Friday, July 5, 2013

You knew it was coming

Ah, the first week of training, and I'm already cutting runs short.  That's my modus operani: Set the bar low and fail to achieve it.  Woot.

Now for a list of valid excuses:
I did not have enough of a base of running in the previous weeks for 35 miles this week.

I didn't want to cut short my 8 mile run tomorrow.

It's too dang hot! (79 degrees F and humid)

And the invalid excuses:
I didn't want to show up my father in law, who, on his 67th birthday (July 2nd), ran 26 miles in Boston qualifying time...on a training run!

I didn't want Denali to miss me for a whole hour, so I cut it to a half an hour.

I didn't want to take my shirt off to cool down and scare the children be shot for a zombie.

Anyways, I don't feel too bad about cutting this run in half; hopefully I'll be able to get in all of the runs for the rest of the schedule now that I have two consecutive weeks of higher mileage.

Tomorrow: 8 miles @ 11:00 pace.

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