Tuesday, October 9, 2007

All this and THAT TOO!!

The long weekend (<3 Columbus) was good for Dax, Rysteranch, and The Iron Ring. More about the toons later. But the big news is The Iron Ring's first all guild run of an instance (to my knowledge. 8-P). Oh, we've been close - 4/5, but Saturday's run of Sunken Temple counts as the first 5/5 run.

The players:
Justyn - Warrior and Tank
Daxenos - Priest and Healer
Ditchjr - Hunter and DPS
Vondra - Mage and DPS
Kat - Rogue and DPS

We technically had no wipes because Ditchjr feigned death and survived, but the rest of us died on the last boss (the sleeping dragon). We didn't know/or forgot the adds on this boss. My inability to hit the right buttons (renew - no I want shield - renew - why isn't shield coming up??? renew...dead, crap) were a direct cause of the wipe. I have every confidence we could have survived if I could have only shielded myself to keep healing. Oh well. We learned a bit more about the instance, completed some quests, and most importantly, worked well as a team.

In other guild news, Gerwintassle got a good idea of what Outlands instances are all about! We PuG'd a Ramparts run with Dax on heals. I died once and had a couple of deaths due to....well, it was a PuG...lol. But all in all, we did just fine. We had a DPS lvl 70 warrior who ended up tanking although I really wanted Gerwin to, but he was undergeared for it (and forgot his shield lol) so we just let the DPS guy go at it.

Then, a while later, Gerwintassle whispered me on Rysteranch and asked if I wanted to do Blood Furnace. He had gotten a group together, and I was thrilled to get some more instance experience on my hunter. Things went ok. Had a couple of wipes due to bad pulls, but everyone was ok with it and no one quit. The last item was sharded and Gerwin won it. Unfortunately, the DE person decided to keep the shard instead of giving it to it's rightful owner. I'm in the midst of talking with that person's GM about it and will reserve retaliatory action pending an outcome.

Really, a stupid shard isn't worth dragging your guild's name through the mud; loot Ninjas, listen up. The Iron Ring doesn't tolerate such behavior, and if I find out one of our members was doing that, I'd place them on probation and /gkick them on the second offense. Gear is not worth the ill will generated by ninja/deception tactics.


BigBearButt said...

It's a good post, but a teeny bit of friendly advice.

If you are an officer of a guild, and it's brought to your attention that a member of your guild 'ninja looted' an item or shard, as in kept an item or shard despite the published rolls and subsequent decision of the group the loot dropped for, then if you do verify that this took place, you'd be well advised to perform a /gkick right then. No broadcast drama in open guild chat, no long voting posts in forums, just a quiet discussion amongst the guild officers in a private channel, to make sure everyone is agreement. If you feel right now that it would be fairest to have a policy of a probation, in case the member maybe didn't understand your guilds' policy towards ninja looting... post your policy now in advance. Make sure there IS no confusion before the first time.
Seriously, I have seen unreasonable hatred and open flame wars across global server cahnnels directed towards guilds in the apst, that have lasted months, because a character ninja looted an item, was caught with screenshots that got posted in the WoW forums, and the guild officers 'gave him another chance'.

Ryster Anch said...

Good point. Our guild is still in the baby stages (no forum, website, written rules, etc), so it looks like it's time to start pouring some concrete. I have no idea how forum/website stuff works as far as hosting. I have managed to stumble into this blog host and a ventrilo host, but haven't researched a free (or minimal cost) guild website/forum host. Any suggestions?