Monday, January 4, 2016

Another workout

I anchored the resistance band on the piano; at least I'm using it for something...there are two exercises that I'll explain my version.

Bench row: For this exercise, I lay face down on my workout bench with the weights on the floor. Then, I grab the weights with my arms in a row position and...row! Gravity provides the resistance that I need for the exercise. Yay.

Drag curl: Palms out, dumbbells in hand, arms down. Motion is drag the weights along your side while you curl. Your elbows should be moving backwards while your hands stay aligned with your sides.

I have two more circuits that hopefully I will do on Wed and Fri. Have to remember to start slow.

On my two off days, Tue and Thu, I'll at least taking Meesha for a mile walk or walking on the treadmill.

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