Friday, January 16, 2009

A ledger

I have been very undisciplined in my business dealings in that I have not ...really... written anything down. I became pretty lazy early on and need to get on the stick.

The problem is that my Crystallized fire is selling so well that I'm comfortable with where I'm at financially. No, I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination (I couldn't afford epic flying for one of my toons currently, but I can afford Cold Weather flying), but I have enough.

On other aspects, I've lost track of my armor markets and have stopped monitoring (to my loss) the Heavy Borean leather market. My excuse? I've been sick. Yeah, that one will do.

What the real reason is is this: I start quick, get amped up about a subject, make all sorts of plans, and then the initial excitement wears off and I drop it. I've seen this over and over again in my life and have the financial and relational scars to prove it. It seems that when the situation requires real work with no fun that it loses its appeal.

The real work is presenting itself now in this business. I need to keep a ledger or booking. I'm not talking about a Greedy Goblin type where I analyze my profit/time spent, but rather a more simple list of mats cost and item sales values. A spreadsheet would suffice.

And once the initial mat list is done, I won't have to redo it! I would leave the cost columns blank for penciling in the current market value of the item as well as leaving the sales value column blank for the same purpose.

I just have to make it up...(*looks around for real work around the shop to avoid goofing off on a WoW spreadsheet at work*)

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