Friday, January 15, 2016

Shoulders and legs

Some notes:
Stairs - I did this workout at work and instead of running the same flight of stairs up and down, I ran up the x# and then down. There are 3 more stairs between floors at work, but they are mitigated somewhat by having landings in the middle between the floors. I did not measure the step height, so, I'm just not being very accurate at all...

Upper med ball crunch - This exercise replaced the Upper cable crunch that I did at home with the resistance band. I really tried to get the motion using some of the different parts of the weight machine, but in the end just couldn't come up with a good solution. For this crunch, I grabbed a 10 lb medicine ball, laid down on a decline bench, held the ball over my head, and crunched.

Leg curls - The weight machine apparatus thingamajig didn't seem to have a configuration for doing two leg curls, but I was able to rig it to do one leg curls. I made sure I stretched my hammy before each set because they were feeling tight. And for the record, I didn't like those one leg curls. Nope, not one bit.

Delt lifts and shoulder press - Once again, the machine didn't have the config for these, so I ended up doing them with dumbbells.

I think I meant to add lat pulldowns so that I could hit them twice a week, but I forgot. As you all can see, my pullup mojo is weak.

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