Thursday, October 11, 2007

4 more bubbles....

Yeah, I know, only 1 bubble for poor Rysteranch in the last 24 hours??? Well, I was meaning to farm some more primals and probably hit 70 last night, when Neya (brand new lvl 70 Shammy) whispered me something about "key" and "Kara"....





/quickly jump on Dax and send Neya an invite before he can reconsider.

And off to Deadwind Pass we go. Quickly complete the two quests there, fly off to Southshore (to the big pink bubble city Dalarian something or other) to get the quest for Shatt to get the quest for Shadow Labyrinth. /exhale!

Got a group together for SL. Pally tank, Shammy DPS, Rogue DPS, Mage DPS, and your's truly Healer.

Well....we did alright. Thankfully nobody started the blame game when the wipes happened. The people who left had to go to raid runs and were sorry they couldn't continue. In fact, nobody left after a wipe unless we were warned ahead of time that they had to go "after one more try".

We wiped the most on the second boss. For some reason, "Time for fun" didn't translate into that for us, lol. I'm not sure how many times we wiped on him - 3 or 4. We also suffered through some personnel changes as raid times came and went. The final combo that worked was Pally tank, 2x Rogue DPS, Druid Healer, Priest Healer. Instead of the DPS race that the fight was supposed to be, we just kept everyone healed and out lasted the stupid ogre. The last "fun time" was when he had just a sliver of health left; oh come on, already, just die!!!

Then next boss brought along more personnel changes, swapping out the druid for another shammy and a rogue for my friend Kandiltu the Pally.

Short story: wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, repair, wipe, wipe.

The long story: We wiped once on a bad pull; the trash in front of the boss had two sapped mobs that awoke just as a pat of 4 was near them. So they came arunning along with the boss! wipe. Next time, took out the last two mobs and then took out the 4 mob pat, no problem. Boss time. Someone said that they thought the voidwalkers either blew up or healed him when they got to him. Well, it turned out to be The first time, we didn't pay any attention to the VW's and wiped. The next try, we put two people on the adds and did better, but still wiped. The next couple of tries kinda blur together, but they were....uh.....wipe, wipe, wipe. Well, we ran out of time; I had to get to bed and some of the other guys had to go.

Every instance run has a positive side. Even with the worst PuG (which this group was NOT!), there is something positive that comes out of running an instance. It might be that you learn who not to group with (the extreme negative positive), or you get some PHAT LEWTZ, keys, etc. (the other extreme positive positive).

For this evening of instance play I think I made out great!
1. My first time in SL, and I knew absolutely nothing about the instance. +points for learning.
2. I met some very competent players. +points for networking.
3. I healed, healed, healed. +points for practice.
4. We had situations that went wrong, but we still survived. +points for emergency healing.
5. I collected several Aldor quest items. +points for Aldor rep (now honored).
6. I mined one Addy node. +1 skill point for mining.
7. I got PHAT LEWTZ! (nice wand and healing gloves). +points for DPS and Healing

That is quite the list, if I do say so myself. Yep, I made out great!

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