Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorry for the lack of content the last couple of days; I've been at home taking care of my wife.

I had to pick her up from work on Monday because she didn't think she could make it home due to extreme dizziness. Then on Tuesday, she seemed to feel better, so I went to work. But we ended up in the ER on Wed morning, and I've been home ever since.

The doc seemed to think that she has a case of labyrnthitis or some inner ear type thing. She's pretty unsteady on her feet and had nausea and vomiting on Monday.

So, anyways, keep her in your prayers (and me as well as I try to be a good nurse to where did I put my tape?)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What have I been up to?

I've been questing with Daxie recently. Mostly, it's due to her needing Valiance Expedition rep for the discount to epic flying, but also, it's a fairly good source of money.

So, while I have more than enough to buy the goal right now (4250 gold), I find that I'm so cheap that I'll put off training Artesian flying until I get the full discount. I'm about 2k rep short of Exalted, so two or three days of questing should finish it off.

That starts me thinking, what's next? I'm thinking that Vanco might get the call to continue leveling. Of course, I'll continue to do the JC daily and the Sons of Hodir quests on Daxie, but I think I'll put more effort into playing Vanco with a specific emphasis on tanking.

I still want to get my enchanter (Nitrodax) up to full level so she can get geared up and run Heroics and be a good source of DE material. I also would like to solo some of the BC instances with her. I don't know why, I just would.

And poor Daxynn, my level 39 pally, is begging me to level her so we can see Azeroth before the great sundering. Still don't know if that is going to happen...

Speaking of sundering, I have also been thinking about what I want to do when Catacalysm comes out (if I'm still playing).

I definitely will roll a Worgen; I mean, come on! I gotta!

I may roll a Goblin over on Suramar; we'll just have to see.

I personally like the fact that Oldlands will be redone and brought up to the same graphics level as Outlands and Coldlands. I also like the fact that some old instances will have Heroic versions. I like the new class/race combos. I like what has been hinted at regarding skill points in professions. And I like the simpler itemization stats.

I'm not sure what to think about the hunter changes, but I'm sure I'll adjust and deal with it.

I guess I'm not in the "They're ruining the game" group; in fact, I tend to accept whatever Blizzard decides to do with the game - roll with the punches. I mean, I can either whine and fret and crab about a game I enjoy playing or I can just learn the new way and continue to enjoy playing it.

I don't care that the lore is "all screwed up."
I don't care that my favorite spec is nerfed all to hell.
I don't care that all of the old stuff is remade and recycled.
I don't care that the "noobs" have it so easy these days.
I don't care that the raids have been retuned for the Morons & Slackers.
I don't care that new level cap toons don't have to "work" for their epics.

I do care that I am able to enjoy the game.
I do care that I am still able to have fun in the game.
I do care that I am able to see the cool, new stuff that Blizzard is making for the game.

The day I stop having fun and enjoying the game (April 1st of this year) I'll quit. Maybe for a while, like this last time, or maybe for good (we'll see how SWtOR pans out..../grin).

Personally, I think it's ridiculous to be all up in arms about class/race combos, about recycling the Oldlands continents, new allies to the Horde and Alliance, new itemization, new blah blah blah, twisted lore, and the sad death of our lost youth. Whaa whaa whaa. Get over it already.

Things change, either we change to match the new reality, or we pine away in the corner wishfully longing for the "good" ole days. Let me tell ya, they weren't all that.....

/scratches head

Ok, so I posted yesterday about how I broke the 194 lb mark....and last night, I weighed in at 192.8 lbs.

And this morning....191.8 lbs!

I didn't think I was doing that much to lose weight....maybe...just maybe, I've been full of crap.

And, well, you can figure out the rest....

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Melting continues

Over the weekend, I dropped below the 194 lb mark.

Now, of course, my weight fluctuates by a couple of pounds within a day and from day to day, but I'm pretty encouraged by seeing the low point of the swing moving down.

So, what have I been doing to drop this tonnage?

1. Walking. I try to get in 4-5 walks/week if not more. The walks are mainly for my wife and I to spend a little time together and to run some energy out of Denali, but they also serve to run some fat out of me!

2. Portion control. I like to eat good food, and I can make some gooooooood food. I haven't really changed what I eat; I just try to eat a little less of it.

3. Eating better. I just said that I haven't really changed what I eat, but I have changed a little - more salads and cut out soda. I also can't remember the last time I had a beer.

4. Embracing hunger. Like most people, I don't like being hungry. But guess what, I'm not going to die from being hungry. Yes, I'll be uncomfortable. Yes, it hurts a bit. Yes, I'm tempted to gorge. But, I keep reminding myself why I'm feeling the hunger and the benefits of guttin' it out.

5. Stopping snacking. Along with #4, I have stopped the between meals snacking, with the exception of my mid morning snack around 9:30 (I have breakfast at 4:30 am and lunch at 11 am so the time in between is a bit long). I used to eat whenever I got hungry. No more!

6. Cutting out dessert. I love desserts. Cheesecake, torts, tiramisu, pie, you name it, I love it. I've allowed the occasional dessert, recently, but I've tried to cut back on my main meal if I'm planning on having dessert. For the most part, I've just been skipping dessert.

That's about it. My changes have been more of the lifestyle changes, and I hope that I'm able to continue them after I've reached my target weight (175 or so lbs).

BTW, I would like to be below 190 when I leave for Hawaii on Sep. 16th; wish me luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Star Wars - The Old Republic

Teurion is a huge Star Wars fan; when SWTOR comes out, he'll be on it like a chicken on a junebug. Like white on rice. Like a politician on your tax dollars.

So, we naturally started talking about the game and what we'd like to see in it. I came up with the following ideas (so, George, I know you're reading....listen up!):

1. The We're talking on the order of EVE Online and bigger. So big that you just can't physically explore all of matter how much time you have. Yeah, that big.

2. Ship piloting (and combat) needs to be more like Freelancer and not like EVE Online. Let me pew pew pew while manually controlling the ship just like a real fighter pilot! If multiple characters can be on the ship, then let one drive and the others pew pew or fix stuff or whatever, but don't make the piloting something mundane like set an orbit, commence firing type deal. I want to fly around and shoot stuff up!!

3. Make travel between systems instant (hyperdrive) and travel within systems potentially fast. Freelancer implemented this with Jump Gates between systems, and trade lanes + the cruise engine inside systems. I love those ideas. On an aside, it would be really nice if WoW flight was instant now also, kinda like an option you could turn on and off at will.

4. Worlds need to be fully explorable. They don't have to be survivable, just explorable. If you decide to strike out on your own, don't be surprised if you wind up as some yeti's meal. Also, a big warning sign needs to be posted: Warning - Gravity works here. If you get caught in some planet's gravitational pull and your ship isn't meant for planetary flying...oops, you're goin' down. Yeah, that means no straffing the whomp rats with your Tie Fighter.

5. PvP NEEDS to be optional. One of my chief complaints about EVE Online is that PvP is not optional; sure, you can stay in the high security zones, but if some nub wants to sacrifice his ship to the cops, he can blow you away and there's nothing you can do about it. I prefer the WoW model of Normal/PvP servers where you can pick and choose to PvP if you want.

6. The tank/healer/dps model needs to stay in WoW. I would prefer that cooperative stuff (raids, for lack of a better term) focus on coordinating different attack teams or players, with everyone managing their own health and resources, but at the same time, taking care to coordinate with the team. I like the idea of five people doing something in a ship in cooperative fashion that might look something like the t/h/d model - a ship's pilot, a couple of gunners, a repair team - generic roles that any class could fulfill.

7. Progression is just as viable for solo play as it is for group play. Or...there is no end game because the universe is SO FREAKIN' HUGE. I could see solo players and group players grouping up in fighter squadrons, battleships, planetary battles, vehicular combat...kind of like the idea of solo play in a group; individuals would have to coordinate with each other but would be responsible for their own self. See #6.

8. No loot drops. WHAT??? HAVE YOU GONE MAD???? no, I haven't. I would volunteer that taking random loot drops off boss mobs out of the game would foster more pure game play - ie, people would do what they enjoyed instead of what they don't really enjoy and therefore, have more contentment with the game and stay longer. Progression doesn't have to be vertical; it could just as easily be horizonal in that in this system, X weapons are the bomb, but in that system, they don't do squat and vise versa. So, you'd have to gear yourself to the system where you'll be spending your time.

9. (got this one from another blog) Everything you do should matter in the long run. This is an old complaint from many long time MMOers. Farmer Bill has you take care of his wolf problem, but mysteriously, he has the same problem when you bring your 10,000 alts through the area. And what did you accomplish in your ultimate quest by solving his problem? A little rep? A little XP? A little loot that will be replaced in a day or two? uh, no. Phasing solves some of this issue, but in the end, quests that don't advance the main story (or even a side one for cryin' out loud) are just fodder for leveling and money.

I'm sure there are more ideas coming down the pipe, but I'm out of time. Hopefully no one has come here looking for actual information on SWtOR, cause I don't have any. (read the title of the blog.....).

Two Raids, One Day

Mon-Thu, I cook dinner. I get off work at 2:30 pm and am usually home by three; since my wife doesn't get home until 5:30 or so, (and since I'm a pretty good cook), I have the responsibility of making dinner those nights.

Of course, I cook on the weekends as well.

One of the things that I like to do (but don't do it very often) is to make crockpot stuff. Throw it together in the morning (both my wife and I take part in this at different times) and eat it in the evening. No afternoon prep time involved.

So, why all of that? Well, last night was a crockpot night, and after work, I got to go to Naxx25 for the Military quarter, Saph, and KT on Daxie. It was a pure PuG that had its share of wipes, but, all in all, it was pretty good (mostly due to Teurion's tanking). I picked up a wand and something else, I forgot what...

Then, at 8:30, our guild leader asked me if I could raid Ulduar. I told him I had an hour and a half, which he said was enough. So, Daxie went off to Ulduar25.

We two..three?..shot Flame Leviathan and one shot Razorscale, Ignis, and XT. Daxie picked up some gloves and something else (yeah, forgot that too - maybe a dps chest).

There were two things that I was reminded of during the, what turned out to be, two hours in the instance:

1. When you tell people that you have 20 minutes left before you have to go, someone will D/C or go AFK and the raid leader will insist on waiting....and waiting....and waiting for them. My goal was to leave at 10:10 at the latest, and I finally got out of there at 10:30. Not so bad if you get up at 5 or 6 am, but I get up at 4 am. Yeah....the suck.

2. Speaking of suck, I get sucked into the computer for the entire raid. I don't look up. I don't respond to questions. I totally ignore everything going on IRL. I focus 100% on that computer screen. And I don't really like that. Not for two hours anyway.

So, while I will still occasionally raid, I will make sure to let everyone know when I need to leave (and stick with it), and I will make sure that I don't raid all that often so I still interact with the real world while playing WoW.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

500th Post

This is more of an accomplishment for me rather than for my readers; although there are some of you who have slogged through all of those posts, and you have my sympathy and admiration. You also may want to get back on your meds....

Some stats for you:
There have been over 16,000 visits to the Nut House from nearly 9,000 unique visitors. So, almost 9K people have been influenced by my ramblings, so my zombie army should be pretty stout if I can get them all collected up in one place.

After my home page, the most viewed posts are:
My Healing Addons
Heroic Hunter drops for WotLK
Heroic Priest drops for WotLK

As a side note, my Aggro is Mine (The Tank Song) has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

But, enough about me! What do you think about me? You may now help me break my arm patting myself on the back....


Yesterday, I took the day off to let my ankle have a rest. I'm not sure what I did to it, but it was really sore at the end of the work day on Monday, so I called in sick on Tuesday to hopefully let it heal some. It feels a lot better today, so the rest did it good.

I was happy to see that there were only rolling restarts on the WoW front, and I spent the day doing dailies on DV and Daxie. It turns out that Daxie hadn't done the Sons of Hodir questline yet, so I got her up to speed in order to start their dailies.

My current goal ingame is to buy epic flying for Daxie. She currently has two epic mounts - a bronze dragon from a Culling of Strathome timed run and an epic flying carpet that she made, but she can't use them because she doesn't have epic flying. Boo hoo.

And, with the latest patch, cold weather flying became an heirloom, so I shelled out 4 grand to get Daxe, Rysteranch, Nitrodax, and Vanco up to flying in Northrend. I still have Smoochie without flying in Northrend, but she can wait.

Then there's the matter of buying dual specs. Daxe and Vanco already have them, and I'll only need them for my 4 hunters if I plan on PvPing with them. That leaves Daxie as a viable candidate for a Holy/Shadow dual spec. Well, and Daxynn, she's (still) 39 and could really use a prot/ret dual spec if I ever decide to level her. I'm not sure where that is on the priority list.

I did a little calling around and found that there's a WoW TCG group that meets in Greenwood on Wednesdays at 7 pm, so I may go to that for some games and lots of help with building my decks. But, already, I'm choosing the real WoW over the card WoW....

(Next post will be my 500th. fyi)

Monday, August 17, 2009

WoW The Trading Card Game (TCG)

As I mentioned before, I picked up some WoW TCG cards and have been fiddling around with them since Saturday.

I bought a DK Starter set as well as 1k of random cards, so I've been sorting them and building two decks - a Horde Hunter and an Alliance Paladin - for my son and I to play.

Right now, I have all of the class specific abilities sorted out, as well as the faction specific allies, quests, and weapons. I also separated out the Scryer/Aldor cards and non-faction specific spells, abilities, quests, and allies.

I still have a stack of dual class abilities (two class symbols are present in the upper left hand corner) that I need to sort out, and then, I need to finish building my two decks.

After looking at some deck builds, I think I need to rework what I'm putting into my two decks. I was putting in one of several different quests, but I may need to put in several of a few different quests. One thing that I hope to do is keep the two decks fairly similar in their make up with the same number of quests, abilities, allies, and weapons.

And, while the abilities, allies, and weapons will be different, I was planning on including the exact same quests for both decks. With what I'm seeing online, it's better to have as little variety (max number of each card in a deck is 4 with some exceptions) as possible in the minimum 60 card deck.

From my research today, I'm going to shoot for the following numbers for each of the decks:
10-16 quests
16-24 abilities
18-26 allies
4-8 equipment

Of those cards, I need to make sure that I have more that cost 1 and less that cost 6 with a sliding scale in between so that I don't make the decks totally frustrating in their costs. I still have much to learn.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gen Con

So, I just got back from GenCon here in Indianapolis. What a blast!!

I got to see Jay and Robin. Unfortunately, we couldn't coordinate schedules on Friday, so they didn't get to meet my wife of awesomeness and the puppy of doom, as well as see the Rusty Hovel. Oh well, maybe next year.

At GenCon, I played Dominion with a guy from Michigan named Bryan. It was both of our first times playing the game, and we had a really fun time. I didn't end up buying it, but I may borrow it from someone who did. EDIT: I forgot to mention that Bryan beat me by 1 point; it turns out that I'm not invincible after all!

I also got in on the WoW Miniatures game for the free stuff - a lanyard, two TCG cards, and a Draenai Pally pin. The miniatures game was ok, but the version I was taught was Arena PvP based, so I wasn't too into it.

I then decided to try out the Trading Card Game, which I thought was much better. I ended up buying the DK set and a box of 1,000 random cards. I've sorted out the cards; now I just have to throw together some decks.

Jay and I got to play one game with our DK sets; I'll just say that my winning streak continues from last year....haha.

My youngest son entered another Yu-Gi-Oh tournament this year but didn't do very well. I think I'm going to have to start playing that game to help him sharpen up for next year.

And speaking of next year, I'm thinking about buying the two day pass so I'll have plenty of time to try out more games! I mean, I got to try out three, but there are hundreds to play! In fact, I went there this morning, wanting to play one certain game, and....I didn't. /booo. But, the upside is that I found out that one of my friends has it, so I'll definitely be borrowing it.

Well, that's the GenCon report. It's still the biggest collection of geeks, nerds, and wastoids that I've ever seen in my life...and we fit right in.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I missed my two year anniversary of this blog (Aug 9th).

Uh, happy BD to me, I guess.

At a loss for words

We live our lives in bubbles.

We have our daily routines, be it work, school, or whatever. We tend to do certain things with our free time - hobbies, gaming, crafting, reading, watching TV, and the like. We usually frequent the same places or stay in the same area. Quite often, we even vacation to the same destinations or areas.

We see the same people over and over again, whether it's at church, the club, work/school, or it's just "that idiot in the red SUV" on the commute to our job. We engage in a lot of the same conversations:

"How are you?"
"Great! How are you?"
"Doing well. How's work?"
"Blah blah blah. How's your work?
"yak yak yak...."

And so on and so on.

We become very comfortable and (somewhat) content in our little bubbles. We know the challenges we face. We deal with the trials, pain, and triumphs that come our way. We are, for the most part, in control, and if we aren't, we're (somewhat) ok with it or are coming to grips with it.

Occasionally, our bubble will threaten to burst - the death of a loved one, sudden severe financial collapse, life changing physical debilitation, but even then, with time, we are able to adapt, overcome, and/or accept the "new" bubble. Giving up is just not an option (although there are some that take it anyways).

Yesterday, I had a little blip in my bubble; no, it wasn't catastrophic or even that remarkable, but it still caused the bubble to shimmer and waft around a little.

See, my credit card had two charges on it yesterday in....France. The CC company called me to alert me of possible fraudulent charges, and I confirmed them as such after making sure my wife didn't skip out between chemo patients for a Paris junket.

Of course, I'm tempted to write that I felt helpless. I didn't. I'm tempted to write that I was outraged. I'm not. In truth, I accepted it almost as soon as I heard it because I know what a sad, sad world we live our lives in.

For every one of us that earn an honest living, there seems to be 10 people who want to take that money from us via dishonest schemes. Be it the CC scammer, the corporate cheaters, the welfare do nothings, the Nigerian princes, or union thugs, it seems that everyone wants something for nothing.

And, the question that comes to mind is, "Why can't they just make an honest living?" It certainly isn't hard, and in most cases provides a boatload more security (and money) than a life of crime. I just don't understand.

I guess I don't really have a point to sum things up; I just wanted to put that out there.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On a lighter note

Ok, back to the trivial, mundane World of Warcrack.

I have been running the heck out of Heroics both on Dwarfvader and on Daxie.

DV has already accumulated enough badges for the belt and legs and just switched tabards (actually took it off) to work on Valiance Expedition rep.

Daxie hasn't spent any badges and is trying to figure out a good first purchase. I'd have to look at the options again, but I do remember the neckpiece is a small upgrade whereas the T8(.5?) helm would be a huge upgrade to her little blue hat.

Yesterday, DV and Teurion ran 5 Heroics (UK, UP, ToC, AN, and Nexus) between 3:15 pm and 6 pm; not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Daxie pugged UK, VH, and CoS; it's so much easier to PuG as a healer than as DPS.

And Rysteranch, you remember him - my BC endgame hunter - grabbed some mats and worked his Leatherworking up to 425 so he could make the Icescale Armor kit for DV's new pants. For his efforts, I bought him the Heirloom Cold Weather flying book; he's going to be so happy! Of course, I have an ulterier motive....he's going to farm worm meat for crit food.....muhuhuhahaha.

I switched Smoochie over to Transmute specialty, and this morning, she got two epic gems for the daily transmute! Yay!

Daxie was able to buy the new agi/crit epic gem pattern, so DV has both of the sockets in his new drawers filled with purples.

So, with all this playing, I haven't been focusing on business too much; I've just been selling my Netherweave bags and the occasional stack of 5 Heavy Borean Leather. I'm down to about 6K gold across all my alts; it's a good thing that instances make money now.

And, lastly, I just want to go on record as saying, "I hate jousting". I finally figured out how to beat the stupid mounted dudes - stay in melee range and keep up your shields - but man, it was frustrating. Most of my frustration is the stupid clunky mount and not being able to "flip" 180 degrees by rotating the camera and pressing both mouse keys.

Yes, I understand that the jousting mount is more realistic, but I don't want realistic, I want what I'm used to having on my own mount. Is that too much to ask - to have what you have been used to having for 2+ years?

Ok, and now really lastly, I had to open up a GM ticket due to the revamped mail system. See, the old system would autofill names when you typed just a couple of letters; the current system narrows down a list of toons as you type letters. The problem is that you have to click on the name to put it in the send box and if the list is narrowed down to only one name, it appears to autofill in the send box, but it doesn't. You still have to click on it.

So, I accidentally sent some stuff to "sm" because it appeared that Smoochie's name was in the send box.

Well, I talked to a GM this morning, and he said that DV would get the stuff back. Yay! On a side note, I was happy to see that, although DV put in the ticket, I was on Daxie when the GM contacted me. Looks like they're really trying to get in contact with people who have issues and are looking at their alts when the ticket submitter isn't online. Good on ya, Blizz!

Monday, August 10, 2009

And then there were three...

No, not three level 80's; three people living in my house.

Over the weekend, my oldest son decided to spend the night at his gf's house with the knowledge that I would not allow him to continue to live at my house if he did so. He did so, and I changed the locks.

I had a feeling that he would pull something like this to get kicked out, and in so doing, he would be able to garner the sympathy of anyone who would listen to his poor story about getting forced out by his overly rigid parents.

It's really sad that he absolutely refuses to stand on his own two feet, but would rather mooch off his gf's parents until he "builds up his [Cutco] business". We offered him the same opportunity if he would only follow a few simple rules of the house, but, alas, he could not bring himself to comply.

He couldn't bear to be in the house by 1 am so his mother would not lay awake all night worrying about him.

He couldn't manage to get the day's dirty dishes done by 4 am the following morning.

He wouldn't manage his money in order to pay us his $60/month car insurance.

He couldn't be bothered to work a steady job at least 30 hours a week.

And finally, several times, he didn't take 1.5 hours out of his Sunday to attend church.

The one thing that he did do was avoid parking on my driveway. His car leaks like a sieve.

We have tried and tried for the last 8 months to work with him on these areas, and he has refused to do these simple things. We gave him his walking papers last month with a target date of Aug 31st. Unfortunately, he wanted to be more disruptive to the household, so we had to take action sooner.

Now, since he'll be living with his 16 year old gf's family (and with her by default), I'm just hoping that you won't be calling me gramps some time next year.

Friday, August 7, 2009

For the Record

I am wondering why, in all this healthcare debate, the current administration isn't holding up the stellar examples of what nationalized healthcare in America is today.

Examples like the military system...oh, wait a minute.

Well, there's the VA....oh, yeah well, perhaps not....

The Indian Health Services? Riiiiiiiiiight.....

Medicare? aka Fraud, Waste, and Abuse - aid....

Well, hell! Maybe all these people who are protesting might have looked at the failures in the current government systems, and then figured that the same might, just might, happen to our healthcare system if the government were to take it all over.

Hmmmm...ya think? Personally, I have experienced both #1 and #2 and can attest to the fact that both systems are not only far behind their counterparts in the private sector, but also have been specifically designated by myself to my wife as "do not ever take me there for medical care" places. And yes, I work at a VA, and I still feel that way about where I work.

Remember, there is nothing so screwed up that can't be screwed up further by government involvement.

(and yes, I realize that this particular post may touch some raw nerves; while it is not my intent to inflame or incite anybody over this subject, I figured I'd go on record about what I think and hopefully, those people who are funding these protests will see my post and throw some cash my way!)


Weighed in at a svelte 195.8 lbs this morning.

Ah yeah, feeeeeeeeel the skinny!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bike Ride

Miles: 4.11
Time: 19:57 minutes
Temp: 82 F
Nice nice nice! A little breeze and clouds, but sunny. I just rode around my neighborhood.

Oh, and the other morning, I weighed in at 197.2 lbs, so something that I'm doing is helping.

Ping Pong

As my long time readers know, I tend to vacillate back and forth between my end game toons (Dwarfvader and Daxie) and my leveling toons (Daxe, Rysteranch, Smoochie, Nitrodax, and Vanco).

With patch 3.2, I've switched back to focusing on end game. The new instance is totally cool! I'm catching up with 3.1 and the Argent Tournament. I'm hittin' up Heroics. Hell, Daxie even went to Ulduar25 last week!

And I can't even tell you why I've switched.

Maybe it's because Heroics now drop badges that DV can use for better gear.

Maybe it's because all this content is new.

Maybe it's because Teurion has renewed interest in running Heroics (although I haven't been able to hook up with him lately).

Maybe it's because I have rediscovered how much fun pewpewpewlazorzzzz is (oh yeah, Daddy's back, rockin' the damage meter).

Maybe it's because I haven't felt like I've been doing much combat in game (and I haven't) and needed the release of smokin' some mobs.

Maybe it's because I've been bored with the game I've been playing and wanted something new.

Maybe it's just because I am erratic, irrational, and a nutjob. Hmmm....I might have something there....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Being on the cutting edge and far behind

Yesterday was an interesting day for Dwarfvader. See, I haven't done anything with the Argent Tournament on any of my toons; I've just been too busy and uninterested.

Well, with the patch, I jumped on an opportunity to grab some new badges in the daily Heroic, and then the group decided to tackle the new instance. I figured I'd go along for the ride and bail if I was sucking too badly.

Well, it turns out that you need to know how to joust for the first fight. Uh oh. After getting a crash (pun intended) course in jousting and picking up a lance off the weapon rack by the door, we initiated the fight.

We ended up doing the instance twice on normal and once on Heroic. It was pretty fun! I also have to say that I have never done an instance on the first day it was available, so I felt like I was back on the cutting edge.

After the instance, I decided to pick up the daily quests for the AT and start the grind. Yeah, once again, I'm way behind everyone else in this regard, but I hear there's some good money to be made from the dailies and that they're fun too. Hmmm, a game....I don't know about this....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bike Ride

Miles: 1.92
Time: 9:33 minutes
Temp: 70's 80's? I don't know....NICE, yeah that's what it was.

Where'd that come from?

On Friday night, I acquiesced to my guild's call for a healer in Ulduar25. I had the time and was just putzing around on Vanco.

Let me tell you, that vehicle fight was more fun than I thought it would be. I was a gunner on a Demolisher, so I shot down helicopters, blew up ground troops (I got the Dwarfaggedon acheivement), and picked off pyrite. I also gathered up pyrite for Flame Leviathan. It was pretty fun!

We then went on to one shot Razorscale. I made sure to keep out of the way and keep up the raid (I was assigned to raid healing).

We then proceeded to wipe on Ignis. I was on slag-pot healing, and I must say, I was pretty fail at it. Most of my problems stemmed from not knowing the people in the raid and their class. See, my Healbot addon has the bars color coded, so finding a DK or a Priest or any other class is pretty simple as I have the class colors memorized.

But, when I see the raid warning of So-and-So gets put in the slag-pot, and I don't know what class So-and-So is, then I have to look at the names on Healbot. By the time I had found my target, they were already taking significant damage, and I wasn't able to get off a saving heal. Of course, I should have been ready to "flash heal, flash heal, flash heal" instead of "renew, greater heal", which is my default.

So, yeah, I might also have done "frisbee, circle of healing, flash heal" to take advantage of my instant heals. I'll have to remember that if I go again.

Yeah, IF, I go again. I refused to go to Ulduar10 on Saturday and Sunday as I didn't have the time. I'm not sure if the group found a healer or not, but I will not be sucked into doing raids just because they need my class.

For some reason, I decided to drag out Daxe and do some questing. I collected up and finished all the Colderra quests, including a Nexus run last night. I healed a group of three DK's and a Druid tank; yay, all melee!

I ended up drinking after almost every fight because my mana regen just isn't very much, but we didn't have any wipes or deaths, so I was pretty happy about that.

What I really need to do is get Nitrodax out and about so I can be D/Eing those quest rewards and getting to a level where I can start soloing some Outlands instances to D/E stuff as well as Northrend instances to start collecting more Dream Shards.

/sigh, lots to do, lots to do...