Friday, October 5, 2007

Primals stink...Icanhazurs?

Poor Rysteranch. He's farming motes of life for Dax in Zangarmarsh. I've set a goal of 20 motes per day or 2 primal lifes. Couple that with the 4 day cooldown for Primal Mooncloth and Dax should be good to go for crafting his next two epic items. Well, as far as primal life goes; primal waters are a different story and will require some sort of goal setting, I'm sure...../sigh.

One the plus side, I did create my Primal Mooncloth Belt last night and put a Purified Shadow Pearl and a Brilliant Dawnstone in it. It added +60 healing over what I already had. OH YEAH!!! My Renew now ticks for over 500 and my +healing is over 900!! If you could kill mobs by healing, I'd rock!

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