Friday, January 9, 2009

Going for a record

Yeah, four posts in one day. Sorry.

I track this website with Google Analytics and recently had zero hits on a couple of days. Now, I'm no BRK, but I know that Mom checks this site on an hourly basis (NO MOM, NO MORE GRANDKIDS YET!! I GOT THE SNIP SNIP, AND IT DIDN'T GROW BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!).

So I figured that Mom was busy guttin' a moose or had struck it rich in my brother's halibut rod business and hadn't had time to tear herself away to see that I had not announced a new grandchild. But after several days of no hits (even when I popped on the website to see if I'd had a new kid), I began to suspect that the incoming president had something to do with it.

As it turns out, I changed my layout a week or so ago...and that deleted the Google Analytics snippet of code from the page source. Whoops.

So, I reentered it, saved the templete, and now...I'm trackin' you scumbags again!! Muhuhahahahahahahahaha.

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