Thursday, January 30, 2014

The return of shin splints

I missed three runs this week and cut this one down due to shin splints in my right leg.  I'm not sure why they all of a sudden popped up, but I'm not too thrilled about it here 17 days before my next race.

I'll pick up training, including the forecast paces, but I'm thinking I might change my race pace to 9:20 or maybe 9:15.  Those will get me very close to two hours for my half marathon, and I can hopefully have a shot at breaking the two hour mark.  I plan on running another half in California on the Avenue of the Giants, so I may have to wait until then to finally reach that goal.

Schedule 12 @ 10:02

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Run

Remember my 2 mile loop and my one mile loop?  Guess which side was plowed and didn't have very much head winds?  I guess at least I was consistent on the one mile side; it really was tough going on that side.

So...outside again!  I ran mostly on packed snow and wet pavement; on the one mile side it was mostly loose snow and rotten snow - not much traction on that stuff.  On the plus side it was sunny and relatively warm in the upper 20's; unfortunately, there was a 24 mph wind out of the west.

Upper body

Schedule 8 @ 9:40

Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 mile dreadmill

For some reason, it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be.  I took a break at 4 miles to put a steroid drop in my eye (I have a case of iritis), and I thought that maybe the key to getting through these longer treadmill runs is to break them up into smaller runs. 

At most I would take a 3-4 minute break just to stretch and shake out my legs.  I realized today why I feel more worn on the treadmill: my legs are doing the same repetitive motion with no variation.  At least when I'm outside, I turn corners, I cross streets, I dodge various things on the road.  In short, I'm using all the muscles of my legs when I'm outside; the same cannot be said for running on the treadmill.

Schedule 11 @ 10:02
(hopefully outside)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy 6

Back on the dreadmill and back on the trainer track.  Just kind of zoned out for this one; not much to say except it was 70 degrees F with a slight wind from the fan I had on.  Tomorrow's run will probably be the same.

Schedule 10 @ 10:02

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Forced 8 minute mile

Yes, those are intervals that I did on the dreadmill.  I didn't suffer any shin splint issues, so I'll continue to do them inside if the weather doesn't cooperate.  And before you go judging me for my slow intervals, remember, I'm somewhat fanatic about my times and 7.5 mph = 8 min/mile, which is easy to remember at 2 min/quarter mile.  7.6 or 7.7 mph is not so much easy...

BTW, I've started a new training schedule at week 2.  My new base pace is 10:00 min/mile, and race pace is 9 min/mile.

Schedule 6 @ 10:02

Monday, January 20, 2014

Back on the wagon

Last week, the wheels just fell off, and I had no motivation.  I ran for two miles on the treadmill on Saturday and just quit.  I felt so down about it that I didn't even want to post it here.

Well, today is a different day, and I got to run outside in fairly nice weather.  As you can see, my times were excellent, as they should be on 5 days rest.  So, that's all in the past, and it must stay there because I have four weeks to get ready for my next race.


Schedule 2 @ 10:02
  1 @ 7:45
  1 @ 10:02
  2 X 1/4

in 1:49

1 @ 10:02
400 recovery after each interval

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Assorted intervals

Well, I only made one of my interval goals with this run; I guess I just wasn't feelin' it today.  I think around the middle part of this run, I got rained on, which wasn't so bad.  It made me feel alive!

I might skip tomorrow's run/workout due to an appt up north, but if I don't, here's what I'll do.

Schedule 6 @ 10:05

and Upper body

Monday, January 13, 2014

10K PR

My previous 10K PR was in Mar 2011 with a time of 57:24, so yay for a better result in a training run.  I might enter the Caring Parents Don't Shake 10K in Columbus, IN come April; if you will remember, that was the race in which I would have placed first in my age group had I been 2 weeks older.

You may also remember that I would have been the only one in the 45-49M age group as well...

Anyways, I tacked on the extra .2 miles just to make it officially a 10K, and I can post that time as a PR on my Garmin Connect front page.  Go me.


Schedule 2 @ 10:14
  1 @ 7:55
  1 @ 10:14
  2 X 1/4

in 1:52

1 @ 10:14
400 recovery after each interval
and yoga

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Outside again!! Woot!!

Even dodging slush/ice piles is better than the dreadmill!  For the most part, this run was on wet pavement, but as with last Saturday's run, I did hit a variety of snow/ice/slush on this run.  But I was outside, so that's all that mattered!

Schedule 6 @ 9:13
Tempo run!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Treadmill Treadmill Treadmill Treadmill, NO INTERVALS! Treadmill

Yeah, this was supposed to be Wednesday's run.  Another thrilling run in the great indoors.  I had hopes of running outside when I saw that the main streets were merely wet, but once I got to my subdivision, I observed quite a bit of slush, rotten snow, puddles, and mess.  I don't mind getting wet or muddy, but I knew that my feet would freeze and I would be risking injury if I took to the streets.

Adult sensibilities win again...sigh.

Schedule 12 @ 10:14

probably on the treadmill...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More treadmill action

Yesterday's run didn't happen as my day pretty much spiraled out of control with work related stuff.  I could have put in the 7 miles starting at 5 PM, but I was just not motivated to do so.

As you can see, I did do my 10 minute trainer exercise, and I will make up the run tomorrow.  I will not be doing intervals on the treadmill as I remember getting shin splints the last time I did that.  I'll just run an easy 7 miles instead, 'cause it's lookin' like I'm gonna be on the dreadmill again tomorrow!  Ick.

7 @ 10:10 pace

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hampster wheel again

That about says it.


Schedule 2 @ 10:14
  4 X 1/2
  in 3:53

1 @ 10:14
800 recovery after each interval
and upper body

Monday, January 6, 2014

Year in review and a run

Yeah, a balmy 70 degrees F here inside Mills' stadium and sleeping facilities.  It's a cool -7 degrees F outside with packed snow on the ground, so as much as I want the title of "Cuh-ray-ze Nutjob", I was unwilling to put in the necessary miles outside to obtain it.  Anyways, I've already told you all that I've biked 4.5 miles in -16 degrees F in Anchorage, so running in -7 would just be gratuitous.

(turn on fancy font)2013 Year in Review(turn off fancy font)
It was a banner year for me and my best year yet.  I set personal records (PR) in all the distances that I raced, including 5K, 5 mile, and half marathon as well as the 1 mile in training.

I ran four half marathons and ended with my fastest time ever at 2:05:52.  I ran two 5K's and ended with my fastest time ever at 26:19.  My lone 5 mile race clocked in at 45:42.

My total miles for the year was 1308. In 2012, I had 1016, so that is a pretty good increase.

I had some down time due to shin splints, sickness, and vacation.  I also (re)learned that my 5 days/week schedule is perfect for balancing training with what my body can do.  I still don't do well in the summer, but I was able to get in more runs this past summer than in summers past.  (see what I did there?)

So, overall, a great, great year for me in the running dept.  Now if only I could bring the rest of my life up to the same level, I'd be golden!

Schedule 6 @ 9:39

and yoga

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Outside in the mess

It is messy outside.  The snow from the other day is still on the ground, but the temp warmed up considerably today (35 degrees F or so). I ran mostly on wet pavement, but I also ran on untouched snow, packed snow, packed snowy ice, icy snow, slush, icy slush, wet ice, and dry pavement.

And I didn't bust my butt!  Yay for putting that Alaska experience to use.  I was really happy to get outside today as it looks like I'll be stuck indoors for at least the first two or three runs next week.  yay.

Upper body + Yoga

Schedule 8 @ 9:52

and Abs

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dreadmill is dreaded


The snow came last night, and I knew I would be doing one of my tougher runs on the dreadmill.  This is my only ten miler not on a Saturday; in the original schedule, it was on Thanksgiving, so maybe I should look at spreading two miles over to other days.  On the other hand, it is a character builder as I seem to struggle with it, but in the end, I gut it out.

abs and maybe yoga

Schedule 11 @ 10:14

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Nice easy run to start things off.  It was a nice balmy 39 degrees F and a bit overcast, so shorts were the order for the day.  I took my gloves off around 3 miles; it really was nice.

Now this next Monday, the high is supposed to be -2 degrees F.  I'm not sure if I'll do my eight miles indoors or do some outside.  I would definitely like to try to run outside, and I think I have the clothing to do so.  I'll just have to burn that bridge when I get to it.

Schedule 10 @ 10:14
and abs (or yoga)