Tuesday, January 6, 2009

24 hour impression of my business

Most of my impressions on my new endeavor come from last night and early this morning. I have not gotten home from work yet to see what the day brought, but since today is maintenance day, I don't expect a lot.

My tactic for keeping the prices up on my goods is to only list one item at a time. When that item sells, I list another one. Using this technique, I've sold a couple of Nerubian Leg Armor kits, a Titanium rod, and a pair of Tempered Saronite Bracers, although a caveat is due on that particular set of bracers as they were a flip (bought them for 22 gold, sold them for 75 gold).

I'm already seeing the market soften for my items as other sellers are starting to undercut my prices. I'm not sure if I happened to catch the market on a good day - before the regulars listed their goods, or if there was a surge in manufacturing to level skills, and I'm seeing the one time posting of surplus items.

I suppose time will tell. I'm starting to look into other items that may be profitable, namely Greater Planer Essence. One of these little sparklies sells for around 10 gold on my server, and if I can figure out a reliable item to disenchant to get it, I may start up making that item as well. I'm thinking that tailoring would be the easiest profession to make a go of this.

Teurion has also indicated that there are a couple of other Blacksmith items for which end game tanks are looking; I'll need to check out their markets as well.

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