Friday, January 9, 2009

This weekend and an observation

Teurion has AF Reserves this weekend, so I'll probably be alting around to get my crew up a level or two. I'd like to finish off Borean Tundra on Smoochie and Nitrodax and move them on to the next area. Poor Daxe is just rotting away back at the keep - at least Daxie gets to come out for her Jewelcrafting daily. Daxe just gets to drink.

Yesterday, I worked a bit on Alchemy and was pretty surprised how fast the levels went from 375 to 400. I gathered most of my mats, but I am looking at which recipes might be candidates for my business. I really need to get on making a list of mats with their median AH price, so I don't have to keep on looking up the prices.

As most of you all know, I tend to vacillate between working on a main and working on alts. I get a burr under my saddle to max out my current main, burn out, and then switch to whatevering on my alts for a couple of weeks, burn out, and the cycle repeats itself. We all love cycles.

So, my current mania is for DV, my defacto main, but I hate puggin' without Teurion and really don't want to quest on the dwarf while my professions are lagging. If Teurion was playing this weekend, I could easily see us doing a Heroic marathon, puggin' an Obsidium Sanctum, and attempting to finish up Naxx10, but he won't, like that nagging honey-do list, my professions call for me to level them. And to level them, I really need to level my alts. And there you go...

The observation: A couple of my more recent posts may have the appearance of being.....helpful.

First of all, I apologize to everyone who reads this blog with the expectation that you'll come away from it with at least a "What the Hell?" or maybe even a "shaking the head feeling sorry for me" type feeling. Or at the very least some nausea.

Secondly, while my percentage of helpful posts to unhealthy posts still remains less than 1%, I am renewing my committment to providing the most incoherent Warhammer ramblings that most of you are accustomed to.

Thirdly, just because the squirrel has a bushy tail AND can run across the street without getting smooshed, it doesn't mean that your sudden onslaught of water retention is caused by this blog. I'd start looking at my carpet, if I were you....

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