Monday, November 30, 2009

A new post


So, Thanksgiving went great. It was small with just my mother-in-law, her husband, and my son & girlfriend having dinner with the three of us.

Jay sucks because he started a toon on a new server and dragged me into his mess. I did about 12 levels on my newest alt - a night elf druid - before realizing that I hated being broke and having crappy gear. The broke problem was solved by picking up Herbalism and Skinning; the crappy gear part was going to take longer. That coupled with the thought of doing the Darkshore quests once again sent me back to Andorhal and my little Tauren Druid. Sorry, Jay.

After my little adventure over with Jay, I have come to realize something: I hate the Alliance. Right now, anyways. Their air of superiority, their feminine voices, their irritating laughs. Hate, hate, hate. So, I started throwing their greetings/farewells back in their faces in a real nasty voice: "No, goddess be with YOU! (stupid scumbag)." Maybe this PvP thing is having an affect on me...

Speaking of my newer alt, Daxenos the Druid is up to 24 now. This is the highest that I've ever gotten a Druid, so yay on me! I soloed RFC at 20; I completed all of the quests except the book quest, which I forgot to pick up. I also died on the last guy, but I killed him before I died, so I got credit for him. His loot table had absolutely nothing that I could use, so I didn't go back to loot the body.

I picked up Herbalism and Alchemy, and once again, I gained huge amounts of skill points from Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snappers. Fishing, FTW!

I just peaked at 10,000 gold across my toons on Andorhal. So, I dinged 38 on Daxynn, picked up all her new PvP gear, and bought some enchants. I also spent some cash on Daxenos for the Feet of the Lynx. All told, I spent about 1k gold. Already, I'm back up to around 9,200; hey, what good is having a billion gold if you don't spend it sometime!

Not really sure what I think about the Druid Kitty form after playing a Rogue. Of course, it doesn't compare as I only have a couple of moves, but so far, it feels like Rogue-lite. No sapping, no evasion, no dual wield (/cry). I just got my Ambush equivalent, so at least I can do that. Hopefully, I'll be getting more equivalents here soon.

Well, the MRI just broke, g2g...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Yeah, everyone(on my currently played server Andorhal) but Daxea has done their Cooking grind.
For the record, I wasn't going to do squat with this new holiday until Jay pointed out the huge benefit, so I'm pinning my obsession on him. /pin

I have three toons that are sharing my Heirloom gear - a rogue, a hunter, and a druid. The druid currently has one dagger, the chest, and the shoulders; the rogue and hunter are sharing the other dagger and the bow. Of course, if (strike that, when) I play either the rogue or hunter with any intent on engaging in combat, I'll be mailing all the items to them.

This morning I weighed in at 190.8 lbs; unfortunately, one of the interns brought in chocolate chip cookies today. Let's just say that I've started my Thanksgiving eating early....

My wife and I started our six weeks to 100 push ups program. I was an idiot and did 15 in the initial test, which places me in the third column. Why didn't I sandbag like I always do at work??? /sigh. I really need to think about this competitive side of me and getting it under control.

On Monday, I ended up doing 47 pushups in 5 sets. Tonight I'll be doing at least 50. Meanwhile, my wife got off easy on Monday with only 12, and they were GIRL pushups at that! Yeah, don't talk to me about equality of the sexes!

My favorite knock knock joke:
Knock, Knock
Who's there?

I got mentioned on Kapau's 50 best WoW blogs! It looks like he sells stuff on his site, but what the hey, here's the link:

What do you call a walking stick made out of dried grapes? Raisin Cane.

I had Chicken Korma for lunch today. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, I made it Monday night. No, you can't have any.

It looks like the guild I joined has had some...uh...members leave(SOMEBODY STOP THE BLEEDING!!!). Several of the toons belonged to someone that I've mentioned on this post (no, not me). It looks like Deviant couldn't sustain the people willing to raid, and a lot of the officers/gm's haven't logged on in several days, so.../shrug, I know I ain't gonna step up and raid...

My co-worker, Lonnie, is starting a blog. As soon as he makes his first post, I'm going to run over there and comment on it: FIRST! I may link to it after I get in the virgin comment.

One of our interns (not the evil cookie bringer iner) has his mom and his brother in town and made the very poor choice to bring them in to work. Upon learning this (and before they arrived) I offered to punch the brother in his face; the intern declined the magnaminous proposal but reserved the right to pick it up in the future.

So, the family bringer iner intern's family ended up bringing in brownies. These interns are all the same: EVIL!

One more note about this particular intern, he introduced me to his brother, but didn't introduce me to his mom. Two things I wonder: "Why?" and "Does the fact that I insinuated that his mom and our boss are talking about his 'special' diet have anything to do with it?"

I'll be working Friday...well, 'working' is such a strong word...more like, I'll be sitting on my butt at my place of employment surfing the internet all day (all the clinics are closed, MRI is closed, surgery is closed = nothing to do). Ok, so I do that most days...I'll be doing more of it on Friday! Your tax dollars at...erm, work.

Monday, November 23, 2009


With the advent of a new holiday event comes some exciting activities, namely, being able to level Cooking from 1-300 all from buying vendor items. Now, there are some people who are crying about the nerf and how easy it is for the newbies. Whaaaaaa!

I've leveled Cooking on at least 4 (probably 8)toons past 300, and, frankly, it sucks. Especially getting the 285 - 300 part done without Fishing - Silithus anyone? And before the addition of the Bear Kabobs, it was agonizing leveling the mid 200's as well!

So, I am a big fan of anything that helps out leveling Cooking (when's the First Aid holiday?). I try to level cooking on all my toons as I'm leveling them, but usually, I end up grinding out some gray mobs because I either didn't get the meat to drop as I was leveling or just didn't kill the right type of animals for leveling it. Or I didn't find the right recipes. Or I forgot. Yeah especially that one.

The "Build a Fire" to level cooking was really nice since it doesn't require any mats to build a fire now, but that only lasted until about level 60-80 or so. And let's just face it, if I'm given a super easy way to level a trade skill, I'm going to take it. Period.

So, Daxen got her Cooking to 300, and my new druid Daxenos (what? WHAT???? I'm not allowed to make an alt?? It's not like I have a problem or anything....I can quit any time I want to; I just don't want to!) is level 6 and has his Cooking up past 200 already. I plan on getting Daxynn, Daxjin, and Daxea's Cooking up there as well. I don't think I'll log onto my other servers to level it, but I may.

And finally, I did log onto all my toons to pick up my Onyxia Whelpling for each of them. Yeah, I'm that nerdy....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

/snort! whaaa?


oh. *rubs eyes* Is it time to wake up already? /sigh.

Last night... or was it this morning.../shrug, anyways, some time in the last 24 hours, Daxen hit 22. When she turned twenty, I bought her mount, sent her Daxynn's twinked Heirloom items, and started focusing on leveling her.

I just meant to get her to 20 so she could get the next level in Leatherworking, but I've been enjoying playing a hunter again and just wanted to putz around (she /gquit yesterday morning) without being bothered.

So, now, I'm looking at mailing the gear back and forth between the two toons.

What did I do? I did SFK in a PuG. We steamrollered it even with me running out of arrows for a bit (which is the only reason I didn't top the damage meter). I picked up a nice cloak for my efforts as well as a whole level.

I solo'd RFC. Yeah, at twenty one, it's not such a big deal, but some of the mobs were still green to me. I completed all the quests save one, which I'm kinda kicking myself about now. So, I may have to get back in there.

Jay and I are looking at duoing WC. He has a level 21 druid as well as a level appropriate hunter, I believe, so tonight or tomorrow we'll give that a go. I'm thinking that I'll pick up a Tenacity pet for it.

I'm going to let you all in on a long time dream that I've had that I've never been able to realize: I want at least one of my Blood Elves to have a Raptor mount. There...I said it. Go ahead and ridicule me...belittle me...make fun of me. The stupid bird mount is....stupid.

...a guy's gotta have dreams, ya know....

So, anyways, I'll be doing all the low level quests in Durotar with Daxen to earn that Troll rep. Why does the coolest mount have to be the hardest faction to earn rep with? /sigh.

I did something like this with Nitrodax (don't ask), my BS/Ench hunter. She's a Draenai who earned enough rep by level 40 (when mounts were originally awarded...) to get herself a Darnasty Kitty Cat. rawr! Of course the equivalent of what I'm attempting is for her to have done Gnome rep for the Battle Chicken of Doom mount. w/e.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, that was short

Ok, one night of the achievement group was the only night, it turns out. The group has moved its focus to raiding and really wanted me to come along.

Here's my issue: I don't want to raid; everyone else (it seems) sees Heroics as a stepping stone to raiding. I just like Heroics. Now, of course, I'm going to get the gear upgrades that badges offer - I still want to improve my equipment, I just don't want to do it through raiding.

And I'm not totally against raiding; I just don't want to do it every week or even every month. And I just don't want the commitment/guilt/time sink that comes along with it. I know it's not hard to understand, but for some reason, I think people have a hard time

What I need is a new secret toon; I forgot to leave one of my toons out of the guild....doh! Ok, well, one of them is outside of the guild, but it's my bank toon. I suppose I could just sneak /gquit early in the morning with one of the toons I'd like to play intermittently. /shrug, don't want to cause any drama. Of course, being a guildless toon comes with disadvantages as well...

Now, if I decide to bring over my enchanter/blacksmith (a level 70 hunter), then I could leave her unguilded or at least throw her in a non-raiding nor want to raid guild. meh, I've thrown too much thought into this already, I think...

Tonight, we dine at Mitchell's, so I could really care less what's going on in Azeroth! muhuhuhahahahahaha!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sometimes the PuGs are good.

Last night, Daxie fell in with what seems to be a somewhat static group. She answered a call in /trade for a healer for HToC and the daily.

The HToC went pretty well - no deaths, and the daily, HNexus, went equally well. On the third boss, the hunter suggested that we go for the achievement "Chaos Theory". He had a strat, articulated it well, and we executed it. Boom, got the achieve.

After the instance, we hearthed, took a bio break, and then headed off to AN and OK. In the mean time, I got to talking with the hunter and found out he and his friends were all about "Gettin' [stuff] done!" They were pushin' hard to get the "Glory of the Hero" achievement and wanted me to git 'er done with them. Woot!

So, we did "Watch Him Die", "Hadronox Denied", and "Gotta Go" (which Daxie already had). Then we zoned into Old Kingdom and did "Respect Your Elders", "The Party's Over", "Volunteer Work" (even though we all had it), and "Volazj's Quick Demise" (unfortunately, I released and ran back, so I didn't get the achieve).

I'm pretty excited about the prospect of ticking off all of the Heroic achievements; the red proto drake mount is just a bonus (personally, I think they're ugly...). I'm just happy to be doing something that is challenging, with a group that's pretty good and is not a raid.

Maybe I'm ADD or something, but I prefer the 5 man instances to the raids. They're short, there's usually not a lot of AFK's, and they're easy....ish. Of course, if we were just pounding through them for badges, that'd get old quick, so it's good that we're challenging ourselves with the achieves.

What's interesting is that my current guild doesn't seem to be too interested in running Heroics. They're interested in running 10 man raids, but getting even a daily Heroic group together is, at times, difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the guild 'cause I'm a big believer in people doing what they want to do in-game without feeling forced or compelled to group up for whatever. That's one of the reasons I won't be a regular raider and will only come to raids sporatically. I don't want the committment or guilt associated with raiding.

As an aside, I do have to give a shout out to Jay for getting Daxie "The Incredible Hulk" achievement a couple of weeks ago and for the guildies that took me to AQ20 and got me into the BT group, so it's not like I haven't been picking achievements up with my guild. Although, I must say this PuG group is intensely focused on getting them, and I find that my interest has perked up in this area...for now.

As a result from the badge farming, Daxie picked up her Triumph badge shoulders and the Valor badge boots. I've got my eye on the ring for my next Triumph badge purchase and the T9 legs for my next Conquest badge buy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm in ur bg's, killin' da noobs

Daxynn passed the 5K kills mark yesterday. I think her total is more than all my other toons' kills combined.

I got stunlocked by another rogue with my trinket on cooldown. I died.

Daxie went to Naxx10 last night with a tank that had almost 50K health, raid buffed. I could have almost single healed the raid and did for a little while.

Daxie is also one Triumph badge away from replacing her blue shoulders. FINALLY!

Daxie also went to Ulduar10 on Tuesday night; the team downed the first 5 bosses, one of which was kind enough to drop a healing belt that was an upgrade.

Either someone is leveling Tailoring and flooded the market with Netherweave Bags or one of the major players is trying to drive out the competition. The market price has dropped below 16 gold...during the week! I'll wait it out and see if the price recovers or if I need to start dumping my bags.

A side note, I raided with one of the major players in the Netherweave Bag market; he is the person who has set the price (IMO) rediculously high (21-24 gold each). I usually set my price at 16-17 gold each with limited (4) listings. I sort of held out a carrot for him to continue doing what he's doing by saying that I had brought a bunch over with me when I transferred (which I did). My hope is that he infers that I have a limited supply.

What I didn't say was that I was intending on making more....Ah, the PvP Auction House I'm in ur head, messin' with ur brain!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blah blah blah

Did some BG's, pwned some noobs, blah blah blah.

Checked out AQ20 and Black Temple, got the achieves, blah blah blah.

Found some relatively cheap Netherweave Cloth, made some bags, blah blah blah.

Actually worked today, got some Preventative Maintenance done, blah blah blah.

Had Corned Beef and Sauerkraut for dinner last night, had it again today for lunch, fart fart fart.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thoughts on the weekend

I bought dual spec for Daxie and made up a Shadow spec. I DPS'd a Nexus run and managed to do 1500 dps. I don't really like doing damage as a priest, but it does expand the number of groups I can join. I'd rather just heal.

My Battlegrounds experience is going a bit better on Daxynn. I've done pretty much the same thing for every Arathi Basin battle: Guard the Blacksmith. For the millions of my readers who have never played AB, the BS is in the middle of the map with the other four nodes to the north, south, east, and west.

Guarding the BS is hands down the best spot to gather up Honor; I collected honorable kills from each of the other nodes (even dinged the Arathi Assassin achievement - 5 honorable kills at each node). I should have screenshotted it, but one game I had 6 killing blows, 0 deaths, and over 75 Honorable kills - all while defending the Blacksmith.

The Stables have to be closer to the Alliance starting gate than the Farm is to the Horde starting gate. I have never been in a game where the Farm gets tagged by the Horde before the Alliance gets to the Stables. Never.

Despite having a very slight disadvantage in the map, the Horde almost always wins AB in our battlegroup at our bracket (3X). I'm not sure why we win, but I'm sure that it's related to at least a couple of us willing to guard nodes instead of roaming around engaging the enemy. Of course, not too many of us guard nodes - I watched the Alliance try to turtle two nodes (4-5 defenders at each)...unfortunately for them, we had three nodes capped, so we just had to wait them out.

I joined a guild last week - Jay and Robin had joined, so I figured I'd go along with them. I was going to wait a bit before adding all my alts to make sure the guild was a good fit and (prematurely?) decided on Friday that I'd take the plunge and go all in. Then, I saw today that Robin left sometime yesterday. Don't know why yet - probably something to do with raiding or lack thereof. There doesn't seem to be more than 5 or 6 on at a time in the guild, so even putting together Heroics is sometimes a bit of a stretch; Daxie has been pugging all of her Heroics.

I finally bought the Heirloom bow and didn't have to convert any Triumph badges. Also, Daxie is not getting a new hat; she'll be grabbing some shoulders with 45 Triumph badges. Only 9 more to go....

I have never completed the Eye of Eternity raid on any of my characters; over the weekend, I went as heals on Daxie and made it to phase three with the drakes. I got totally disoriented on both attempts and died fairly early as I didn't stay stacked up on the group. I don't know if I'll ever complete that raid for the "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title.

I'm approaching the end of my supply of Netherweave bags, and the availability of Netherweave cloth is slim and none, so I'm thinking that I'll have to find another way of making money on this server.

When I'm waiting for the BG's to pop on Daxynn, I've been working my way through the low level areas on Kalimdor. I'd really like to get a raptor mount for my rogue, which means doing lots of Darkspear Troll quests. I'll probably not make it before I hit 40, but it gives me something to do while waiting for battles.

That's about it. I am thinking of ponying up $55 to transfer another toon (my enchanter), but I'm not sure if I will.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Musings

Of all the subjects that I've covered under this title, my military applications of marine and domesticated lifeforms has drawn the most attention and feedback, so I wanted to update everyone on some of the more interesting developments.

As everyone knows by now, I have a puppy that's rapidly becoming a dog which is evidenced by her larger size, her recent surgery for da snip snip, and her wearing shorter skirts and makeup.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I mentioned somewhere that I was outfitting Denali with rocket launchers, but because she's still growing, I had suspended the project until she could handle the weight of the weapons.

Well, it's been a good two weeks since then and....she's still not noticeably larger. And that despite all of the growth hormones, steroids, and dog food that I've been feeding her.

It was then that I suspected that I might have bought a lemon (Indiana has laws protecting against Lemon Dogs - Apple Cats are still legal...for now), so I looked at the paperwork provided by the Continental Kennel Club....and was shocked!

Turns out that Denali is an American Eskimo Miniature (emphasis mine)! You could have knocked me over with a backhoe! I had to sit down in order to take in the sheer magnitude of this revelation.

I mean....I had been looking at my puppy as a mere beast of burden when in reality, she is a super tactical genius as applied to Miniature war games!!! That's like having an Albert Einstein and asking him to carry your books. It's like having a J.R.R. Tolkien and trying to get him to carry your books. I might as well try to make a Peyton Manning, Jimmie Johnson, or Tiger Woods carry my books. I mean, sure they're all capable of carrying my books, but is that the best thing that I can use them for? Ok, in Albert's case, maybe, but only because he's dead. Oh, Tolkien too. And they wouldn't be useful for carrying them, more like...holding them.

Anyways, once I realized that I had a being that was bred for (BRED!!! AS IN BREEDING!!! AS IN NON-ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION!!!!) tactical pwnage, I started changing my approach with my new found genius.

Unfortunately, I've had mixed results. I first tried a fairly simple game called Kingmaker. I'm sure that it was mere child's play for my brilliant pup, and I attribute that to her distinct lack of interest.

I figured I'd try a more advanced game: Axis and Allies: Pacific. At least with this game, Denali show some interest in eating the Yamato and the Missouri. I'm sure she was expressing her displeasure at the simple scenarios that don't even touch a portion of her huge intellect. /sigh.

I've tried computer sim games, XBox and Wii games (her lack of opposable thumbs hindered her complete domination in Left for Dead - I still lost, but it was only by 2.3 million). So, anyways, I'm at a bit of an impasse as I'm not really sure how to best use Denali's inherent gifts in the realm of strategy.

I will persevere, however. I mean, why would someone make a special breed of miniatures dogs if they aren't meant to be used? I'm hoping that it isn't just a leftover, obsolete breed like the Dodo Blood Hounds....

Some days you're the windshield...

...and other days, you're the bug.

Last night, I was the bug. I couldn't win a WSG to save my life, and, to boot, I was getting smashed left and right by just about everyone. Poor Jay could only stomach one battle before declaring that he was going to wait a few more levels before engaging in the BG's again.

One bright spot was I did win an AB game, so I wasn't totally demoralized. In that particular battle, I took down a level 36 mage all by my lonesome (still at level 31). He must not have liked the experience, 'cause i didn't see him the rest of the battle.

On the other hand, in the one WSG that Jay and I played together, we ran up against a level 39 hunter that took us both on...and beat us silly. It was rediculous how bad he smoked us both at the same time. He could really play his class well! /salute.

And last night I also collected up a total of 65 Conquest and Triumph badges to buy the Heirloom bow. I stood at the money changer to convert my Triumph badges....and couldn't do it. I just couldn't give up all that work (and the very nice gear) to further boost my rogue. Opportunity Cost defined.

So, I'll wait until I have 65 Conquest badges or 325 Stone Keepers shards and save the Triumph badges for a new hat for Daxie.

My father-in-law and his wife arrive for a visit today, so I'm not sure how much play time I'll have this weekend. Hopefully, I have at least a little; Daxynn is just a few hundred XP away from 32.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Title goes here

Last night, I got in a fair amount of WoW.

Daxie healed three Heroics and collected a number of badges and Stone thingys. I'm not sure what my badge count is up to, but I'm starting to be hesitant about using my Triumph badges for the Heirloom bow. I'm kind of torn anyways because the Stone thingys will get me the gun, which is better for PvP, but I like the Role Playing aspect of my rogue wielding a bow.

And to top it off, I'll probably have enough badges to get the bow before I get Stonies to buy the gun, unless I go for all Conquest badges...I reckon I'll have to just wait and see.

Daxynn played some Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, managed to mark herself for death, took down a level 35 Pally all by her lonesome, and got the "Perfect Arathi Victory (or whatever that name is for a 1600-0 win)" achievement.

On the marked for death bit, I seemed to draw a lot of targeting last night...more than usual. Yes, my playstyle tends to get people riled up and yes, Daxynn is still only 31, so I can see why. /shrug.

I also think that getting beat up by a lowbie 31 also has some people wanting to exact some

The way I figure it is if I can occupy two or three people's focus, that's two or three people that aren't engaged in winning the game, which gives our side a distinct advantage. Disruption, confusion, and chaos....I specialize!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making a name for myself

I think I'm making a name for myself among my Alliance peers in my battlegroup, or at least, I think I'm being targeted more. Why all the hate?

I like to Sap people. Diminishing returns aside, nothing is more irritating than being Sapped over and over again. And, if I can alternate between a couple of people, I can keep it going long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

I love to Ambush people. Poor little mages that finish a tough battle and sit down to eat/drink with half health....yeah, those kind of people. I love sneaking up behind hunters, casters, hell anyone and ganking them.

I love my Heirloom items. +15 agi to both weapons means a huge bonus attack power from the get go. The only reason I paid for the expensive enchants is the fact that my Heirloom items grow with me, so I won't have to replace them until level cap.

I have the irritating rogue jump fighting style down. Sure, you'll tear me up if I try to go toe to toe with I don't. As a converted keyboard turner, I can instantly spot the people who have yet to master the mouse turn (or like me, refuse to learn it until they have to); I eat them for lunch.

I'll take on anyone. Yeah, Daxynn is only level 31, but I have done some serious damage on some 39's and outright killed 38's and below. If I can get an Ambush on someone, I stand a pretty good chance of taking them down. Paladins still pose a problem, though.

I tend to be a survivor. Vanish, FTW! If a fight is going sideways, I'm not afraid to disappear and reengage at a more opportune time. And I know that torques people off that I won't hold still so they can kill Of course, I still die at times, but I'm getting better at picking winnable battles so I survive more often.

Oh....I guess I'd hate it too if I ran up against someone like that!

Two things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting the Heirloom bow or gun. It'd be nice to have another Heirloom item to boost my stats.
2. Getting another level or two. I think I'm doing pretty well for being at the bottom of the bracket, and I can't wait to see the hate and discontent that I can cause at 35....hahahahahahaha.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weight Update

So, it's been a while (a month or so) since I updated my weight loss.

I gained a pound or two (literally, not figuratively) on my vacation, so the last month, I've been working toward getting back down to my pre-vacation weight. Now, I haven't been working that hard, so it's taken longer.

But, last week, I had a morning weight of 191.0 lbs, which is right around what I weighed before I left on vacation.

The cooler part is that I am able to fit into some of my 34' pants now (I have been wearing 36's), and I didn't even realize that I was wearing some of the smaller jeans until my wife pointed it out to me. So much for being the observant one...

Regurgitation, Part II

Yeah, I suppose I forgot to write something, eh?

So, for Halloween, we dressed up for a costume party that was put on by our dance studio. It was a lot of fun! There was another couple that was dressed up as a gangster/flapper combo, so we took some pics with them:

Ok, ok, my costume doesn't really stand out without my accessory: My beautiful wife. That's probably why we didn't win any of the contest categories. But! outfit was cheap! I already owned the suit, so I paid a couple of bucks for the plastic hat and $10 for the tie. The red "hankerchief" is actually red tissue paper. Yup, I'm a big fake!

As part of the evening of festivities, we learned the Thriller dance. There was plenty of social dancing and a couple of feature dances. Unfortunately, the food left a bit to be desired, but the dancing made up for it. Oh, and the fact that we got in for half price sure helped...

Last night, I ended up watching Ice Age III with my wife. It was pretty good, but didn't measure up to the first one. The Tango scene was great, but a little too short. We bought the movie, so I might just have to pull up the dance scene and watch it again.

Hopefully tonight, I can squeeze in a little WoW; I think I played a grand total of about 2 hours over the weekend (not counting popping on to check auctions). Daxynn is still level 30. It sucks being back at the bottom of the bracket, but Jay and I did do decently one game where, despite being only 32 and 30, we topped the killing blows for the Horde. Yeah, we lost that

I took some screenies of some BG pwness; I'll try to remember to upload them tonight. One of them is the BG where I dinged the "Frenzied Defender" achievement - return 5 flags during one WSG. I can't remember what the other one was for.

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, we found some fresh papayas. Mmmm....mmmm.....good! Ever since our Hawaii trip, we've been on the lookout for these tropical fruit; the canned stuff just doesn't do it justice as the fruit is picked and canned green, so it's hard and not as flavorful. The fresh papaya flesh is actually soft and has a different texture than the canned stuff. My dinner last night consisted of a half a papaya with cottage cheese and pineapple filling. Yummy!

The long lost Hawaii picture

I really like this pic, even though it looks like I've got a big melon head...


Not much WoW over the weekend, so I'll just throw up what I've got...Pictures!

And I can't forget a puppy pic! Poor Denali got fixed on Friday.