Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kettlebell and hill run

I'm still using too light a weight for a proper kettlebell workout, and that's ok. I've got plenty of time to work up to 20 or 25 lbs for a good workout. Right now, I need to make sure to bring all of the body parts up together, and I could feel this particular weight was just about right for some of those parts.

I added two more exercises from the last time I did kettlebells:

Pirate Ships: Here's the video. Now doesn't that look fun! I liked doing them, and I could really feel them in my delts, especially as I held the weight at the apex of the swing.

Pass Between the Legs: Here's another video. This one can be a little tough to get the motion and rhythm, but after some practice, it too was pretty fun.

Also, with the hill run, I'm aiming to get up to a mile run and then increase the incline.

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