Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More impressions of my business

It's looking like I caught the market in a bit of a lull when I jumped in. Several of my items are now the highest priced items available as the undercutters have swooped in.

So, I'm changing some tactics. I continue to list my items one at a time, but I'm looking for new markets and marketable items. In other words, I'm trying to stay ahead of the market and not get stuck on a few items.

For instance: Last night, I was looking at the other Tempered Saronite items to see how viable the markets were. Specifically, I was looking at the helm to determine the mats cost and what I could sell it for, when the only one on the AH (the one I was looking at) disappeared. Hmmmm...someone just bought it, and there were now a grand total of zero on the AH.

I quickly bought the mats for two, had Nitro make them, and listed one. It sold fairly quickly last night, and I listed the second one. So far, the undercutters haven't shown up, so we'll just have to see how long the market holds. I did list the helm for slightly higher than Auctioneer suggested due to it being the only one available.

A note on mats, specifically metals and leather: I always check the prices of both ore and bars when looking for metals. Sometimes, ore is cheaper than bars, other times, bars are cheaper than ore (and yes, I account for the 2 ore to make one bar).
It's really interesting when the one is significantly cheaper than the other since I don't remember getting any skill points from smelting Cobalt, Saronite, or Titanium.

I do the same for Heavy Borean leather and (regular) Borean leather. Most of the time buying the Borean leather and creating the Heavies is cheaper, significantly cheaper! As in, I buy a stack of regular leather for ~8, which makes 3 Heavy Borean leathers. Those same Heavy Borean leathers go for 5 gold each. I could double my money just by making regulars into Heavies!

Anyways, I was able to sell enough product to splurge on an Aviary Guardsman's Hauberk for 225 gold for DV. He's very happy!

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