Saturday, January 10, 2009

An interesting situation

Hopefully I don't screw this up and make this the fifth post on one day (I'm shooting for Saturday).

For BC, I started playing WoW a month before BC came out and didn't really start paying attention until September or October of 2007. And then, through various alts, distractions, and Poxing, failed to advance on the End Game scene past Kara.

For WotLK, two months after the game came out, I'm at End Game. Whoa! Now that's a huge difference! Yeah, all the strategies for the raid bosses have been written, the game has been beat up to current content, and hunter nerfs are incoming, but still...I'm no longer one of the stragglers.

Instead, I'm solidly in the second wave of 80's and find myself in uncharted territory. If I may, a short list of accomplishments:

Raided Naxx10, seen 4 bosses, cleared Spider wing.
Raided Obsidium Sanctum 10, cleared.
Cleared a good amount of Heroics without even setting foot in a level 80 regular instance.
Have epics equipped in two slots, with mostly Heroic blues and a smattering of greens.

Compared to two months after BC hit (or even two months after I hit 70 for the first time), I'm like the rocket man progression wise. And, as such, I've found that I've finally caught up.

Caught up as in....
BRK or Amava's numbers are obtainable for me.
I might actually max out all the professions that the game has to offer.
I may even finish the current content before the new content patch comes out.

It really is a different and interesting situation that I find myself in...

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