Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The weekend wrap up. Part II

I just decided to make two parts, so you, my faithful reader weren't confronted with a wall of text that went on and on like Chuck talking to the robot guys.

Saturday, we had an all guild run of Deadmines. The cast:
Dwarfvader - Warrior Tank
Turion - Pally Healer
StJohn - Shadow Priest DPS
Ken - Warlock DPS
Felonie - Shammy DPS

We had some questing issues that took up a good deal of time. We finally got us all on the same page as far as the two quests for Deadmines, and it was 11 pm or so. We get into the instance and start having role confusion. As tank and lead, I assumed the responsibility of pulling, marking, etc. But the Shammy wants to pull and proceeds to start casting.....whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up there Sparky. It doesn't help that the Shammy is my 17 year old son.

After the first couple of pulls, I see that a review of threat dynamics is in order as Felonie keeps pulling aggro. Then the next pull resulted in my saying very sternly, that I NEED aggro!!! ALL THE MOBS SHOULD BE HITTING ON ME!!!!! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE TWO SUNDERS!!! It also didn't help that Felonie had no idea of what a sunder was and didn't ask. /sigh.

But, we started working together, and I was starting to get the hang of keeping aggro. The DPS was waiting for the most part until I had established my threat. We mowed down the first boss. We mowed down the second boss with his henchman. Then we come to the Tauren boss with the two stealths. Ken warns me not to aggro the boss, but to pull the stealths. Well, by the time I can see the stealths to target them, I've aggroed the whole group. Crap. I start sundering everything I can get a sword on, and they all start beating on me. Turion is healing the crap out of me and Felonie and StJohn take over when he runs out of Mana. And one by one, we kill them. The boss is last, and we make it through his "Oh, you guys are tougher than I thought" breaks. Woot! He's down!

Pull some trash, beat them up.

Pull some trash, beat them up.

Accidentally pull Cookie and.....wipe. Whoops. We made it back to the entrance and all of the front end mobs had respawned. It was 2 o'clock in the morning. We hung it up.

Good run everyone! We'll get 'em next time!

We all got some valuable experience. For Turion, it was his first time in an instance . For all of us it was definitely the first time any of us had play these particular classes in an instance. I got some great experience in tanking and got a little phat lewtz! It was definitely good to run with the guild, and if nothing else, it brought us closer together as guildmates.

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