Monday, August 22, 2016

No hills, all business

This ride, compared to Fridays, was all go. It had started raining lightly before we even left, but we were already committed to renting the tandem again, so we headed out.

Once we got out of town, going clockwise on 185, I dropped the hammer and didn't let up until we had completed the loop back at Haan's 1830 B&B, which was just shy of a full loop back to the bike shop.

I rode the tandem solo back to the bike shop and you see the full time for the full loop. I loved biking in the rain...Brandy...not so much.

Oh, these are hills!

This is a very rough estimate of my bike ride with Brandy on a tandem on Mackinac island. We road from Mackinac Wheels counterclockwise around Highway 185 to British Landing. We dilly-dallied along and stopped several times for pictures.

At British Landing, we grabbed some ice cream and after stoking up on that, we headed up the hill into the interior of the island toward the airport and eventually Arch rock.

Then we meandered through the interior to the Grand Hotel and eventually Market street and back to the shop. A nice little ride with plenty of stops and sun!

New World record half marathon (running) on a bike!

Just over a 51 minute half marathon. Yeah, I'm pretty much in a class by myself if I could bike those half marathons.

I did a big loop (you can see it here). I tried to maintain 15 mph; as you can see, I was successful. Hopefully tomorrow, I can walk.

I'm going to do some retro posts. Brandy and I did some biking on Mackinac island up in Michigan this past weekend.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Near world record 10k (running) on a bicycle!

Yeah, if I was running at this pace, I'd be in Rio.

I did a little more mileage today. I ended up burning 1335 calories, if Garmin Connect is to be believed. I dodged a little more traffic today, but I figured I would do to being after work. If you look at the course I did, you can see where I went out and back on a side road to add more distance. Also, the loop at the end of the ride was a last minute decision that I don't regret.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I bike alone

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, with nobody else!

I hit the road around 8 am and got up to cruising speed! I was a little slower going out than coming back because of the wind, which was just fine with me. I should have looked at my time before shutting it down so that I could have gotten in 30 minutes, but I'm ok with what I did.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Another bike ride with Brandy

A little longer in both time and distance. It was a nice evening for a bike ride!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bike with Brandy

So, what do I do when it's too hot to run and I don't want to hit the dreadmill? Bike! So, next week, I'm planning on biking instead of running. I'm hoping to do about an hour or so of biking to maintain my conditioning.

Oh, also, we're training just a little bit for a trip to Mackinac Island up in Michigan. No, we aren't biking up there, we're just biking while we're on the island.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Whoo hoo! 5 mile run!!

Well, actually 4.5 mile run and .5 mile walk, but...5 mile run!!

Now, my old watch kept track of the miles regardless of laps, so I would have a three mile time as well as my lap time. This one doesn't appear to do that, so it counts the mile from the last lap. I'd rather it be the other way around, but unless I get unlazy and check out my watch further, I'll just adapt. I reckon there's certain benefits to this way.

As you can see my breakdown for this run was:
2.5 miles run
.25 miles walk
1.25 miles run
.25 miles walk
.75 miles run

I thought about shutting it down at 4 miles, but I really need to get up to six miles on Saturday, regardless of how much I have to walk. So, I pushed this run to 5 and will run 4 or 5 on Friday, then hopefully 6 on Saturday.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Inside...on the track!

I made a deal with myself. If I could run the 5K without stopping, I'd stop at that, but if I took a walk break before the 5K was finished, then I had to do 4 miles.

Well, as you can see, I not only ran the whole 5K, but also had some nice negative splits. Another note is that my accelerometer tracked just fine indoors; that outdoor run must have calibrated it.

Another note is that I did two of the four turns on the track as right turns and the other two corners as left turns. The right turns had me going to the inside of the track and looping to the right into an area in the corner and back down to the inside of the track and eventually drifting to the outside. I found this helps even out the stress on my knees and hips from constantly turning one way.

And a last note is the gym I run at is closing the main gym/running track for a month while they resurface the gym floor. So I may have to resort to the dreadmill...