Monday, January 18, 2016

New machines to get used to


So, a number of these weights seem to be off because of the new machines that I am using at fitness place that I'm using now. Brandy and I joined The Gathering Place, and so I'm using their facilities to workout M-W-F and maybe Sa if the weather isn't conducive to running.

One particular machine has a system of pulleys that make the weight on the rack 1/4th at the handle. I'm not really a fan of that as I would rather look at the stack and know what weight I'm lifting. I might try to use another machine for Bench Row, High pulley row, and one arm row.

The lat pulldown machine had some weird numbering system for their weights, but at least they had a conversion chart on the machine so I could set it correctly. What ever happened to just lifting the weight that's on the stack? Back in my day...oh never mind.

As you can see, I did a rowing warmup/cooldown. BTW, the last couple of reps in the curls were very difficult. I had to wait 20 seconds or so in the last circuit at rep 8 and 11; I guess that means I'm at the right weight.

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