Friday, January 9, 2009

With apologies to Amava...

...Daddy's back!!

Last night, Teurion, DV, and Untold Darkness went to see the spiders in Naxx10. We were able to get the first two bosses down and got 3 attempts on the big spider.

The Good
Well...downed two bosses. I don't think we lost anyone on trash pulls. Got an upgrade...well, kinda, after I get some more +hit on my gear.

The Bad
We had to take two shots at the first boss, Teurion died on every single boss fight (he was Main Tank), and I had somewhat of a hard time DPSing the webbed raid members on the last boss.

The Ugly
The hunter that is 5th on the meter was AFK during the entire first attempt on the first boss, who survived our attempt with 50k health! /fail. He also seemed to go AFK without warning. It also seemed like most of the raid just wasn't on their game.

What I learned
I take responsibility for our wipes on Maexxna. I volunteered to DPS the webbed raid members, and for the most part, I was able to free them before they died. I noticed (too late) that where the DPS/Healer group was standing was too far from one of the spots on the wall where members were pinned. All of the ones that died were on the north end of the mini map, and we were positioned around the southwest side of the room.

I did make a macro last week, so I was able to target the web victum, but I had a hard time finding them sometimes as well as getting to them. I could see the usefulness of that extra 6 yards available in the SV tree....

My plan
I will volunteer again to DPS the webbed raid members, and I will try to implement a couple of changes.

1. I already look for the Deadly Boss Mods warning, but I need to turn my camera view around as I'm DPSing the boss. This will allow me to quickly turn as well as see the wall.

2. I believe that the members only get webbed to a portion of the wall. I have never had to run across the room to free a member, so I need to figure out the best place to stand in order to be in range of all the potential spots.

3. I need to watch for the warning about the cocoon and save my special shots for freeing the member. Arcane shot, Multi shot/Aimed shot, and maybe Kill shot fall into this realm. I need to remember that I'm functioning not as a regular DPS, so I need to forget about the meter!!

Hopefully, with those changes, we'll be able to squash that bug!


Amava said...

Daddy's Back!!!!!!

It's just fun to say, isnt it?

Sorry about The Bad and The Ugly. It happens.

Grats on The Good, learning from the experience, and having a plan. Couldn't ask for more!

One thing that might help on Maexxena web popping: it seems that players get thrown directly backwards from the direction they are facing when they get wrapped.

After the first two weeks in there, we've always had all the raiders try to face in the same direction, and thusly have their backs facing the same section of wall.

This has made locating the webbed folks much easier as there's only a small segment of the wall I need to look at.

Daxenos said...

Great tip! I'll try to have our raid do the same thing.

I had noticed that people were generally getting webbed in anywhere from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the minimap, but this will make things much easier.