Friday, January 1, 2016

Time-locked perspective explained (Part 5 and the end of the explanation)

Time-locked notes and exceptions

Just because we exclude a lot of revelation to drill down to the time-locked message, it does not mean that the lesson has no application in our lives today. Many times, because God does not change and man continues to be sinful, God can use the same message for the exact same purpose in a timeless/timely way.

I can say that I was greatly affected by the time-locked message from Jonah. God brought conviction and repentance into my life from a message that was written literally thousands of years ago to a people wholly unlike this American Christian.

I also qualify this with the fact that I had not studied through the book from the timeless and timely perspectives, so I didn't even know those message at the time. Also, the timeless and timely messages that I got from Jonah were not the same as the time-locked message, so there was no mistaking the time-locked message and God's effect on my life through it.

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