Saturday, September 24, 2016


I was not prepared.

I was planning on going 25 miles, and I wouldn't have been prepared for that, but  I was even less prepared to go almost 29. I missed a turn somewhere south of Bargersville; the upside is that I found some hills.

The downside is...I hit those hills on the back end of the ride. But, if I want to drive, park, and ride, I know where to go now for some hill training. Or, if I want to do another long ride with hills. Or if I want to drive and look at hills. The possibilities are endless!

So, what's the plan? Well, I'm thinking of biking 4-5 times/week with a longer ride on Saturday. As I get faster, I'll work on extending my weekday rides further.

EDIT: Almost forgot the map link:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Longer, slower, warmer

I was shooting for an easy ride and actually consciously dialed it back a couple of times. I was pretty worn out with about 3.5 miles to go, so I still hit it a little hard going out.

Here's the map:

I went clockwise this time so I didn't have to cross over 44  to ride with traffic just to turn left at the next intersection to come back. This way I could just turn right onto 44 for the short distance that I had to be on it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Longer, faster, warmer

Currently 88°F and sunny.

I pushed it this time. Here's the map:

It's mostly flat with slight rises, so I'm not getting any hill activity yet. I know there's some hills around here somewhere, although I may have to drive to get to them. yuck.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Back on the wagon

So, I had a World of Warcrack relapse for about 6 weeks. I'm out again, thankfully; I'm really disappointed in myself for falling back into it. I really think that if not for the grace of God, I would destroy my life with that game...and that is really sad.

On the upside, I got out for a nice ride on a beautiful day!

Monday, August 22, 2016

No hills, all business

This ride, compared to Fridays, was all go. It had started raining lightly before we even left, but we were already committed to renting the tandem again, so we headed out.

Once we got out of town, going clockwise on 185, I dropped the hammer and didn't let up until we had completed the loop back at Haan's 1830 B&B, which was just shy of a full loop back to the bike shop.

I rode the tandem solo back to the bike shop and you see the full time for the full loop. I loved biking in the rain...Brandy...not so much.

Oh, these are hills!

This is a very rough estimate of my bike ride with Brandy on a tandem on Mackinac island. We road from Mackinac Wheels counterclockwise around Highway 185 to British Landing. We dilly-dallied along and stopped several times for pictures.

At British Landing, we grabbed some ice cream and after stoking up on that, we headed up the hill into the interior of the island toward the airport and eventually Arch rock.

Then we meandered through the interior to the Grand Hotel and eventually Market street and back to the shop. A nice little ride with plenty of stops and sun!

New World record half marathon (running) on a bike!

Just over a 51 minute half marathon. Yeah, I'm pretty much in a class by myself if I could bike those half marathons.

I did a big loop (you can see it here). I tried to maintain 15 mph; as you can see, I was successful. Hopefully tomorrow, I can walk.

I'm going to do some retro posts. Brandy and I did some biking on Mackinac island up in Michigan this past weekend.