Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fresh Naxx

Last night DV went to Naxx with his new guild, Untold Darkness.

Huh? Oh, yeah, Teurion and I've been raiding with them for a while now (with Teurion leading the raid for them), and they have enough people that want to run our raid times (tue/thu 7-10 pm eastern) to make a static raid group.

The actual set raid times are 730-10 pm, but who wants to quibble over a half an hour? So, Teurion, VA, and DV all moved over to Untold Darkness; all my other toons remain in The Wolfpack, with the exception of my bank toon who gets to pass the time in his guild of one.

Alrighty, on to Naxx. I have a couple of pictures that might tell a story. We went to the Plague quarter, downed Noth, and had two attempts at Heigan. The first attempt was a wipe as we found out most of the people didn't understand the dance, and the safe spot has seemingly been removed.

The second attempt, we found out that four out of ten raiders could actually move through the dance. I'll post two pictures and see if you can figure out what happened...

21 minutes....

Two healers, Teurion, and DV four manned Heigan from around 50%! I forget how many times I had to rez poor PuddyTat, but towards the end of the fight, the healers started keeping him up, because they didn't have anyone else to heal...heh heh.

Amava asked about which Heroics would be memorable in Northrend; well, this wasn't a Heroic, but it definitely will be one of my more charished memories of survival!

And, almost as a tip of the hat, he decided to drop the Tunic of the Lost Pack! Yay on DV!

Some other notes on DV, I got the new Hunter staff from Heroic Violet Hold, equipped it, and while parousing the armory this morning, I found out that the Ebon Blade rep reward is better! Oh for cryin' out loud! A blue rep item is better than a Heroic purple drop. That's just not right!

On hit rating. I was at 181 hit rating for the raid (which contained no Draenai toons) and didn't miss once. With my new chestpiece, my hit rating has dropped to 173. We'll see how that works out.

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Deathrender said...

Spec Survival. You'll thank me later. :) Don't argue, just do it. Go nao!