Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting back on the horse...uh, bike

Hair of the dog, man. Hair of the dog. My shoulder is a bit sore today, and I keep forgetting that I skinned up my knee when I kneel down, but I rode anyways. Charles was with me the last 9 miles.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Return from vacation and crash

I did some biking on my vacation with my wife, so nothing really challenging. We did bike around the Garden of the Gods park and Mitch park in Edmond, OK. I decided to ride from Mitch park back to our friend's house on La Belle Rue which was about 7 miles.

Today, I rode with Charles, and on the last lap, I crashed hard on the pavement doing about 14 mph. Nothing was broken that I could tell, not even my pride as my crash was pretty much unavoidable. I do have some nice road rash; and I'm sure I'll feel beat up tomorrow.

We ride again tomorrow at 330...