Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daxenos - Miner and Healer

Dax is in the 350's for mining now. He's shipping all his ore to Daxie for leveling her Jewelcrafting. Let me tell you, nothing helps mining out like having a flying mount! Fly in, kill maybe one mob and mine that node! Sweet!

I also created another 2 Primal Mooncloth. Dang, I know I've whined about the cooldown before, but DANG!!! I need 8 of these bad boys for my next Primal Mooncloth piece, so that means ~4 (day cooldown) X 3 (sets of 2 made) = 12 days until I'll have the mats for the item. /sigh, I guess I'll have plenty of time to farm the motes of life/water that I'll need. I also need 1 more skill point before I can make it anyways, which shouldn't be a problem. lol.

Did some healing over the weekend. The aforementioned ST run and a Ramparts run. I covered both of these in my guild post, so I won't regurgitate it here. I guess I need to move on with instances since Dax is 70. He needs to heal the two instances Rysteranch ran - SH (both with those initials - 8-P). I also need to look into SL, Mech, CoT, Bot, and others that are my level.

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