Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The weekend wrap up.

Sure, it's Tuesday and 10:30 at night. I'm a born procrastinator and have never found something worth doing that couldn't be put off 'til later.

But enough about me. What happened in WoW???? Friday, Rysteranch and Gerwintassle went to Underbog and had some glorious moments and some not so wonderful moments.

The glorious? Gerwintassle tanked the three headed hydra, which went down like an automaker's stock after a recall. He tanked it against the wall while the DPS and healer stood off to the side. Rysteranch's shining moment came by casting Misdirection onto Da Tank and lining up a big ole Aimed Shot. That boss headed straight for Gerwintassle, as we hit it with an Arcane shot and a Steady Shot for good measure. Ghaz'an never took his eyes off Gerwintassle.

Group make up changed after that fight, and Gerwintassle gave up the tank slot to a level 70 Bear.

Another stellar example of hunter play came on Claw and Musel'ek. I got the job of kiting Claw down the passageway to the Ghaz'an tank. When I got there, I happened to lose aggro on him and decided to let him run back most of the way before getting aggro on him again to kite him back. It worked like a charm, Musel'ek went down without any heals, and when the group was ready for Claw, I ran back along side him and called out that he was headed for the healer.

The ugly happened next on the Black Stalker. We wiped. And then, the new tank couldn't find his way back and died at the fins of the frenzies. The healer happened to get too close to the Black Stalker and died a quick death. Finally, we get everybody back in the same spot and attempt the boss again. This time, he goes down and there is much rejoicing. Somebody still died, but I can't remember who. Oh, yeah, and poor PuddyTat died as well.

No phat lewtz, but did finish two quests and got the nifty little everlasting mana/food pod thingamajig.

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