Saturday, January 23, 2016

23°F run

I wore running tights, headband, gloves, long sleeve underarmour shirt, long sleeve tech shirt, shorts and just one pair of socks. Wasn't too bad out, actually! Of course, the sun was nice and warm, but the wind took a bit of warmth away. Clothing wise, I think I pretty much nailed it.

I was huffing a puffing a bit near the end of the run, but I'm moving on to 2.5 miles next week! I'm going to attribute the H/P to this being my 6th day in a row of exercising. As I get used to the amount of exercise that I'm doing through the week, my conditioning should be a lot better.

I do believe that I'm going to swap legs and chest day, so my legs can be a bit more rested for Saturday runs. So, my tentative schedule looks like this:

Monday - Back and Bi's in the gym
Tuesday - Body weight at home
Wednesday - Legs and Shoulders in the gym
Thursday - Kettlebells at home
Friday - Chest and Tri's in the gym
Saturday - Run

Now, that being laid out, I do reserve the right to move them around as I need to, especially if a day is going to be fairly nice for running or a Saturday is going to be especially icky for running.

EDIT: I forgot to put in the hill runs that I'm planning on doing on my Tue and Thu workouts. This week, I only got in one, and that's ok. Eventually, I would like to get in two hill runs as well as the Saturday "long" run.

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