Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shattered Halls

I answered a LFG call for healing SH yesterday. It's really nice to play with folks who know their role/class. Lately, the PuGs I've been getting in have been with good players, and while we may wipe, we don't have a lot of quitting and whining/blame game stuff going on. Now THAT's refreshing.

I learned some new stuff this run. (I ran this before with Rysteranch, but had never healed it) One thing I've never done is a MageTank pull/AoE. There were some groups that the Main Tank called for the MageTank. The first time, the mage died because I didn't realize what was going on. I was merrily healing the tank, and BOOM, the mage goes down. What the?? Ooooooh, MageTank, eh? Um, ok. Shield the mage and keep him healed? Got it! After that, the next couple of pulls went smoothly, and the mage only died one more time.

Note: Make sure to get the fel ash after you loot the quest item from the first boss. Dax figured this out just after the second boss and had to wait until the end to complete the quest. Rysteranch didn't figure this out and has to run SH again to complete it.

So, with Rysteranch, we ran down the hall of fire to the end and cleaned up the mobs. With Dax, we methodically worked our way down the hall, killing as we went. I'm not sure which tactic I like better as I was in different roles each time. More study is required.

So, we did have a bad trash pull where it seemed like all the CC failed. I got aggro a couple of times and finally died. BUT! I had a soulstone and after assessing the situation, I figured we could make it if I rezzed. And, make it we did. Everyone was low on health except the MT, and the poor hunter's pet was dead. But there was much rejoicing at a wipe avoided!

The last boss ended up killing me, and this time I didn't have the soulstone. Poor me. So, I cheered on the others while they finished off the last slivers of health. High fives all around (well, ghostly ones from me), and so so loot was distributed.

And speaking of Phat Lewt, I got me some. I needed the Prayer of Fortitude III book and got an off hand that was a bit of an upgrade. That, a shard I won, and a quest reward were about all I could ask for.

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