Monday, July 8, 2013

3 and 3

I thought I was going to get lucky like I did on Saturday and run some of this in the rain.  I thought wrong.  In fact, as I started, I felt a drop or two, then the clouds parted and the sun rained down its cruel rays upon my noggin.  87 degrees isn't fun in the shade and is even less fun out in the merciless burning ball of gas that moves through sky.

Inside, it's a different matter.  72 degrees with three (four if you count the HVAC vent aimed at where I run on the treadmill) fans blowing on me and no shirt = fairly comfortable.  Denali is somewhat traumatized by seeing me without a shirt, but I'm sure with the proper counseling, she'll be fine.

Tomorrow: 5 @ 10:30 pace

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