Sunday, January 3, 2016

So far, so good

Ok, some items may require explanation. I'm sure I'm doing them in the exact wrong way, so be careful to check more reputable workout blogs.

Jump squat: start in a down squat with arms straight out in front, jump and raise arms overhead. Return to start and repeat.

 Mountain climbers: start in pushup position with one knee....aaaaah, just go here:

I did this one wrong today as I didn't jump up at the end.

Stepup: Find a chair, bench, stair, box that will support all your weight. Step up onto it with one leg while the other leg dangles. Feel free to steady yourself with your hands but try to avoid lending a "helping hand." ha ha. When you're done with one side, switch to the other so you won't run around in circles with a buff leg and a wimpy leg.

Stair curls: If you don't have stairs available, this one is more difficult. Grab your curl weights of choice; for each step, do a curl, alternating sides. I have 15 steps on my staircase, so one rep, up and down, is 30 stairs.

Prone walkout: a video to spice things up!
 I did this one a little different in that I stopped at the pushup position; I'm not sure how far I could have gone past that at this point.

Plank to pushup: Start in plank, rise to push up. Alternate which arm you start with. In order to keep track, I would say "left" to start up and "left" to go back down, then say "right" to start up and "right" to go back down. Which ever arm I started up with, I also came down with.

Pushup: Toes on floor, straight back, arms out (not by your side!)

Bicycle: Another video!

There you go!

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