Monday, October 1, 2007

70...and nothing changes.

Yes, on Friday, in Blade's Edge Dax hit 70. And nothing I still need to group up for quests, still have plenty to do, and my gear stinks. So much for getting to the cap.

So, now, working on tailoring (Primal Mooncloth cooldowns stink!) and mining. Mining is up to 280 something and getting frustrating as thorium is difficult to find. Tailoring is ok, but gathering the netherweave is painful for Dax and requires grouping or hitting up the AH.

On the other hand (I have different fingers), the money aspect is great! I had enough cash to buy my flying mount when I turned 70 and have made around 300 gold since then! I've found another tank to heal when Neya is busy or afk, and we're developing a good working relationship.

Poor Daxie never gets out any more, but I'll be at least picking up all the mats I sent her and leveling (hopefully) her Jewelcrafting.

Rysteranch got out a little, mainly for farming netherweave and, soon, primal motes of life.


Ratshag said...

Give it time. The good gear do add up at 70, and the flying mount (you got one a dose? you gotta get one a dose!) makes takin' care of business soooo much easier.

Ryster Anch said...

I gotz da mount! Drug my sorry butt out to SMV and slapped down da gold! I got the ebon one. I didn't feel like riding a bald eagle around (aren't they still endangered? Some tree hugger is gonna sue!) and the snow white one it'll just show all the dirt.