexy he was and that I'd love for him to find me. He enlisted a friend's help, so I got to whisper BOTH of them sweet nothings, while avoiding telling them where I was. Yes, hide and seek, FTW!! They tried a tricky move (inviting me to a group) and begged me to tell them or give them a clue. Of course, I had stripped down and was just wearing my bikini...and told them so.....

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... ah ha ha ha.......ahhhhhhhhh

Yeah, I laughed a lot! Madja was in on the joke and just kept shaking her head, I'm sure. So, when they finally found me, I hugged them and waved. And then, after a minute or so, I /said "WHAT THE???" I proceeded to tell them that I was AFK and my son must have been leading them on (all of this said out loud for Madja and Salindiar's amusement). I ended with, "I'm a 40 year old man, you don't want any of this!!" To which the three of us Poxers burst out laughing in the poxic channel. LOL!!!! Oh, man, it was priceless!

The next day, the same two guys started whispering me, and I got to toy with them a bit more! Oh, what fun!!


(Sorry for the multiple edits; I'm not sure how feed readers work, but I assume you get all of my other versions...whoops.)

Many of the things that I'll be posting about, regarding The Experiment, are the simple discoveries that I make due to the limit on leveling that's self imposed on our group. In short, I've found new enjoyable activities for low level characters.

Once the leveling process/pressure is removed from the game, I felt free to look at other aspects of the game that I've previously disdained or avoided due to my perception of it as a waste of time. Fishing was one of those activities.

But when you are faced with the option of killing lvl 4 or below mobs for cash/items OR leveling a secondary profession (and, it turns out, a primary one), I'll take the latter. It feels less like grinding if I'm getting something out of it, even if it's only fishing skill....

So, without further ado, allow me to sing the praises of fishing...

1. Cooking. This is the most obvious benefit to catching large quantities of fish. Not only do you have the mats readily at hand, but also, the cooked fish heal more and sell for more (in most cases).

2. Alchemy fish. Yes, in my time in The Barrens, I only found Oily Blackmouth pools, but those fish are selling at a nice price on the AH. I sold a stack of 20 for 3.50 G. Oh yeah!! Gimme dat fishin' pole!!

3. Floating Debris pools. There's no telling what you can fish up from these pools. Strangle kelp, Rumsey Rum Light, and Tightly Sealed Trunks. The first two are nice to see, but the last one is pure GOLD!!! Yes, you get some coppers (sometimes that's the only thing), but usually, there are at least one of the following:
Bolts of linen
Bolts of Wool
Light leather
Medium leather
Mana pots
Lesser healing pots
Green quality items
and last, but certainly not least - Weather Beaten Journal.

Yes, I got ALL, (ALL!!!!) of those items from Tightly Sealed Trunks. I almost wet myself when I saw the Weather Beaten Journal drop! For those of you who may not know what that is, the Weather Beaten Journal allows you to track fishing pools as little yellow dots on the minimap. The skill works just like Track Minerals or Track Herbs.

4. Tailoring/Leatherworking. Of course, with the mats listed above, it's easy to see how one can work on a primary profession without killing anything for xp. A conservative estimate is that of the items I've created via tailoring, at least 40% of the bolts have come from fishing, if not more. And all of the wool items have come from fishing (four 8 slot bags).

So, it turns out that I've either found a minigame or created a minigame in WoW. It's called Find the Fishing Node! Of course, by the time I found the journal, I'd already memorized where the pool spawns were up and down the coast by Ratchet, but I can already see a time in the future when this skill will be paying some nice dividends. In fact, I have Daxenos out fishing now! He whines and cries about it, but I know he'll be happy once he gets HIS

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Experiment

Wow, it's been an interesting weekend! Playing WoW without leveling!! Of course, the Experiment is not meant to be the anti-leveling project (just the anti-PuG).

So, what does one do when one is broke and can't earn xp from kills? I found a couple of activities that would allow me to play and not contribute to my leveling. I also discovered that there is a certain activity that I used to loathe....that now I really like....

So, yes, Daxe the BE is lvl 10 and waiting for Wed. night so she can group up with Madja (Ess), Salindiar (Mr. Ess), Waradwenne (Waradwen), and Harisan (Nasirah) AKA The Purple Poxers! I think she leveled to 10 on Friday, so that left the rest of the weekend to ....make money?

I needed cash, and I needed to level cooking, so I turned to .... Fishing! Now, I have not liked fishing for a while, but I am able to push through something I don't like in order to get something I want. And I wanted 150 cooking and cash (vending the fish yields a small amount of money). So, off to Orgrimmar to work on this most hated skill.

I easily got my skill up to 150 for both fishing and cooking sometime on Friday or Saturday. But that's not important, what is important, is that I found a way for a low level character to rake in the cash! Think Floating Debris. See, for a lvl 10 toon, it's fairly easy to get to Ratchet. And Ratchet is a safe place to fish for Oily Blackmouths and Tightly Sealed [boxes] or something like that. On Anvilmar, the fish go for a pretty penny, and the boxes contain money, cloth bolts, leather, and the occasional green quality item! So, once I started getting those, I knew my money problems were solved!

I'll be posting some of my discoveries later on, but for now, I have the day off, so WoW is calling!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Grand Experiment

It's amazing how quickly things come together sometimes. Our blogging experiment has taken flight! I've linked the involved parties on a new side bar; go ahead and read their blogs and accounts of Daxe the LEWT NINJA!!

Uh, yeah.

Anyway. I created a BE Holy Priest named Daxe on Anvilmar server. I'm looking forward to getting her to 10 (she's at 5 now) and hooking up with the rest of the team!

Go Team Purple Poxers!!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Alt?? What, are you crazy???

So, Ess over at Outland Bound has proposed an interesting idea that I've touched on before. And that is the idea of getting 5 people together, rolling new toons on a server that none of them have toons on, and leveling as a group.

So far, she's rounded up 7 of us that are interested and has expanded the idea to two groups so that we have a Kara premade...(LOL!!). Yes, I suggested that.../sheepish. So, early discussion has determined:

Faction: Horde
Server: Normal (PvE)

That's it for now. We'd try to get together once a week for questing/instancing/fun and hopefully would be able to get our own guild together for the group. I've linked her blog in my More Interesting Blogs list, so if you're interested, give her a shout.

Daxie does Steamvaults

Yup, after dinner, and due to inclement weather - no Kara, Daxie teamed up with the recently respec'd Prot Pally Turion and 3 DPSers. Well, 2 DPSers and a holy pally with a 2

There were only a couple of times that Daxie got behind on healing, and the only deaths that occurred were on our one wipe due to fears into other mobs. I take responsibility for that because for some reason, Decursive was not compatible - not outdated, incompatible! /sigh. I couldn't click fast enough to dispell the fear in time.

On the upside, Daxie got a nice healing staff off the second boss and.....The Battlecast Hood recipe off the last boss!!! She was VERY excited! Links to guildchat brought cries of envy from the other tailors in our guild...haha.

So, after hitting revered with Cenarian Expedition, I was so happy to buy my Watcher's Cowl. So, why didn't I? I had to blow 120 Gold gemming out my quest reward from Steamvaults!!

Only to find out later, that the 10 Gold Watcher's Cowl is better..../facepalm!!! Dang it! /sigh, time to do some more questing for money.

A little sunshine

Lately, I've been playing Daxenos a lot. Between running Heroics, mining Addy for Daxie to prospect, and getting some rep ground, Dax has definitely been getting his share of sunshine.

Well, yesterday, Rysteranch and Daxie finally were finally able to get their RDA of Vitamin D. Both of them went to Steamvaults and both of them hit revered with Cenarian Expedition.

First up was Ryst, with a PuG. Now, lately, I've been doing PuGs more often just because I want to get Daxie geared up. So when I saw the LF1M DPS call in trade chat, I hemmed....I hawed....I finally whispered that I'd go. I was the last person, so I hurried up and boogied to the instance.

I was the only CC. Doh! Shammy, shammy, priest, druid, hunter. Double Doh! Three mail wearers. Ok, np. I'll still get rep.

Long story/short, I never accidentally broke my own trap during the entire run!! This is a major accomplishment for successful chain trapping. I did have a couple resisted and had to tank the mob while I threw another trap down. But the group had some Uber DPS, so I only had to chain 3 traps together one time. All the other times, 2 traps were all that were needed.

I ended up third on the DPS list (thankfully I was above the tank), which didn't bother me because of the chain trapping. What I did like was the fact that I wasn't very far out of second; I don't know if PuddyTat's DPS was included with mine or separate (I didn't check my own damage I usually missed out on killing the skull due to the chain trapping, but I made up for it by nuking the next couple of mobs.

So, I didn't totally noob it up. I got revered with Cenarian Expedition. I got to *roll* on the Beast Lord Pauldrons (and lost...booohoooohoooo). And got to see SV all the way through.

And, yes, I turned in the quest for my spiffy new hat, flew down to the quartermaster and picked up my Glyph of Ferocity and my new arrows. Yay on me!!

Daxie is going to be on another post....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well, Duh!

I think there comes a time in every blogger named DaxenosDaxieRysteranch's life when he realizes that all he writes about is crap. Updates on my personal journey through WoW, struggles in my personal life relating to Wow, and musings on various subjects all start sounding the same.

So, what the hell am I writing this for? I mean, there are days that I just don't want to post (and I don't, lol) and other days where I feel like it's the same old same old. It's not as though I have a lack of things to post (Dax has been mining his brains out); it's just that what I've been up to is nothing to write (home) about.

Of course, I am taking two classes, which has cut into my posting time, and for some odd reason, work is picking up. But I'd be foolin' myself if I didn't recognize that I'm having motivation issues as well.

Bah! I'll never be an Ego or Kirk. Theorycrafting and even instructional healing are far beyond the scope I want to be responsible So, maybe I'll just keep plugging along and document, for myself, my progress, journey, struggles, and triumphs.

So, sorry about the downer post. Sometimes it just feels better to write issues down and share them. Then wad up the paper and set it on fire. Excuse me while I set my CPU ablaze....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend wrap up

And what a weekend it was! The Jack Booted Porter was quality tested and, BLAM!!!! ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO DA HEAD!!! It ROCKED!!!!

I really need to do a better job of managing my WoW time. I drew some serious aggro Friday night when I agreed to heal Shadow Labs while we had company. The guy said, "Sure, go ahead, I'll watch." After the first boss, though, my wife was insistent on playing a game. Ooooo, bad form leaving in the middle of the instance. /shame.

And, did I learn from that? No. I agreed to heal SL again on Sunday, but didn't look to see what time it was. After taking a short break to make some marinate for dinner, I began to realize that I wouldn't even have time to finish the 2nd boss. /facepalm. /much groveling and apologizing for bailing.

And Saturday, I wasn't meaning to, but I ended up playing the entire day. The. Whole. Day. That didn't help much on the aggrometer.

On the plus side, Dax went to his first Heroic instance. He ran heroic Mech twice over the weekend. And, he went to Gruul's for the first time ever. DA and The Bar teamed up on Saturday night to take down the High King and Gruul! DA got the T4 shoulder and leggings tokens for warrior/druid/priest.

The shoulders dropped first and after some discussion by the officers, all eligible were told to roll. And. I. Won.

The tank's immediate reaction was an explitive and seemed very upset. So, before I got the token, I said to give it to him. I looked at my PMC shoulders and didn't want to break the set. Afterwards, I knew I did the right thing, because we need to follow the "Gear the tank first" philosophy.

A druid won the leggings, and after some hemming and hawing, gave it up to the MT as well. Needless to say, our MT was very happy and went out right away to socket and enchant his new toys. Gratz on him!!

Later that night, a guildie was a PuG for a Serpentshrine Caverns group and put the call out for an additional DPS or healer for Tidewalker. I immediately replied for heals and waited around for an hour or so while they cleared trash.

When I finally got in, I was put on "Watery Graves" detail and was told to heal anyone that ended up in one of my two assigned watery graves. At first I tried to use Healbot for this, but later on found it was easier to position myself where I could see both graves, as well as the MT. I would then click on the person in the watery grave and cast Greater Heal. I frisbee'd the MT and tried to keep an Renew on him as well (the third try, anyways). We ended up wiping a lot and never did down him.

BUT, Dax hit the big time!!! So, when we finally get there, I'll have a bit of experience with this particular fight.