Thursday, November 1, 2007

Headless Horseman dies again....and again....and again....

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, uh insert flimsy excuse here.

So, on Tuesday, a friend whispered me and asked if Rysteranch could help out on the HHM. Well, I'd never done the holiday event, so I said SURE!

The group was trying to THREE man him with no success, so more DPS was needed. Luckily, that's what my hunter can provide (and quite a bit at that). So, we summoned the dude and wiped.

The adds are a problem on the third cycle of killing the head, and it seems that if the group doesn't get the job done on that cycle, that the wipe occurs. One of my problems was finding the head to DPS it, but the rogue said to target off his target and things would be much better. So I did. And they were. HHM went down like a big dawg. And again. And again.

Three times in a row we killed him, and everyone but me passed on the epic flying brooms. I started to feel guilty, but they all assured me that they had brooms out the whazoo. Cool. I also got a nice sta/att ring.

Then, later in the evening, Dax went with a pickup group. We struggled a bit, but downed him twice before people had to go. Dax got a broom and a nice healing ring.

Fun times! Last night was too laggy to try anything, so I just went to bed.

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