Friday, January 8, 2016

Another workout

Once again, the piano served as an anchor for my resistance exercises. The leg curls and extensions were a little tricky, but by the end, I had a workable setup.

The stairs were 15 steps up and down, per rep,of course. I ended up really liking the resistance crunch even though it kicked my butt.

The resistance pullups were a bit of a challenge to do until I anchored the bands on the piano and laid face down on the bench with my arms extended out toward the piano. Looks like a pullup, feels like a pullup, it's a pullup!

Next week, I'm trying something different. I secured a locker at work, and I'll be using the little gym there. Because I get off at 2:30 pm, it shouldn't be really busy, and I could certainly use the weight machines there to better train. There are treadmills there as well as steppers and a cycle, I think. Also, since the VA is close to running/biking paths, I could run outside if I want.

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