Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I have a goal

All work and no goal makes Rusty a quitter, so in order to forestall quitting as long as possible, I have a goal.

On the weekend of Jun 11th, 2016 in Sparta, Kentucky, there is a little challenge called the Tough Mudder.

10-12 miles of pathways that at a bare minimum can be walked at a very slow pace.

No official timing.

All obstacles are skippable, but I want to make every effort to pass them.

Teamwork is essential, so I have some team mates.

The event organizers recommend that I be able to jog five miles without stopping and do about 10 or so pull ups. That's a nice benchmark, so I'll be making a schedule to get up to 5-10 miles, depending on how fast I can get in shape (while taking it slow!), and I'll be putting workout routines together that target upper body strength.

I still need to take it easy, though. Today, I started out with too much weight for not having done a chest & tri workout in a while; that's the reason for the weight decrease in the second and third sets.

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