Friday, April 22, 2016

Climbing down

It has only been two days of exploring the richness of 2 Tim 2:11b-13, and already my flesh is complaining at the lack of movement.

"There are more exciting things ahead! Don't waste your time on this! You'll never finish the book at this rate! "

And yet,  I linger just a little longer to examine the finer details of what is before me. To grasp the inner workings and to behold the wisdom and power that have made such a thing.

No, flesh, I am not done here yet. Not yet...

EDIT: I guess I should note that I am still on the first part of 11b, "If we have died with Him."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At the edge of the precipice

I have come upon a great abyss. As I read 2nd Timothy 2:11, it is as if in climbing the mountain, I have encountered a gaping chasm, the depths of which cannot be plumbed, and I am faced with a question:

Shall I climb down this depth of God and investigate the massive mysteries concentrated in 11b-13? Or should I throw an anchor to the other side and while passing over attempt to convey what I can only see from above.

I am totally unworthy of the task that is before me,  but I must climb down to investigate even if it extends my journey by months.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Timeless perspective explained

The timeless study of God's word is focused on the things that the passage reveals that are true for all time. While things like God's character and attributes might immediately come to mind (and should), timeless things also include man's sinfulness, man's broken relationship with God, the battle between God and Satan, certain concepts of heaven and hell, etc.

A majority of timeless perspective ideas focus on things that do not change, but there are changeable things that can also be timeless principles, for example, salvation does not change - it has always been by grace through faith alone, but the manifestation of salvation has changed in that Christ's sacrifice and atoning work on the cross is the basis for our salvation today. It is still by grace through faith alone, but we have a particular object of our faith.

In contrast to the time-locked study, where exclusion is the rule, the timeless study throws off all the time-locked restrictions. We are concerned with digging into the Scripture and finding out what timeless principles and concepts God is communicating to everyone, past and present, through the passage. All of Scripture is available to compare and contrast the things we find in the study target, and we need to make sure that the timeless principles we find are consistent with the rest of the Bible.

Questions to ask in a timeless study:
1. What does the scripture actually say about God?
2. What attributes does God display in the text?
3. What attributes are implied by the text?
4. What does God say about Himself?
5. Does God do something in the passage?
6. What does the text/passage teach about God's relationship/attitude to mankind?
7. What does the text/passage teach about mankind's relationship/attitude to God?
8. What does the passage say about mankind?
9. Does the passage teach a timeless principle or idea?

Timeless study differs from time-locked in that we are not doing an in depth investigation into the time and culture of the book and so, specific questions are not asked and the answers found. Instead, the timeless questions serve to remind us of what we are looking for.


Well, since Friday, I've been struggling with back pain. I decided not to run this weekend because of it and skipped my workout yesterday.

I did go to the chiropractor and he indicated that I was "jacked up" (my words, not his). He made quite a few adjustments, but I'm still feeling it today. I am thankful that yesterday and today that I am able to take sick leave to nurse this along. Hopefully I can return to work and working out tomorrow.

Since I am home, I figured I would start posting the next section of the Jonah study: the Timeless perspective.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The real weights

I am going to go ahead and put the real weight I'm doing instead of the weight on the stack just to be consistent. I'm lookin' pretty puny...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

My fears are confirmed

I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, so here it is.

But, the big news is that I finally figured out how much weight I was pulling on my favorite machine - the one that I use almost exclusively for my Back and Bi workout. It was half the weight shown on the stack; I was pretty disappointed. On this workout, the Lat pulldowns and upright row are the only exercises that were affected.

The reason for the half weight was the pulley system used:

I noticed yesterday that the pulley was attached to the weight stack, so that meant that it was anchored to the frame and the second pulley combined to make the force that I was feeling 1/2 of the weight I was lifting.

I knew something was not right. So, instead of being 100 lbs away from being able to do a pullup, I'm about 140ish lbs away, and that was disappointing. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get there before the Tough Mudder in June. But, I'll keep pushing, and at least I know how much weight I'm actually lifting.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oh yeah, vacation pics

I think I can put some pics on here from my phone.