Friday, October 19, 2007

Some musings

Let's face it. When given the choice between putting a chip implant in your brain and going to Cleveland, most of us would much rather just say no.

I have absolutely no idea about what goes on in that town (except the ALCS this year), and I have no idea why people, including myself think that it sucks. I know the Red Sox certainly didn't have the best of times there recently, but I digress.

What is really on my mind is lake water. A quick Mapquest search reveals that Cleveland is on the shores of Lake Erie, which we all know is a euphemism for Lake Eerie. The chief reason the Indians were chosen for this American League city's mascot is because of the weirdness of this lake. And this was before the "Incident that shall not be named", which due to government regulations and the small bandwidth of our internet connection, we shall not name.

In theory, lake water is mostly made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms that are in a 2:1 ratio combination. But closer inspection yields interesting results, namely, that there are small bits of plasma and goo associated with Lake Eerie's so called "water". Now, I'm no expert, but I know water. And any hydrogen atom worth it's salt (that's Sodium Chloride to the layman) knows that it's social suicide to be anywhere near goopy stuff such as mentioned. Therefore, I must assume that either the social structure of Cleveland has fallen so far from the norm that such acquaintances are acceptable, or that said relations are kept in secret and not revealed to the general public.

Regardless of the case, I will be making a personal visit to the area to see for myself. Wish me luck.

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