Saturday, May 29, 2010

And then there were four

Daxxy hit the bit Eight Oh just a couple of minutes ago. She has a lot of work to do in gathering up emblems so she doesn't get laughed out of heroics. Yay on her!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 days off!

I have the next five days off, so I doubt I'll be posting anything.

I have renamed my Blacksmith/Enchanting hunter to Daxea and decided to level her to 80 or at least 75. I'm replacing some of my hunters with other toons that have the same tradeskills, but since these two professions are somewhat expensive to level, I decided to keep this one. And her former name was just nerdy...

Daxxy the Druid is once again front and center. She's about two bubbles from level 76 and has healed VH a couple of times, DT a couple of times, and HoS once. Yes, Halls of Stone at 75; not bad if I do say so myself. (and I do!).

My hope is that over the next five days (wife's off to Texas to visit her best friend from Alaska), I can get Daxxy up to 80. Of course, I'll probably be doing at least one daily on Daxea for the emblems.

I'm also working on a project to compare the different gear sets for a raiding Shadow Priest. Basically, I'm trying to recreate a sandbox to select different level 264 gear (for now) and see how the stats change so I can plan out my DKP purchases. I'm sure there's probably something like this out on the web; I'm just too lazy to find it (or it's blocked at work.)

That's about all that's been goin' on. Tonight is a fresh ICC; we have been doing at least Heroic Lootship, and hopefully we can attempt another Heroic version tonight.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mentoring, I does it

We have another priest (Imp) in The Ebon School that spends half his time healing and the other half DPSing as Shadow. A month or two ago, he kicked my butt into gear when he outDPS'd me on Saurafang (in my defense, he didn't switch targets). After that fight, I asked him what he was doing because obviously, I was doing it wrong.

Fast forward to the present, and, he has acquired gear that is almost the same item level as mine, but with my recent improvements, I was pretty much smoking him on every fight. In his defense, I only play Shadow, and I recently have made significant strides in bettering my DPS, but still, he was looking for help.

And I was more than happy to divulge all that I had learned - Drop Mind Blast if you have a hard time managing four spells, Shadow Fiend iz 4 DPS, Shadow Word: Death on the run, all the stuff in this post.

Before I made my improvements, I had some trepidation about being replaced by this guy if I couldn't step it up, and I'm not sure if I would have been so forthcoming with this information. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze more out of my toon, and consequently, I was glad to pass along my gains.

Last night, I saw a significant increase in his DPS to the point where he was almost out doing me. Almost.

See, I have something that he will probably never have: Dad Strength. I view the other DPSers as competitors and another Shadow Priest as my number one rival. I will use every trick in the book to outdo my fellow DPSers and moreso when another SP is in the mix.

How does this relate to Dad Strength? Well, Dad Strength is that extra bit of whatever that Dads have when competing with their (usually sons) offspring in feats of strength. We run faster, push harder, and generally will hurt ourselves all in the name of besting our posterity. "I sired you and you.....will.....NOT......beat me!"

Of course, I am not that other SP's father, but I am the senior Shadow Priest in the raid, and I'll be damned if some snot nosed little upstart is going to beat me at my own game. So, I push a little harder, I focus a bit more sharper, it!

Yeah, there's something to be said for the "hunger" of the newbie, but don't underestimate the shear will and drive of the established player. Experience trumps exuberance.

But, soon, I expect that as Imp gains experience, he may well consistently out do me; I mean, I'm nothing special. When that day comes, I'll be able to sit back and bask in the glow of a proud papa - "Yep, that's my boy!"

...and maybe I can switch mains to my hunter....muhuhuhahahahaha.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On making my son cry

For those of you keeping track of the goings on in my family, you know that last August, we kicked out our oldest son because he just didn't want to follow some simple house rules.

Since then, we have maintained, what I thought, was a pretty good relationship. It's amazing how relaxed you can be when you are no longer trying to actively parent your child and can just hang out with them.

Now, my son has been through various struggles both financially and emotionally due to the situation that he has brought upon himself. He has learned from some of them, but as far as we've been able to tell, he still had a lot of growing up to do.

In short, I think he's where most 20 year olds are if they don't have a strong internal drive or a strong external driver - Just kinda floundering.

So, last Friday, my wife came up with the bright idea of buying him a car as his is about to blow up any day now (it's 19 years old, and has over 180k miles on it).

My first response was not only "No", but "Hell NO!" He can't even take care of the one he has! He isn't doing anything to deserve a new car! I will NOT bail him out again!

That's when the Lord stepped in.
He asked me, "Don't I give good gifts to you?"

"Well, yes, of course You do, but..."

"And do you deserve them?"

"no, but!"

"So, I give you good gifts that you don't deserve."

/sigh, "Yeah..."

"And you won't do the same for your son?"

That's when I knew what I would be doing on Saturday. Long story short, we found a steal of a deal for what we were willing to spend, got it checked out by a mechanic, and agreed to buy it.

Yesterday, I called my son and asked if he could meet me at the house. He agreed. I put the car in the garage so he wouldn't suspect anything, and when he arrived, I called my wife so she could give him the news.

Oh, I must be a bad influence on her, because she actually lead him down the primrose path for a bit. She had him go out to the garage (I followed) and was wanting him to take home some box. Well, he was looking all around for it but didn't see it. Then she asked if he saw a silver car in the garage, to which he replied in the affirmative.

Then she said, "It's yours." After an initial "No way!", my son broke down crying and hugging me. It turns out, it was a very opportune time for such a gift.

It is good to give gifts to our children, whether they deserve it or not. I'm glad I followed the Lord's leading, and I'm glad that the Lord gives us good gifts, whether we deserve them or not.

To God be the glory.

Stalkers...I haz dem

Ever since Friday, I have had two stalkers that I've noticed in game. So far they haven't made any real threats, and on a couple of occasions, they've really helped me out, so I don't think I'll be reporting them or anything.

It started on Friday with a whisper on Suramar.

The whispering continued on Saturday.

And later on that night, I saw that they had been invited into The Ebon School (that's Kael'thas for those of you late to the party)!

On Sunday, they were both in the raid for a couple of bosses...

Last night, one of them wiped a couple of times on Sin with us.

So, I just want to officially recognize the fact that my favorite stalkers, Jay and Robin, are not only baaaaaaaaack, they're in my guild, stealin' mai epix!

Oh, we're gonna have a lot of fun....heh heh...

Speaking of which, last night, I let the guild in on one of my favorite jokes. It goes like this:

[Guild]: Hey, my anus is really chapped. (I usually prefer to be more subtle like "Ouch, ate too much hot food last night and it's burning on the way out")

(then a second or two later)[Guild]: anyone got some chapstick I can borrow? I'll give it right back.

Then, when ever a guildy logs on, ask if I can borrow their chapstick. It was pretty funny last night as half the guild urged them to let me and the other half was warning them not to...BTW, thanks for loaning me your chapstick, Robin! I stuck it back in your purse...

Working on Sin...


Last night we had a two and a half hour wipefest, uh, learning fest, on Sindragosa. I like this; it's interesting, it's fun, and I was the top caster DPSer on every....single....attempt.


It has taken a fair amount of work to get to where I am playing my Shadow Priest. I practiced on dummies, I checked my priority list, I abandoned Mind Blast (for a while, it's back in the line up), I've started spending DKP on side grades to lower my Hit to a more reasonable level.

But most of all, I've gotten better at anticipating which spell I should be casting at which time to maximize my DPS. Since all of my spells have different durations/cooldowns, and they aren't synced up with each other, I don't have a set rotation that works all the time. I do, however, have a rhythm that I get into as I click (yes, click) my buttons.

I am VERY happy that my DPS actually reflects my gear score now. I still have have some gear to swap out to get my Hit down, all of it side grades. My plan is to get the 264 T10 Shoulders, which have no Hit on them, and then start swapping out pieces with Hit on them for other pieces with Hit on them to fine tune my set up. I have 3 or 4 different rings that will help with this, as well as a couple of different items I can put in slots in order to get as close as I can get to just above the Hit cap. Hopefully, that will give me the maximum Spell Power and Haste that I can get.


Anyways, we only got to phase 3 a couple of times, so most of our practice was in phase 1 (ground) and phase 2 (air). I got the {magic debuff} (can't be bothered to look up the correct name) a fair number of times, and I found out some interesting things as they relate to me specifically (your mileage may vary.)

There are two events that happen right around the time the debuff falls off (and you take damage from the stacks that you've accumulated): The pull in and the air phase.

I found that I could merrily cast away before the pull in and stack as many stacks as I wanted because she would pull us in with more than 5 seconds to go on the debuff. Since I had to run away from her and not cast, I used that time to let the stacks expire; sometimes this would happen just before the debuff wore off.

The same thing went for the air phase; we gather up at the bottom of the stairs for the start of the air phase, so I'd just let my stacks expire during that time.

Now, I did miss time the debuff a time or two, but by and large, I was able to continue DPSing despite having the debuff. And I think that is why I did so well last night, among other things previously mentioned. Oh and living. It's really hard to DPS when you're dead; I mean, it happens for a bit because of my DoTs, but...still.

One of the things that I did to help out (and ensure my survival) was that when I got Ice Tombed, before I froze, I cast Gift of the Naaru and a Renew on myself (/gasp. AND BROKE OUT OF SHADOWFORM?????!!!!1). Yes, and broke out of shadowform. A little tweak for next time: cast Renew first because I didn't always get that one off and it's more powerful than GotN.

Another tweak for next time is to make a targeting macro! I'll take my existing targeting macro from one of my other fights and switch it to:

/tar Ice Tomb
/stopmacro [nodead, harm]
/tar Sin

That way, if an Ice Tomb is up, I'll be able to target it right away.

Sindragosa, your days are numbered...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why God made Dogs

Ever since I became a dog owner last year, I've been noticing things about our puppy that I'm sure dog lovers know quite well. See, I used to like cats and didn't really care for dogs. Of course, Denali has changed all that, and I wouldn't even dream of having a cat over a dog now.

A couple of weeks ago, as God was trying to get my attention once again, I started thinking about how much my relationship to Denali was like God's relationship to me. It was a little disturbing to realize how much I act like my dog in God's eyes...

Like any dog, Denali has the habit of eating almost anything that she thinks is good for her, regardless of if it actually is or not. She eats dryer sheets, Kleenex, rocks, dirt, grass, almost anything that hits the floor in the kitchen (not too fond of carrots, though), cat poop, goose poop, and other things that I'm sure are worse. (and licks my face afterward....).

Sometimes, she throws up her ill advised snack only to try to eat it again. Sometimes, she's fearful that I will try to take something away from her, so she wolfs it down before I can get it. Sometimes, she lays around feeling awful from non-food making its way through her digestive tract. And the sad thing is that she probably doesn't associate feeling bad with what she ate.

Like any human, I have the habit of doing almost anything that I think....wait a minute!
/sigh. Yes, I do things regardless of whether it is good for me or not. And, yes, I often consume activities, thoughts, attitudes, and entertainment that is not healthy for me even though God's word warns against such things.

Sometimes, I feel terrible when the consequences of my actions come back on me, but all too often, I don't associate them with the actions that precipitated them. Or, more to the point, I don't want to admit that action/thought A produced consequence B, and after a bit I forget all about or minimize consequence B and go back to doing A.

Denali loves going for walks. We have a retractable leash that we use so she has about a 16' radius that she can wander around as we walk. And let me tell you, she uses every bit of it as she runs back and forth, left and right, around and around. Sometimes she stops and wants to investigate something further, and I end up tugging on the leash to get her to catch up. Other times, she runs on ahead and, on one or two occasions, clothes lined herself.

For the most part, I let her run where ever she wants; there are times, though, that I want her to walk with me in the heel position; times such as when she's spooked by a motorcycle, or if there is a fair bit of traffic, or around small children (she sees them as other dogs and wants to jump on them). It takes some "reminding" of what the heel command means, but, by and large, she remembers and walks with me until I give her the command "free dog."

God loves walking with His children. He uses a pretty big retractable leash on us so we can pretty much go where ever we want. But, just like I won't let Denali just sit there or get too far ahead of me, God won't just let me sit around or run too far ahead (although He's much more patient with me than I am with Denali....Come on, let's go!). And yes, I more prone to sitting and having Him tug on my leash, but there have been times where I've clothes lined myself.

And while God allows a huge amount of freedom in our Christian walk, there are times where He knows it's best for us to be close by Him walking in step with Him; it may be due to rough times on the horizon that we need to be near the comfort of our Father. It might be for our safety and the avoidance of negative consequences. It could be so that we are mindful of our relationship to Him and the other humans so we don't jump all over them.

I love Denali. I see her as a beautiful puppy and a joy to be around. I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world or even for the best behaved dog in the universe. I love her unconditionally; she could eat my brand new monitor or ruin my most prized possession tonight, and tomorrow, after I'd had a good cry I'm sure, I'd still love her. I mean, come on, she doesn't know what she's doing, she's a dog!

God loves me. He sees me as a beautiful child and a joy to be around. He wouldn't trade me for all the money in the world, in fact He gave His own most precious Son in sacrifice so that He could spend eternity with me! He loves me unconditionally, so when I act like a dog, He understands. I mean, come on, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm dust! Yet He loves me regardless.

So, God made dogs so that I can see myself as He sees me - ignorant, flighty, wonderful, and worth sacrificing for. Lord, help me to be more like you, and less like Denali.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Death comes calling

Last night, my family and I attended a memorial service for our friend, Kathy Barnes.

We've known Alvin and Kathy since we moved to Indiana and started attending Grace Bible Church. We hadn't really gotten together all that often as our kids and their kids were 10 or so years apart. But we did occasionally get together for game nights with other couples. More often, I would get together with Alvin and the guys for some Axis and Allies borefests.

As I grow older, I know that I will see more and more death. More of my loved ones will die, as well as associates, acquaintances, and friends. In the first three years of living in Indiana, I attended funerals for one of my co-workers, one of my wife's co-workers, a church member, and two of my wife's grand parents. That was more funerals than all of my 17 years in Alaska.

Kathy's passing hit close to home as she was just 38, which is pretty close to my age. Cancer strikes the whole age spectrum and pays no mind to race, creed, religion, or any other "special snowflake" group. My wife is an Oncology nurse and can testify to the diverse spectrum of people that cross her path at work.

We often look to God and ask, "Why?"

Why Kathy, God?
Why take two precious kids' mother in the prime of her life?
Why make her death so painful?
Why drag out the process for three years?
Why take one of your more faithful servants?
Why wouldn't you heal her? (He's more than able to)

Some answers, I'll probably never know. Some, I wouldn't like if I did know. And some probably wouldn't make any sense at all. What I can count on, though, is God's character, which is partly revealed in Rom. 8:28:

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." NASB

I can see some of God's working this incident for good already - People being affected by Kathy's faithfulness through her three year fight with Cancer, the church rallying around the Barnes in service and providing for their needs, even at her memorial as the gospel was presented to people who may not have heard.

But all of that doesn't really affect me, however, God is using Kathy's death to spark a much needed revival in my own life. Too often in the past 5 years now, I've grown slack in my relationship with Him.

God warned the Israelites that after they had settled into the promised land and had started enjoying the fruit of that land, to not become complacent and forget the God of their fathers. Moreso, He warned them of the very real temptation to follow after their own desires when their bellies were full and their enemies vanquished.

In short, not having to daily look to God for their food (manna), water, and clothing (it didn't wear out in 40 years of wandering!), would, in turn, encourage them to think they had provided the good things for themselves, to think that they had it all figured out, and to question why they needed God at all.

And that's the place I find myself. I have a beautiful wife, trouble free kids, a nice house, nice cars, smokin' computer, 1337 WoW toons, financial security, and job security (just can't seem to fire those gubment workers). My troubles are few and far between, and I am complacent. I have looked around my "domain" and said, "Self, you really got it goin' on."

Yet, inside, I have been rotting. As Revelations 2:4 pointed out to the church at Ephesus, I have left my first love. And this isn't the first time that I've left it. Ever since we moved from Alaska, I've been moving farther and farther away from God. I look at my life as my own, but the Bible tells me I have been "bought with a price." Well, if I've been bought with the precious blood of Jesus, then my life isn't my own, now is it.

Fortunately, for me, the answer to my unfaithfulness is found right after Jesus' devastating remark, in Rev. 2:5: "Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first..."

For five years, I've been in free fall as God has removed the props that I was using to think my relationship with Him was ok. He's shown me what our relationship is really like - not much of one. That needs to change.

So, to bring this post full circle, God is using Kathy's death to draw me back to Him. And I know it's with Kathy's hearty approval. To God be the glory.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raid on Alliance, Play on Horde

So, I'm down to just raiding on Daxie, 10 hours/week, on the Alliance side; all of my other play time is spent over on Suramar on my Hordies.

I got a surprise visit from Jay the other day; it really made my day as I was getting a bit lonely as of late. After he logged, I sent him 10 gold and some Netherweave bags to entice him back. Oh and finagled him an invite into the leet guild Cult of Dax. I gots connections!

Over the weekend (and yesterday as I stayed home from work), I got a fair amount accomplished; referencing my last WoW post (yes, I'm going to make you go back and forth):

1. Daxen's Mining/JC is up to Outlands levels! Yes! What a relief to get this grind done. By the way, the absolute best place to mine Thorium is Un'goro Crater. Hands down. Just make loops around the outside and by the time you've made a full circuit, ore will have started popping again. Don't even bother going up into the hills; just mine the stuff at the bottom.

2. I bought the rods for Daxea, so this project can, and probably will, drop to the bottom.

3. Punt.

4. Got in some good LW skill points and have finally gotten up to where I can make some useful armor for a level 70. I also got my Troll up to 71 and am almost prepared to complete all the quests for Nexus.

5. Used up all of Daxea the Pox Priest's rested XP. She's up to just shy of 53. I sent over my Heirloom staff to help her out, and she's been healing LBRD and ST. I also decided to grind out Timbermaw rep for the Agility enchants; got the 2H one already and am halfway though to Honored (and the 1H one).

6. He sent his staff to Daxea...and sat around, unplayed.

7. Punt.

8. Oldmandax actually was level 16. I ran RFK a couple of times on him, and he's 17 or 18 now. I haven't sent my Heirloom gear to him, but if I do decide to level him, I may. I'd kind of like to save him for leveling with a friend...hint hint. JAY!! HEY I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!! Jeez. Maybe Robin wants to start playing again...

Ok that's about it. My plan for the next week or so is to burn up everyone's rest XP. Rysteranch the Troll is going to get most of the play because he has so much; although there is something to be said for burning the others and then working on Rysteranch. At the very least, I need to make sure I do my daily so I can get my badges.

(I might be a bad boy and spend Rysteranch's badges on Heirloom gear for Daxea, but don't tell him! He'd get mighty upset...)

The bouncing ball

This is what my weight has done since my last loser update. No, those don't have actual numbers recorded, it's more of a representative of what's been happening. I've been bouncing along and not broken the 186 lb mark like I was hoping at the end of March.

That is until this morning. I finally weighed in at 185.6 lbs. Woot! Time for some ice cream! Or maybe not...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Retrospect...

Leveling a toon is easier and more fun than leveling Jewelcrafting/Mining. I should have saved $25 and not transferred Daxen the level 58 hunter and switched her profs.

Instead, I should have kept my level 39 hunter Daxen on Suramar because she did have Mining/JC at a level appropriate, erm...level. It would have been much more fun, as well as easier, to transfer my Heirloom gear and just level that hunter.

So, that said, I've stopped all leveling on Daxen in order to get her professions up to Outlands level - 300. And because I need to level both Mining and JC, I'm trying very hard to resist the allure of the AH and buying mats.

One of the things that I hate about leveling JC is the fact that I either have to rely on good prospecting luck (getting the gems I need from the ore) or have some non jewelcrafting mat just laying around (such as Large Fangs). I would much rather be able to at least have a leveling path that consists of just metal stuff so I wouldn't have to worry about having a number of specific gems available. I know, I know, QQ...

The good news is that I'm in no hurry, so this little break from running instances is just that, a stop in the action that will only help out in the long run. It's good to take this view, because I have a whole laundry list of things I need/want to do on this server:
(In no particular order)
1. Level Daxen's profs to Outlands levels. (Actively working on it)

2. Level Daxynn the Pally's Blacksmithing to make Arcanite and Fel Iron (enchanting) rods. This is going to be a longer term project as I need to grind out 50-75 skill points. I may even need to grind out some levels as she's only 39.

3. Switch Daxxy the Rogue's second profession. Currently, she has Mining/Herb, which are both nice for PvP. I'm leaning towards dropping Mining and picking up Inscription; my other option is to drop Herb and pick up Engineering. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we!

4. Rysteranch's Leatherworking is coming along nicely, but it still needs work. I made the mistake of right clicking on a bunch of Borean Leather Scraps to make Borean Leather; I should have gone into my LW screen and made them, as the recipe was yellow to me. DOH!

5. Daxea the Pox Priest is way ahead of the game with her professions (/preen), so that means I need to play her and get her some levels!

6. I have sorely neglected Daxenos the Druid. I don't know where his Herb/Alch stands, so I suppose I should take a peek and make a plan.

7. I have a DK, Vancomyacin. She doesn't have any profs. She's barely out of the starting area. Last priority right now.

8. I have another hunter, Oldmandax, who I think I'm going to delete in favor of another class. I might, however, take to leveling him through the dungeon system just to experience the lower level instances with a hunter. He's 17, so I could try to get the Oldlands dungeon master on him. Once again, very low priority.

That's it! I'm saving a spot for my goblin, once Cata hits. I'm not sure which class he'll be, but I know I NEEEEED to have one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Shadow Hunter

I have just received some top secret inside information from my mole that works at Blizzard. This is all hush hush, can't tell you unless I kill you information, and you heard it here first!

The expansion scheduled after Cataclysm is already in development, and the next hero class is going to be the Shadow Hunter! Like the DK is to the Pally, the Shadow Hunter is to the Priest and Hunter classes.

The new class will have a tanking tree, a healing tree, and an omgpewpewtreeofawesomeness tree. Yes, you read that right, there will be no QQ tree! Yes!!

The tanking tree will focus on pet survivability and tanking abilities. Major talents in this tree include Spittle Laced Growl, Putrid Dog Breath, and, my personal favorite, Annoying Howl. The SH humanoid half will concentrate on keeping all of the pulls' attention on their pet with Misdirects, Stickers, and Peanut Butter. The humanoid will also incorporate traps, snares, and camouflage into the tanking role.

The healing tree will highlight the pet's special abilities to comfort, inspire, and soothe. Lick Wounds receives a major buff in this Xpac and will rival the Holy Priest's Greater Heal in power. Once again, the hunter will augment the pet's healing with bandages, special herb mixtures, and cheerleading chants. (We've got spirit, yes we do...)

The omgpewpewtreeofawesomeness tree will take all of the existing talents from the current trees, make them 1/3rd of the cost in points, and basically be a 168 talent tree for the bargain basement price of 56 talent points. Yeah, it's that awesome!

In short, the Shadow Hunter will become what every Hunter dreams of and every other class QQ's about them. That's all the info I have for now. Stay tuned for further developments!

Monday, May 3, 2010

For the Horde!!

Dang, it's been a week since I posted! The good news is that I did get all my work done for the month of April, and I don't have as much work for May, so I'll hopefully be posting more.

Over the weekend, I abandoned Andorhal. I sold a bunch of junk, consolidated all my gold, gathered up all my heirloom stuff on Daxen the Hunter, Daxenos the Druid, and Daxynn (now Daxxy) the 6K kill Rogue and moved them all to Suramar.

So, now I have my first toon - Rysteranch the Troll Hunter, my former Pox toon - Daxea the BE Priest, my new transfers with their yummy Heirloom gear, and a smattering of other alts all over on Suramar in my one man guild Cult of Dax.

No, no, no, I haven't forsaken my Alliance toons (still am raiding on Daxie Sun, Mon, and Wed and trying to do the daily on Daxxy the Druid), but I have shifted the majority of my play time to my toons over on Suramar. So, what have I done?

Daxea has gotten to 300 Enchanting and one half bubble until level 51.

Rysteranch dinged 70. This is the highest that I've leveled a Horde toon (Daxie doesn't count because I transferred her at 80). I hit 70 before I started sharing the Heirloom gear from Daxen, so I expect that his next levels will come a bit quicker with the 20% XP gain and rested XP.

Daxen dropped skinning/LW for Mining/JC and has been leveling that as well as running Ramparts. So far she's gotten the legs, a neck, and a staff out of there and is hoping for the gloves off the second boss.

That's about it aside from organizing the rest of my toons. Daxynn the Pally has a new chest and shoulders that she needs to christen with the blood of her enemies; maybe I'll get to that tomorrow night. Daxenos the Druid hasn't been out and about on Suramar yet, and Daxxy the 6K kill Rogue is wiling away her time in the pub...for now.