Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puggin' Kara

So, the song is over at BBB's website, and I'm taking his hint to print out the lyrics. Enjoy!

I hear the wipe a'comin'
It's rollin' down the bend.
The tank can't get the mob back
I'm goin' down again.

Well I'm puggin' here in Kara
Healin' on the fly.
That hunter pulls the aggro
I hang my head and cry.

When I was just a young priest
My trainer told me son,
Always keep the tank healed
and also everyone.

But I saw that rogue pull aggro
and I watched him die.
I see the wipe a'comin'
I hang my head and cry.

I bet there's guild folks a-eatin'
In Moroes' banquet room
Watchin' all the Operas
And givin' Prince the boom

But I'm stuck here puggin' Kara
And I don't know why.
I go and grab a soda
Come back and find I've died.

Well hello spirit healer
I'll just take this corpse run
I'm buffin' up the party
I hope we're having fun

My armor's in the red zone
Got to fix it now
If we ever kill these horses
Attunmen's goin' down

Of course the talking over the guitar solos was ad lib'd, and I can't vouch for anything said in the heat of battle.....

Dax makes the big time!

I've been trying to post my version of BBB's song "Wreath of Fire", but for some reason Blogger can't process it. /shrug.

I sent a copy to BBB, and lo and behold, HE posted it! Woot! Go on over to Big Bear Butt and check it out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My first email post

Yep, you read it right. This is my first post that I'm using a reader's email for the subject and my response to that email as...uh, my post. Let's see if I can get this right.....

Reader XJDeath writes: on your blog that you're pulling down massive amounts of gold. I gotta ask, what the heck are you doing to get that done?

Ok, that copy/paste thingy works. And some creative editing to make the sentence make sense of it out of the original context. Ok, and my response:

First of all, I have 3 70's, and that is THE key. I do a smattering of quests on Daxie (like 4 of the island ones), more on Daxe (9-10? I include some of the Outlands quests from the island), and a lot on Rysteranch, including all the island ones and quite a number of Outlands quests from the island.

In addition to all that, Daxe is a miner and Daxie is a jewelcrafter, so I'm sending all the ore to Daxie to prospect and selling ALL of the resulting gems as well as the Mercurial Adamantie that Daxie makes from the Addy tailings + Primal Earth.

Selling all the greens that I collect and making/selling Netherweave bags from the cloth usually puts me over the top. I'd be happy to make Netherweave bags for you if you supply the mats - both Daxe and Daxie are tailors.

As far as fishing goes, Tanaris, Tanaris, Tanaris, Tanaris! I start at Steamweedle port and work my way all the way down the coast, hitting all the pools. I stop at the beach just before the long rocky shoreline that leads to the southern beaches, which I have not found any pools in. Make sure you don't open the mithril bound boxes while you're fishing as they will quickly fill up your inventory. And the Weather Beaten Journal really helps out for finding those fishing pools.

Also, if you have any of the manufacturing professions, I'd ignore them until you get epic flying.

And that completes this particular post. Yay!

Oh Herod, where art thou?

What?? Dead on the floor?? Three times?? Oh.

So, the Purple Poxers went into the Armory and once again, made themselves at home, put their feet on the desks, and drank all the beer. Herod was pretty much a joke while we were level 33 and definitely a laughing stock when we returned at 34 with new/upgraded spells.

Harisan got his shoulder, but other than that, he didn't drop anything else of interest. And, of course, she can't wear it for a couple of levels...haha.

I had some doubts as to whether we could do this instance as the mobs were 35-37 and we were only 33. My fears were definitely unfounded. In fact, we did a couple of 5 pulls (accidentally) and came through unscathed. Add to that the fact that Harisan was having to drink fairly frequently tells me that we could definitely take on bigger pulls and possibly, even take on the Cathedral. At any rate, RFD is up next, so we're upping the ante each week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An interesting pic

So, what do you get when you cross a Noggerfloggin (SP?) mixture with a Pet biscuit (makes Non Combat pets bigger - promo item)? You get this.

Size wise, it looks like Siamese is my pet, not

Sick on Tuesdays

I'll tell you what, being ill (and staying home from work) always has an upside in that I am almost never too sick to play WoW.

But, being sick on Tuesdays just blows. Sure sometimes the maintenance consists of a quick series of rolling restarts, but inevitably, I get sick on the Tuesdays where there is extended maintenance. Phooey.

So, you guys get to read more posts on the various happenings over the weekend. Or maybe just one long post; we'll see.

Well, I've been playing my 70's now almost exclusively since Thursday; dailies are my focus. See, on Thursday, I bought Daxe his epic flying mount and had roughly 500 gold left. When I logged out last night I had around 2900 gold with more coming in from a couple of auctions. I was trying to average 500 gold per day including dailies and auctions.

Daxe has been mining his brains out in the course of completing the dailies and sending the mats to Daxie to prospect and forward on to my bank alt.

I've been completing more and more dailies with each of my toons as I've sorted out which are fairly easy and which ones are just a pain. Rysteranch has gotten the lion's share due to the ease of huntering verses priesting, but as I've gotten to know the quests, Daxe and Daxie have started picking up more.

My goals from my previous post have changed slightly; now I want each of my toons on this server to have 100 gold before buying another epic flying mount. That means that my lower level toons will have their mount money tucked away, and I won't have to worry about being mountless at 40 on any of them. So, all told, I need 6k of gold to meet the new requirements.

"Oh, I'm halfway there, oh-OH, I'm living on a ...nvm"

In other weekend news, I got to run a bit with the infamous BBB. He and Cassieann needed to kill the first boss in Heroic Shattered Halls for a Kara quest, and Rysteranch was more than willing to provided MQoSRDPS. Since we had a sap and my trap as the only CC, we had a bit of a time with it. Also, we 4 manned the first couple of pulls until a shammy joined us.

My performance was pretty good. I was able to keep my mob trapped at least 2-3 times, sometimes more. I used some LOS/misdirect pulls to get casters into my traps. As an aside, I have to give a shout out to BRK for his movie showing how to park your pet by the trap out of Line of Sight (LOS), misdirect onto said pet, and trap squared mob. It worked beautifully. Also, as another aside, I have to thank Fausta (Ian) of The Iron Ring who showed me the trick of placing another trap directly beneath a trapped mob to keep it frozen.

So, I did a fair amount of trapping and ended up 2nd on the DPS meter to Cassieann (a rogue); it was a very close second (10ths of a percentage point) but still 2nd. There were times that I didn't get to DPS the skull due to trapping; I'll have to look into what I can do differently to remedy this - such as at least serpent stinging the skull before grabbing my trap target.

The second time I ran with BBB, he was on his SPriest, and we Pugged MrT. Once again, I was on trapping duty, but we had a mage this time, so I usually didn't have to trap more than 3 times on a single mob. We had several wipes mostly due to healing; I'll say this right here and now, if the tank dies first, I'm looking at either the pull went bad or the healer couldn't keep up. If one of the DPS dies first, then I'm looking at either the tank can't keep aggro or the DPSer is starting too early.

The tank was the first to die a number of times, which meant I was looking sideways at the healer. My first clue should have been that the healer didn't heal anyone at the end of the fight...or when he rezzed someone....or sometimes even in the heat of battle. /sigh.

So, we made it past the first two bosses and were almost to the PvP group and the tank's mommy needed him for something. He went AFK with no warning! O......K.......When he came back, he said he had to go cause it was a school night - blah, blah, blah. It turned out to be a good thing as it was already 10:30, and I had to get to bed as well. So we called it.

My performance? I thought I did an excellent job! I kept my mob trapped and didn't break it. I tanked my mob as necessary to get another trap down if it broke early. I did top the damage meter by a nice margin. And I didn't pull aggro off the tank; ok well, maybe once I did...Feign Death FTW!

So, an eventful weekend it was! Oh, yeah, and I wrote some WoW lyrics to a Johnny Cash song...heh....heh....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, hai

I haz a shiney.

(poor Wulfa, this is the 3rd time she's seen this)


(she's trying to ignore me now)


(It's Rof's second time seeing this)

shiney shiney shiney!




It's double purple! (shiney)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plans...I haz dem

Ok, so I'm thinking about my different play times and the different stuff I want to do in game. Here's what I've come up with.

Mornings before work - (~1/2 hour) - AH and maybe bombing dailies in Sunwell for Daxe, Rysteranch, and Daxie. It is way more efficient to do this particular daily at 5 am than fight the crowds later on.

3-5pm after work session (~2 hours) - Since Hel (Feraldax's partner) is away and Rof (Flowerdax's partner) is not home from work yet, this would be the optimal time to do the level 70 stuff like dailies, mining, and speed racing.

7-10 pm after dinner session (~3 hours) - Except for Tue and Wed, this time can be spent leveling Flowerdax with her partner or DV, if Rof isn't on. Of course, if no leveling partners are on, then I could also do more 70 junk if I feel like it.

Sat/Sun - wide open to what ever.

Now, what this doesn't incorporate is time for Daxe, the BE priest to grind Troll rep. I might be able to carve out some time on Sat/Sun or Wed after dancing. I suppose I'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.

And, of course, those plans and times will be ditched in a hot second if a certain RAWR RAWR HAWT female human Hottie (read Mrs. Dax) wants to do anything together

or something needs to be done around the house

or someone needs some help with homework

or "So You Think You Can Dance" is on

or I Think I Can Dance.....

Sorry Rof, you take a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back seat. pfffft!

Epic flying, part II

So, now that I've written that epic flying isn't a's become one. I guess that I saw how close I was and decided to make the push. I've held onto goal #1 from the previous post, with the exception of Flowerdax, who only has 37 gold.

I sent a bunch of green and blue quality gems to my bank alt for a fire sale; that netted me 274 gold over night. I posted a bunch more this morning, and this afternoon, I could be zippin' around on my epic mount! I've already decided that Daxe, my miner, will be getting the first one, although, I really wish Rysteranch was a miner, as he would have a much easier time. Oh well, QQ, right?

Also, in this push, Rysteranch, Daxie, and Daxe completed some dailies. I really should have been doing the bombing run at the very least; I've found that around 5 am eastern time is a great time to get it done in one shot.

And, so, I have renewed interest in level 70 stuff; I guess it's a good thing to have options. I don't know what this means for my poor little alts, though...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Epic flying

1. I want to have at least 50 gold on each of my 'toons; that adds up to 350 gold.

2. I really don't know the total cost of epic flying training and a mount. Is it 5K for both or just the training?

3. Across all my toons on Kael'thas, I have 4900 gold.

...and I'm still not doing dailies....Would you say that epic flight is just not a priority for me?

That said, I'm pretty sure Daxe will be getting the first epic flier due to his mining. I did a bit of mining last night and, because I'm "King of the Ogres", Blade's Edge Mtns was the best place to mine because I could get on my horse and run around the ogre camps. Epic flying would be nice for that....

Books and lattes for everyone!

Last night, the Purple Poxers went to Scarlet Monastery: Library. We were all level 31 from our running around last week; the mobs were still level 33-35.

In short, it was another poxing of an instance. We totally destroyed the place three times in three hours. Our only wipe came as we were running out to reset the instance instead of hearthing and running back. It turned out that wiping and running back to the instance was shorter anyways, so, uh, we meant to do it...yeah....yeah, we MEANT to wipe!

Somewhere in there we dinged 32 & 33; I finally got to wear Doan's robes at 33 (some people are still waiting for one more level to equip their We'll probably do the Library one more time for a shot at the dagger for yours truly, and then we'll move on to the Armory.

Monday, May 19, 2008

There is no title...uh, wait a minute...

Almost all of my toons got a little sunshine this weekend.

Feraldax is up to 12 and waiting for Helhthnofury's return.

Flowerdax is up to 16 and is trying to catch up with Rof.

DV spent the whole weekend inside the inn. I said "almost"!

Daxe got to smelt some addy bars.

Daxie got in on a Black Morass run and got a nice +70 healing trinket, which means she doesn't have to grind Lower City rep! She also got Revered with the Keepers of Time.

Rysteranch spent a good deal of time fishing. He also went on a guild run of Heroic Sethekk Halls to help Doodlebug get his epic flight form. The run was pretty smooth, we only had one full wipe (I think), and Nas & Squirrelz ended up finishing off the last dude without the rest of us.

I think I did a pretty good job chain trapping; the Beast Lord set helps out so much! I had one time where the trap was resisted and the follow up trap was resisted, but all in all, I was able to keep a mob trapped 2-3 times depending on the need. Oh, and despite all the CCing I was doing, I still managed to top the DPS meter. Nas was pushing me pretty good, and it was a great challenge to play my hunter to his fullest.

And, I was going to farm Wailing Caverns for some BoE "of the Fang" gear for Flowerdax, so I asked Rof if he wanted to come along, which he did. We (I) cleared out the instance and even did the escort quest, and no BoE "of the Fang" gear dropped! I think Rof picked up some pants or something like that, and I did get some greens, some deviate scales, and some perfect deviate scales, so the trip wasn't totally wasted. At least I could send a Deviate Scale Belt to her, as well as make one for Rof.

And, Friday night, my wife and I went dancing at our dance school's spring dance. It was pretty fun, but we both seemed a bit off; it could have been from working the whole week (my wife usually has Fridays off) or maybe we just had an off night. There were a couple of times that I thought we were going to get run over by some of the better dancers, but we didn't, although we did have to stop and let some pass.

So far, I think my favorite dances are the Cha Cha and the Rumba. I'm working on getting the hip movement down, and occasionally, I get it right. I know this from the look (rawr) that I get from my wife...heh...heh... I just found out a good place to dance on Thursday nights, so we might be taking a little trip out there when we get a bit better...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome back

Uh, Kirk's back. Go on over if you're in need of a headache...or like minutia....or want a headache thinking about minutia. Seriously, I love the fact that guys like Kirk are there to analyze and breakdown the game into quarks and snoots; I just get this fuzzy feeling in my head when I read it.

Go have fun...

Where I'm coming from

Since I encouraged people to buzz off if they didn't know where I was coming from, I decided to make it easier for them to know where I'm coming from.

I recognize that I'm a weak individual. Yep, bummer for me. I have a hard time saying "no" to my online friends, who for some reason I want to like me. I have an easier time saying "no" to my family, who I know already love me, if not like me, all the time.

One of the reasons I had such a negative reaction to BRK's post is that I've been put in that very position of being pressured through joking and kidding. Was it their fault? Nope, I was the one with the problem; I was the one who's perspective of life in general was totally screwed up.

How screwed up was my perspective?
I considered leaving my wife of 16 years over the game.
I skipped family events in order to play the game.
I got angry/irritated whenever I was interrupted from playing the game.
I raided even though I knew that it was tearing my marriage apart.
I took time off work for the sole purpose of playing the game.
I skipped church to play the game.
In short, the game became the number one priority in my life.

And who's fault was all that? Mine. Not Blizzard's, not Turion, not The Iron Ring or Death's Advocate. Mine and mine alone.

I allowed myself to be manipulated by jesting and guildies' expectations.
I allowed my desire for loot to trump my real life responsibilities.
I allowed my drive to be entertained to seriously damage my relationship with the ones I love.
I did it and bear the blame/guilt.

When I finally came to my senses, I firstly thanked God that it wasn't too late. I am very grateful that the Lord didn't give me what I wanted, but that He revealed to me what I was chasing. I've been at this point before with other obsessions - Amway and school come to mind, and now WoW has been added to the list.

So, why the response? I wanted to let people that are obsessive, like me, know that it's the right thing to do to put their real life ahead of the game. I also wanted to get the community to back off on the pressure that weak individuals, like myself, are so prone to cave in to.

In short, it's a game. A. Game.

It is not life.
It is not lasting.
It is not capable of loving.
It is not able to fill the void.

It is a game.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raid pressure

After reading BRK's post this morning, I saw one of the reasons I've left raiding behind. Regardless of the amount of kidding, joking, or lightheartedness thrown into the jab at Ratshag by BRK, the implied pressure is there.

This pressure is meant to create a desire to raid or miss out on loot.

This pressure is meant to create a desire to be there or miss out on fun.

This pressure is meant to place a higher priority on the game than on real life.

This pressure is meant to ensure that next time, the would be raider is willing to drop other plans in order to be in the raid.

This pressure sucks.

If BRK had simply applied the pressure in game, in whispers to Rats, I would see it differently, but by broadcasting it on his blog, I see it for what it is: manipulation and pressure.

Once again, I'm glad I'm out of that environment, and I'm saddened that I've lost a bit of respect for BRK.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Round, round, get around, we get around....

The Purple Poxers took a bit of a break from instances last night in order to finish up a couple of class quests, grab some flight points, and....uh, spend some time in We all started the night at level 30.

We met up in 1K needles in order to run to RFK for the guano quest. We skipped the first boss to the left, killed the boss that drops the caster stuff (gratz Sal!), skipped the dude with the two "rare" adds, and ended with picking up bat poop.

After hearthing to UC, we took care of turn ins and pick ups and swam across the lake to complete the quest we picked up in the Graveyard. We ran down to southern Hillsbrad for Wara's quest, grabbed the FP in Tarren Mill, and headed over to Hammerfall. We aggro'd the Alliance level 37 patrol, which chased us almost all the way to Hammerfall! We picked up a spider along the way, but I kept Renewing/PW: Shielding as we were running, and we arrived a little beaten up, but intact.

Wara's quest took us to the Wetlands to collect something off the orcs there, and since we were already halfway (ok, 1/3rd of the way) to the Badlands, we pushed on to Kargath. Loch Modan wasn't all that bad; we didn't smack any of the flagged NPC's around, so we weren't flagged. The real trouble started when we encountered the level 35+ mobs in the Badlands. Stealthed leopards, wolves, and the occasional Dark Iron Dwarf all conspired to make our trek to Kargath difficult. We passed by the goblins with a train of critters chasing us, and they didn't even offer to help!

We survived the critters only to be confronted by the rock elementals. And this is where Sal and I finally died. Wara, Madja, and Harisan were all able to get to the other side and drop aggro....

...and I had a soulstone!! Woot! I waited until the mobs reset, rezzed, and booked! I had some chasing me, but with mana and health, I easily outran them. After they reset again, we went back for Harisan to rez Sal. After that, grabbed the fp, made our way to Ratchet, and Wara finally completed his quest. /whew!

Oh, look, we have almost an hour left...hmmmm. Hearth to UC, run around, head to the SM: Graveyard and Pox the place! That last run was definitely worth it as Harisan got a sweet hammer, and I picked up some nice shoulders.

Next week, SM:Library! We should be able to run this thing at least twice and possibly more, which will be nice as Doan drops caster loot and we have 3 clothies.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


...and the wonderful time traveling post makes it's appearance. So, I may start scheduling posts; who knows!

I can change...if I have to...

...and you twist my arm....and threaten to pull my internet connection.

This post is solely for the purpose of speaking to the future, ala Dammy.

A new alt

So, I've realized that I'm leveling alts in order to level their professions. Case in point is Flowerdax, my Alchemist. Unfortunately, I agreed to level her with Helhthnofury ( a holy priest), and now, Hel is going to be unavailable for a month starting Friday. Hmmm, what to do, what to do....

See, I don't really care about getting to 70 as much as getting alchemy to 375, but there are level requirements for each of the different skill masteries. If it were left up to me, I'm sure I'd have an army of level 1 alts with maxed manufacturing professions. Currently, Flowerdax is maxed out at 150 until she hits 20.

So, Feraldax was born last night to take Flowerdax's place. I picked up skinning and herbalism, so I don't have to worry about her getting behind level wise for her profs. I got her up to level 9 by this morning, and Hel is sitting at 12. This afternoon, hopefully, Hel won't mind helping out with the next 3 levels, and we'll be off and running in Darkshore.

As far as Flowerdax is concerned, she may team up with Deathrender's new alt Rof, who ran around with Feraldax last night. I don't think we'll be an exclusive leveling team, though as we both have other alts, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of play time together.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nat Pagle would be proud

Over the weekend, all I did was fish. Rysteranch started around 120 or so skill level and ended around 320. I think that most of the pain of fishing is derived from opportunity cost, as in, if I wasn't fishing, what could I be doing. Like many WoW players, I have plenty that I could be doing on mains and alts, but recently, my perspective of the game has been changing. I feel no pressure to level any of my toons and, instead, do whatever the heck I feel like doing. 8~P

I really like the eastern coast of Kalimdor for leveling fishing. After getting to 100 in the city, I head out to Ratchet and start fishing the Oily Blackmouth and Floating Debris pools. The fish, Stranglekelp, Rumsey Rum, and trunk contents all sell reasonably well, and for budding Alchemists, the fish and herbs are pure gold (Flowerdax was able to go from 80->100 alchemy from Oily Blackmouths alone).

These pools spawn all up and down the Barrens' coastline, from Ratchet to Northwatch Hold. South of Northwatch Hold, there are even a couple of Firefin Snapper pools that show up. So I travel up and down the coast, collecting fish and trunks (don't open them on the spot as they will fill up your inventory rather quickly) until I reach fishing skill ~200.

Then, I incorporate the coastline all the way to Theramore and start finding more pools of Firefin Snappers, as well as the previous pools. I use a bank alt, so whenever my inventory fills up, I send my bank alt all the trunks, fish, and herbs to sell. I usually can't wait to see what I've fished up, so I log onto my bank alt and have Christmas time!

It's a good idea to keep up this route until reaching 225 and the fishing quest. After the quest, depending on if you like using lures and +fishing equipment, you can head over to Tanaris. If you don't want to spend the money, continue fishing the same route you've been on until you hit 250, and then head over to Tanaris.

The reason for getting to Tanaris is the availability of 3 different alchemy fish (Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snappers, and Stonescale Eels), Stranglekelp, and the best fished up trunks in the game (including Outlands). The mithril trunks can contain level 40ish green quality armor/weapons, cash, bolts of mageweave or runecloth, thick or rugged leather, and a variety of mana and health potions.

I have come back to Tanaris after hitting 300 because the loot is so good! Oh, the 300 fishing trainer is by the lake at the Cenarion Expedition outpost in Zangarmarsh. While the fish in Outlands can be cooked up for some great buffs, the trunks that are fished up are not as good as the ones in Tanaris. I've found mostly engineer stuff in the Outland trunks, so when DV is over 300 engineering, I may go fish up some free supplies....or not.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Archetypes in WoW

I'm sure that there have been many a blog post on what the author's view of an archetype is in WoW. This is mine. 8~P Now, archetypes are not the most efficient builds, the best leveling specs, or the biggest money makers.

Let me first say, that I like playing archetypes. When I make an character and choose a talent build and profession combo that I think "fits" the character best, I have a more enjoyable experience. I feel like I'm actually role-playing THE archetype of what ever race/class that I've picked. My dwarf hunter is such an example.

I'm still trying to figure out how best to write this post, so please bear with me. I suppose I'll list my idea of some of my more favorite archetypes, or the ones I think are more obvious to me.

Dwarf Beast Master Hunter, Miner/Engineer. This is Dwarfvader.
Beast Master spec: Hunters have a special bond with their pet and this spec emphasizes the pet.
Miner: Uh...Dwarf = mines, right?
Engineer: DV uses guns because I think Dwarves should use guns. Bows are for Elves. So, using guns means making them as well as ammo. Ergo, engineer.

Night Elf/Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter, Skinner/Leatherworker. This is Rysteranch.
BM spec: See above.
Skinner: If you're going to be a LW, then you should be a skinner. Besides, hunting involves killing skinnable animals.
Leatherworker: If fletching was a profession, I'd probably pick that only if woodcutting was also available. Given that it's not an option, making leather/mail armor is the next best thing.

Night Elf/Tauren Druid, Herbalism/Alchemy. This is Flowerdax.
I am not stuck on a spec for Druids, although I do lean toward Feral because that seems to be the "typical" talent build, and I am more likely to be a bear or kitty.
Herbalism: I view Druids as flower picking, long haired, hippie freaks. So, this fits nicely.
Alchemy: Along with the flower picking, this goes with the hippie drug-culture theme.

Human Holy Priest, Tailoring/Enchanting. This is almost Human Daxe and BE Daxe.
Holy spec: When I think of "The Light" I can't help but think of the great cathedral in Stormwind; sorry, but the temple in Darnasty to Elune should be manned by Druids....
Tailoring: Priests, by nature, are soft handed, "inside" individuals more apt to read a book or pick up embroidering than get their hands dirty by mining, skinning, or actually working.
Enchanting: I see this profession as viable by any caster class, as it adds to the arcane or magic knowledge that would be inherent in knowing spells and the like.

Other race/class combos:
Orc warriors, warlocks, and shammys
Undead Shadow Priests, warlocks, and mages.
Tauren hunters - see Dwarf hunters, I see a lot of similarities between the two.
Gnome mages, warlocks, and rogues.
Blood Elf mages, warlocks, Shadow Priests, and hunters - They are Elves, ya know...
Draenai holy priests and paladins - The draenai seem to be very attuned to "the Light".
Troll hunters and shammys.

Some race/class combos I think are the anti-archetype include:
Blood Elf Holy Priests - Yes I have a couple, but that doesn't make it right.
Gnome Warriors - Sorry Wally, it's unconventional, which is cool. But cool doesn't make it right either...haha
Draenai Mages and shammys - the Draenai are tied to the Light, which means priests and pallys.
Dwarf rogues - pickpocket with those fat fingers? Right.

So, by listing some of the anti-archetypes, I also realize that a lot of fun can be had by playing such a character. Watching a gnome tank a fel reaver is a hoot! And, of course, one of my favorite combos is the pink haired female gnome warlocks; all the mastery of the dark arts wrapped up in a cute bubbly package!

I'm sure my two readers have their own archetypes in mind, feel free to list them in the comments.

EDIT: Fixed my poor spelling of archetype.../sigh.

Impromtu Poxing

Last night, I saw that 4/5 of the Purple Poxers were on Kael'thas, so I put out feelers for an extra "running around" session. The idea was to finish or move along some class quests for Wara and Sal, as well as grab some flight points and maybe do the SM quest we picked up in the Graveyard.

Well, we ended up doing Wara's quest first in 1K needles; it was easy peasy. We grabbed the FP at Freewind Post and headed back to Camp T for the journey into Dustwallow. Hmmm, Dustwallow is a 35-45 level area and we're all level 30. This could be interesting....

The level 37 spider that first attacked us was not that much of an issue. The 37 deserter, the 38 spider, and the 39 spider were all long fights, but thankfully, single mob fights. The real challenge was when we aggroed a ?? dragonkin dude. HO-BOY!! Alright, everyone calm down....Harisan had a hard time getting aggro due to most of her spells being resisted, but after a little bit, she finally hit it enough to tank it. It was a loooooong fight due to the majority of all our spells being resisted and attacks being dodged, but in the end, we were victorious!!

So, Sal got to complete one of the harder legs of his class quest, we grabbed the Mudsprocket FP
, and we got the heck outta there back to 1K needles. It was a short jaunt to the raceway and another part of Sal's chain quest, and we ended the night after picking up the FP in Tanaris.

So, next week, we should be able to finish running around and maybe complete the Guano quest. The following week, we should be raring to go put a pox on Doan and his cronies in the Library!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Moar posts!!

Well, unlike Dammy, I have no problem with people posting multiple times a day. In fact, I'm constantly checking the blogs that have a history of multiposting. So, with that said, here's another post.

As you can see from my previous post, someone (three guesses, first two don't count) has their Big Bear Butt. I have been leveling this girly with a priest that I only met a couple of days ago. We got to talking for one reason or another and decided to level our toons together. He has a level 70 druid and I have a level 70 priest (or 2), so we figured we'd be able to give each other tips and tricks on playing the classes.

We've had a ton of fun just leveling to 10. We are both playing female toons, so we have a good time flirting/dancing with the guys and sitting in the hot We've both made macros for our buffs with the line "/y GIRLS GONE WILD", which was inspired by my Mark of the Wild buff. Yes, it's sophomoric and silly, but that's just the way we're rolling...haha.

Since his playtime usually ends around 5pm my time, and that's the time I really need to get dinner going, we're fortunate that we both have around 2 hours to play together without interruption. Currently, he is away from his family on business, so his internet connection stinks and he occasionally will be unavailable for weeks, maybe months, on end.

So, we'll have to wait and see if we'll be able to continue what we've started. I really have no problem waiting around because I'm really interested in this toon for her Herbing and Alchemy skills. Although, I am looking forward to being able to charge right into a fight knowing he has my back on heals, even if I've died already due to lag and D/C

When in Rome...

Level 28/29...SM?

Ok, ok, now I haven't read any of the other write ups, and I know I'm late. Sorry. Yes, the Purple Poxers went into Scarlet Monastery on Tuesday; the plan was to do the Graveyard and see how far we could get in the Library. The Graveyard has level 31-33 mobs; the Library has level 33-35 mobs.

We started the evening with a mix of level 28 and 29's and had all dinged 29 by the end of the first Graveyard run. So, off to the Library we went. The first couple of pulls were...interesting. We had some adds from runners and quite a lot of our spells were being resisted. But we survived and moved on. We cleared the courtyard and took on Loksey with his puppies - 4 level 33/34 elite mobs, one of which was a boss.

We did not die. I ran out of mana, and Madja had to help heal, but in the end, we were all standing and amazed that we had just done what we did at level 29. So, we pushed deeper into the Library and just after the end of the first hall, wiped. The mobs were level 33/34, but there were 5 of them. The skull kept getting heals also, so that didn't help. We figured out we could handle 3-4 of the mobs if it was just tank 'n spank, but fighting against group dynamics was a different matter. The resisted spells just added up to too many misses and wasted mana.

Since we already had respawns when we retrieved our corpses and since we still had an hour and a half left for our playtime, we decided to run the Graveyard a couple of times. We ended up running it 3 times (each of which ended with the killing of the guy at the bottom of the end crypt.), killing 2 rare spawns and the guy in the aforementioned parenthetical. Harisan got a REALLY nice chestpiece off one of the rares, we all dinged 30, and some of us got some upgrades.

So, now that we have our level 30 spells, we figure we should be able to run the Library next week. I think we finally found a challenge....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seeing double...triple...uh..

I apologize for the multiple posts on the previous entry. The preview link doesn't always present the actual way the post is displayed, so, I'm having to fiddle with it a bit.

EDIT: Ok, it's not perfect, but I'm sure you guys are tired of the revisionist history....

Gnomer is Gnot bad!

I'm not sure if it was the nerf bat or the well organized team of the Purple Poxers, but let me tell ya, Gnomer ain't that bad.

Now, we were forearmed with the knowledge of the Alarm-bots, so we tried to kill them immediately, but even when they did get off their warning, only two elites came. Phhhhht!

Now, being Horde, we got to have a little different experience than our Alliance counterparts.

First of all, we only had two quests inside the instance (I'm not counting the quest for the teleporter) - Kill the last dude and escort the goblin out. So we didn't have to fiddle with keycards and all the other quests that those poor Alliance saps have to deal with.

Secondly, we did have the teleporter quest! I present to you two pics:

Anyone notice what poor Sprok is wearing? That's right....a Red Shirt.....he's gonna

Anyways, we found all the bosses, got a little lost, and generally had a great time! We're still looking for a challenge, though I did run low on mana once....but for the most part, a Renew and a couple of Lesser Heals did the trick.

The Poxers went to G-city
and pwn'd the place, what a pity
The loot, it was phat
and Madja was a cat
and we exited looking real pretty.

Next up, Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard and Library!