Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Achievements...I haz dem..

I like the new achievement system. Last week, I obtained "the Explorer" title for DV and thought that I'd hang with that for a while.

Wrong. This past weekend, a guildie was kind enough to help me gain the "Jenkins" title. Two hunters, two gorillas, 6 tries. Yeah, we were that uncoordinated.

And last night, I found the last Elder in Heroic Gundrak for the "Elder" title. Too bad I can't put combos of my titles up at once:

Elder Dwarfvader Jenkins the Explorer

Has a little ring to it, eh?

Another achievement that I've been working on and finally completed is the "To all the squirrels I've loved before". Of course I didn't realize there's a follow up, so I have more love to give, but the last critter I /love(d) for the first stage resulted in the emote: Dwarfvader loves Ewe.

Haha. Oh, and making a macro (/tar cat [or other critter name]) really simplifies the process. You can add another line (/love) for automating the entire process, but then you run around emoting, "Dwarfvader feels the love", and that gets annoying....

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