Monday, January 12, 2009

A level 1 bank toon cleans up

My bank toon is a level one pally, and as such, he has no professions, skills, etc that would allow him any sort of money making opportunities in the traditional game (outside of playing the AH).

One thing that my banker can do is create one Eternal whatever from 10 Crystallized whatevers; he can also make 10 Crystallized whatevers from one Eternal whatever. This is gold!

On my server, Crystallized Fire sells for around 40 gold/10 or about 4 gold each. An Eternal Fire sells for anywhere from 24 to 30ish each. All I have to do is buy an Eternal, break it into pieces, and relist it as individual Crystallized Fires. As with the Heavy Borean Leather, a number of crafters are looking for single Crystallized Fires and don't want to buy a whole Eternal.

And I help them out by doing that hard work of breaking those Eternals for them. Of course, they could do the same thing and sell the excess for a bit of a profit, but SSSHHHHHHH....don't tell them that!

And to everyone on Kael'thas, Alliance side, you are prohibited from doing this. Go, uh, farm them or something....